Thursday, November 1, 2007

Someone left me with the candy.

So, I feel pretty wiped out today. It doesn't help that my throat is closing up on me. Trick or treating was pretty cool, I must say. Eddie seemed to have a good time. Although it was mommy who did all the work. I bought the costumes. I dressed them. I bought the candy, the pumpkins and the glow sticks. I decorated their wagon. (Which was a big hit by the way.) I carved the pumpkins and I drug their little butts up and down the street of our neighborhood. And why? So that my kids could have wonderful memories. (or so that mommy could have some pictures of the kids in their cute little costumes).

So, after dragging their little butts up and down the street in the pitch black darkness of Tucson's nights, my back is aching quite a bit today. I didn't realize I was going to hurt. But oh, I suppose I will get over it. Alexa was cute, she didn't say anything the whole time. She just stared at the other little kids and enjoyed her wagon ride through the neighborhood. Eddie was asked to say Thank you a few times and he never said trick or treat loud enough for anyone to hear him well. He just smiled and looked adorable. I caught Miss thing with treats in her mouth a lot, once she figured out that people were putting stuff into her bag! She kept putting things in there whole, wrapper and all. I had to fish out a small box of Nerds, rescue a large red ball of gum (or cinnamon) and take out a pack of woppers. She was chewing on everything!

I got a lot of comments on my multi-colored light decorated wagon. You see, taking the kids out at night with out even one street light on.... come on! You have to know it's all about safety. And if it's just me, then I will go ahead and take my chances. But with my babies, I definitely wanted them to be well luminated. I got glow sticks, hand held mummy strobe flash lights for them and then wrapped their wagon with a battery operated string of lights from the Christmas section. :snicker: Anyway, it looked cute, and we got lots of compliments on it!

So here I am now, thinking about taking a nap. As I honestly don't feel well. My throat hurts, I'm congested and blah blah blah that most people don't care to hear. But I really think a nap would make me feel better. And I walk into the kitchen..... and I see this:

omg..... I'm totally alone with the candy. (As if that were a bad thing) Well I can't very well let Eddie eat all of this. Can I? No. Bad mommy-ing. No candy. Now why did we go trick or treating??? oh yeah....... FREE candy!!! For mommy. That's why I did it, that's why I paraded the kids around in those costumes! So I could be left alone with the bowl. hmmmm...... Ok, so I only pick out 2 pieces. (That's a good one) Because you know I'm going to have to go into the kitchen more than once today......

anyway, I took a look through the kids candy and found some interesting things. I did notice that some of the parents passed out snack sized animal crackers for younger kids. And that's pretty nice, as my kids love them. They do come in handy, thank you! And then I noticed some play-dough, also cool. A couple of pencils, sure why not? We'll take them. Maybe in about 3 years they will get used. (let's just hope they are #2). And then I saw a foot. Mmm-hmmm. A lovely "Body Parts" gummy foot. Yummy. I think I will save that one for Ed when he gets home.

Ok, so we really love to see the kids in their costumes. Unfortunately, as any mother of toddlers knows.... it's nearly impossible to get them to sit still long enough to be photographed in their outfits, together or even standing still. It was a fight to get the pictures that I did get, so here they are:

Alexa Uncle Pat (the greatest Uncle ever) and Eddie!

And Alexa even refused to wear that darling little witch hat that went with this!! Imagine that! Sorry, I barely got any pics, I will have to re-dress them and try to get a few more later.

Here's a little graphic I made before with the mere appearance that they were standing together. And yes, Miss Alexa is wearing a construction hat with her witch costume. That's the way it goes. Thanks for looking!And I need to go into the kitchen again, to wash some dishes. Yeah, that's what I'm really going to do, wash dishes!

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