Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday.

Last night I slept on the cell phone. Not even my cell phone, it was my dad's cell phone. I needed to be able to hear my sister calling me. We had plans to head out early with the masses of people in hopes of snagging some fabulous electronic product at deep discount. The phone rang at 3:05 a.m. or something close to that. I was out the door in under 30 minutes. Sweet.

We drove in the darkness of night to some famous Mart and easily strode through the store. They did not have locked doors, so we walked right in and positioned ourselves right next to rows of boxes which held the bright and shiny toys. We were not the only ones. Within minutes more people joined, they stood near us, parked their carts near ours as they too peered at the carefully stacked boxes.

We were elbow to elbow, cart to cart, yet we were not allowed to handle or touch the merchandise until 5 a.m. So we waited.

I drank coffee and joked with the other patrons. I posed for pictures. Don't laugh. At least I had enough sense of mind to dress myself. There were actual adults in the store who failed to shed their p.j.'s. Really, I'm not kidding.

There was a little chaos in the beginning, but no fights broke out. Nobody was trampled, or hurt, no smashed fingers and no name calling. All was a success.

Ah, the joys of Christmas shopping! Why do I do this every year?? Anyone?

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Time

Thanksgiving day is one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because we can sit around with our entire family and we can spend the day cooking and eating. Before kids, it was even acceptable to nap too. Sometimes we have been known to go to a movie on Thanksgiving, sometimes not.

For me, the best time is spent sharing the day with loved ones. My family has grown throughout the years, and now I am thankful for more than I ever have been before. I am so thankful that my kids are here and they are getting a chance to get to know my family.

I am blessed in so many ways. I try hard not to take the little things for granted. But I truly am thankful.

I hope all of you out there can recognize the little blessings in your life. Enjoy your holidays, and have a Happy Turkey Day!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To here from there.

Trying to leave one country to fly to another is serious business. Depending upon the length of your trip, it might be necessary to pack like there's no tomorrow. And I'm a packing kind of fool. I like to shove a suitcase full of junk. Or things I think I need.

In my attempted departure, I was caught up in the customs check point. I was there for 5 minutes while the young lady tried to explain to me that I needed to fill out 3 additional forms. All I wanted to know, was whether I did something wrong or not. I hadn't. But still, she sent me over to the immigration police. That was fun. I was greeted by 3 men who didn't seem to possess the best customer service skills on the planet. I managed to scribble through the forms and make my way once again to the officials who would either allow me through or deny me passage and send me sadly on my way back home with my dh. During this process, my two children took this time to let me know that they were not happy. They were fighting over cookies. The cookies spilled and went all over the floor. I think I cursed the country under my breath while my babies were throwing more crumbs on the floor. People were giving me the evil eye for my misbehaving, overly tired (because you know that at 10 pm it was passed their bed time) and cranky, whiny children. I wanted to get on the plane. The kids were crying. They called out for daddy. And the lady at the window could not have moved any slower. I was starting to think she died right in front of me. Or fell asleep.

I shall fast forward to the part where I am actually on the plane. We played musical seats. The kids slept on and off. And both needed to go pee at the same time. The bathrooms are very small. The flight attendant told me that I couldn't take both kids in there at the same time. I just ignored her really. But when I started to go into the tiny closet like room, the flight attendant charged me and ran up into the doorway. She blocked the door with her body and she stood just inches from my face. She began yelling at me very loudly. She said, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO TAKE BOTH KIDS IN THERE!!" She brought her tone down only a notch and said that I should have left one kid strapped in the seat alone while I took them one at a time. I briefly played out a scene in my mind that would have ended with me getting handcuffed at Dallas Ft. Worth airport and leaving my children stranded in the care of some child protective service agent. I decided not to go that route. Instead, I stood there with the door open, and my children using the potty in plane sight of the people standing in line. That woman was just plain wrong.

For that display, I had two other flight attendants at my seat apologizing profusely for this woman's behavior. They said that they would have let me go in without a second thought. They offered me a bottle of wine or champagne from first class. I accepted.

We were in the air for 9 hours and 30 minutes. It was a long, mostly sleepless flight for me. The kids did pretty well on the plane, considering that they are 2 and 3. Upon touchdown in the U.S. I was overwhelmingly happy to be in my home country. And even at the Dallas airport I encountered a handful of happy chatty travelers. It felt warm and welcoming. I smiled all the way through.

Our next flight was 2 hours and 5 minutes. We arrived early. But it was the longest flight. I was so tired, and felt like I could almost fall asleep while standing straight up. There is no better thing than to see your family waiting for you as you get off the plane. However, I did not see them for a bit. I had to walk down the ramp, get on an elevator and then go down to baggage claim. It was there that I saw them all standing. Backs to me. Looking at the escalator. Waiting for me and my two kids pulling their rolling backpacks and me pushing the stroller. They were waiting for me to come down that escalator. Only I had too much, I surprised them by coming up behind them. And it was good.

