Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A recluse no more!

So I did it. I ventured out of the house. lol~ it's not like I really sit inside the house all day long. Honestly. But maybe a teeny weeny tiny little small part of me was thinking that the other mommies wouldn't like me. Yeah, that's the ticket. Because I'm the one who sticks my kids into daycare. And 'snobby' mommy that I am, how dare I do such a thing. But you know what? They were ALL super nice. It made me want to have them over to my house and cook food for them. They were all super sweet and normal. As normal as mommies can be with kids running around and pressing their buttons. I actually felt a little like I wished Eddie and Alexa could have been there. And then I sipped on my java-licious calorific, sugar-fied, frosty cold liquid beverage. And I noticed that I was the only one that didn't have to go to the bathroom with the Pampers and the wipes. It was peaceful. And that thought left me just as easily as it came. I'm quite certain that Eddie would have been trying to knock down some display that had been ever so diligently set up by some cafe worker the night before. Or he too might have been running in circles, or playing hide and go seek. I love to see other people's kids. It makes me feel more normal. More like I belong. The other mommies were down to earth. And they did not bring stones to throw at me. Which was nice. Because I like to think that I am a nice person. Most of the time. When I'm not breathing steam and fire because dh forgot to take out the recyclables on a Thursday. Or because he left Eddie's cup with milk sitting in the bedroom for two days, and I'm the one who has to clean it. (and those ones usually smell the worst).

I especially loved the new mommies. And their new babies. They are so sweet!!!! I remember vividly being in those shoes. It's amazing how quickly you go from being a new mommy to being an old broken in mother of two. Two who have puked and peed and pooped on you. They throw paint on your carpet and they rip down your blinds. I can talk about the terrible twos with the best of them! We are in potty training hell and it doesn't help that the stinker of a son that I have absolutely knows what's going on. Without a doubt, he's just flat out taking the reigns and really trying to show me who is boss. But since I don't work well like that, we are at somewhat of a standoff.

He's not pooping for me, he's defiant about sleeping in his own bed in his own room. And he pretty much won't eat anything except dairy, fruit, cereal and waffles. And maybe a few select other items as well. He loves to push mommy's buttons. OK, so like I was saying....I'm proud of myself for getting out. I think I will try and make it a habit. The ladies are great and hopefully next time I will be brave enough to bring my kids along. Hopefully. They don't sit still. Or stay put. Any time I take them somewhere they run away. So, I think I need to make sure it is in an enclosed, safe home type environment. I even have to be careful taking Miss Alexa in the wagon. She kept trying to throw herself out of it yesterday when we went to the park. (and that's not a good thing) Especially when I looked up and saw a car waiting on me to get some kind of control over my child so that they could drive past. I didn't realize I was completely in a "driveway" for cars to enter into the parking lot of the park. 'doh', sorry!

Ok, I have to run off again. Time to pick up my munchkins!!!

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