I slept for hours when I got home. The food is good. The milk is good. And there was even some real feta cheese and sour cream! Feels good to be home. There is only one thing missing. And he is back in Chile. Wish he were here~

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Monday, November 24, 2008

You know what time it is??

That's right folks, it's time for a video. It's Monday. I've made it safely to my destination. Having a lovely time so far. I'm beat tired. So I will save the details of my trip for another post. Since today is in fact my video day, I'm going to share an older video clip with you guys. It was from Thanksgiving time last year. Makes me smile every time I see it. Please feel free to share any video that you have with me. Doesn't matter the topic, or even if you made it at all. Just post a video on your blog and post the link back here. Don't forget to take a button, and leave me a comment.

Video Me Mondays

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday in the USA!

If you are reading this post, well depending upon the time, I should be in the air. My flight leaves at 11 PM my time. Check my clock on my side bar, I will be flying until 6 AM (That will be the time at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.) And then for another 3 hours and 50 minutes I will be dragging luggage and kids through the airport. My next flight will be the short but hopefully much sweeter one. Like I said, hope. I should land at about 11:20 a.m. mountain time. It is there that I will be greeted by my dear family. I've missed them!

Think about me, good thoughts and well behaved children. I will be relaxing the remainder of the day, and hopefully I can squeeze in a nap somewhere to try and regroup and feel human again. I regret to say that I probably won't see Twilight on this day. But perhaps Sunday or Monday? I'm not at all upset about the delay. You see, it's no delay at all. I wouldn't be seeing it at all if I remained in my host country.

So, to all my bloggy friends, ciao from Santiago~ Next time I post, it will be from the good ole U.S. of A!

God Bless the USA - The most popular videos are here

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Favorite Friday!

Hey and howdy, going to be brief today. My keeds are acting like they've just eaten a heaping spoonful of fire ants. They are ~c-r-a-z-y~ Must have something to do with the fact that we are leaving the country on a jet plane in less than 12 hours. Yeah, maybe that's it.

So I'm participating in Favorite Friday today. It's where you write a post about your favorite and not so favorite things. So go on over to visit Spoiled Mommy here.

One of my very favorite make up products is Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. It's a very light powder cover up. I absolutely adore it. It makes your skin look so fresh and clean. I highly recommend this product to everyone. If you haven't tried it, you should! Of course, I also love all of the bare minerals stuff too. But this one, is my favorite.

As for not so favorite? Standing in line at the grocery store, and having the people behind you standing so close to you that they are touching you. Or if you take a small step backwards, you step on them for being so close to you. Definitely not my favorite thing. ugh! OK, I think that about covers it.

If you are a lovely follower of mine and would care to participate in this coming Monday's Video Me Monday, I would like for you to post your favorite video clip. It can be of anything! Your video that you made or someone elses! Make me laugh, make me cry, just share something with me! Post it on your blog, grab a button and link back to me, put your post in Mr. Linky. That's the drill.

OK. Time to feed the monkeys. Oh and for those of you that asked if I will be blogging while in the US, the answer is yes. I will be borrowing my parents laptop. Sweet!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She's at it again folks.

So I'm all like minding my own business right? Yeah, and then a group of Chilean thugs bust through my 15th story apartment building window. They drug me kicking and screaming to my computer. I was forced to join twitter. I was twittering. In a sense, I think I am still. It was there that I saw OHMommy. She is having another giveaway. And why yes, she is giving away shoes. No, they are boots. And not just any boots, hot momma boots.

As I wept at the sweet words from her post, I could actually see myself being chosen this time. It's going to be fate. Or insanity. I can picture my legs wearing those. I can see them as I look down towards my feet. I can even smell the leather. I am willing myself to win.

It is only because I am a good bloggy friend that I am telling you this, but you can enter her contest too. You must visit her blog and demand that she choose Leslie. leave her a comment. I wish I could say that I hope you win. Well, I can say it, but I honestly won't feel it. You see, I reeaally want to win. So let me just say this, Good Luck! There. That's appropriate!

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Edward, Bella, and some other stuff.

OK. It's only 1 day and a number of hours before I can see Edward and Bella and all the other vamps on the big screen. Even though it's technically going to be available to be seen by me, I have to wait an additional few days. Just because on the 21st I will still "technically" be out of the country, and then I'll be flying for a good portion of the following day. And then of course from my current time zone to mountain time, I will be gaining an additional 4 hours. So I might be acting a bit off. Like, I may want to go to bed when I should be eating. I guess we'll work it out. I'm just super excited to get to go to a movie. And that movie being Twilight. So cool.

Oh and as to the status of my suitcases: not all packed. OK. Just not. Why pack, when I can blog? Can someone tell me? So while I'm blogging, I too am singing. Quietly though, because Alexa is sleeping in the next room. And if my maid slams one more cabinet door, I am going to be getting hostile up in this household. Downright hostile I tell ya. So yeah, the song:

Blackberry, Blackberry, bo-berry

banana, fana, fo- ferry


I think I have a new infatuation. And I feel Christmas is nearing... and in case any of you out there have been paying attention, you will probably remember that I do not currently have or own a cell phone. Sure I have a cell phone. But I don't think they currently work, have batteries, or make or even sell batteries for such antiquities. Seriously.

This was my last cell phone. I had to put it in my rolling back pack. I was so cool. But I couldn't zip the backpack shut. The antenna stuck out and used to poke me in the leg while I walked. It weighed 9 lbs. And I could only talk for 3 minutes and 18 seconds. It was just too heavy for longer conversations.

No seriously, I like the blackberry. It's pretty, and it can hold music too. Besides, not only is my dh not letting me take our computer home, but he stole my ipod. Oh and my friend Stephanie has one. And I'm a wimp. Peer pressure is the worst. She told me she would text me if I got one. It's free. Or something like that. Oh yeah, and Spoiled Mommy wants me to twitter. Because all the cool moms are doing it. And then Mcmommy, she went all out and posted stuff about twittering. So you can see why I might benefit from this phone. Oh, and let's be practical here. If I got stuck on the side of the road, I could call for roadside assistance. AKA my brother. Because he's good like that.

Did I mention it's hot in here? I didn't? No. I'm sure that I did. Really. I'm hot and it's affecting my blogging. I must go open the freezer. Oh, and that really wasn't my last cell phone. Honest. C'mon. You seriously didn't believe me, did you?
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday My Video

Hey again peeps! Welcome to the video version of this web page. You'll have to excuse me, as I seem to be a bit neurotic on this video. I don't usually talk so fast, er.. do I?
You'd have to ask someone who knows. Sorry that I haven't followed my own rules. But I honestly might try next week. Who knows.
So here I am, yet again:
(by the way, the rules to play along are to video tape your child either playing with or talking about their favorite toy. If you don't have children, feel free to video tape your husband or your own favorite toy or gadget. Post it on your blog, and then link the post in Mr. Linky in the box below. OK, now go have fun!)
Video Me Mondays

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Stethoscopes and Stilettos
OK. So I'm participating for the first time in the Fantasy Shoe League. My new bloggy friend Leslie has this shoe thing, and well, I'm kind of into it. So this week's theme is evening shoes. And what girl doesn't love a good evening shoe? You're supposed share a picture of a pair of shoes that you own, or find a pic of some fabulous shoes that you would like to own.

I'm a bit of a rule bender, so I've chosen two. I couldn't decide. But I loved them both. So here they are. They are by Kate Spade. post signature

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Military Wives

(Edited to add picture.)

This post is a part II of my Q and A from yesterday.

Casey, as I started to answer your question, my answer just kept going and going. And then it went on some more. It was like a bad run on sentence. And in some places, I feel it didn't really make any sense. But I think it's important enough that I give it it's own attention. I wanted to address it properly. And I don't want anyone to misconstrue anything that I have to say.

So for those of you who would like to know also, here is her question:

Do you think you are the typical officer's wife, or the atypical officer's wife, and why?

Well, I think this would qualify as the toughest question thus far. I'm not exactly sure what typical is. I think some people have opinions of what officer's wives are to be like. So unfortunately it's purely subjective as to what the typical wife is.

I can however address an opinion that I have personally heard. Possessing an attitude of grandeur that correlates directly with husband's rank.

I have known some officers wives, and I can tell you that I have met a few that could easily qualify and fit into the above described category. I have also met many more totally kind hearted and generous women who don't display a single diva-ish bone in their bodies.

I also think I don't really fit into a category of what an officer's wife should be. I have been married to my husband for 8 1/2 years. And for the first 4 years, he was enlisted. I honestly felt very proud of him for what he had accomplished prior to becoming his wife. When I stood by, and encouraged him and supported him through finishing his education, I couldn't have been more proud to see him selected to attend Officer Training School. I felt that he worked hard to get there. He sweated hard along side the best and hardest working men and women in the Air Force. And he most certainly logged his time. I am very happy to see him achieve his goals.

I don't think I am typical in any sense of the word. Sometimes I think that officers wives have gotten a bad rap. Now by saying this, I'm not saying that I agree with the negative statement that I mentioned above. But I have heard it before.

What I can tell you, is that I don't define myself as an officer's wife. I just say that I am an Air Force wife, or in general, a military wife. My husband wears a uniform, and I like that when he goes to work, he has a part in defending our great nation. And I honor and respect every single person who wears any one of our military uniforms.

I can also tell you that I have even deeper respect for the women who have husbands who are deployed, as their sacrifice is much greater than mine. The typical military wife does make sacrifices on a daily basis, when she is pulled away from her family, and asked to move across the country every few years. Sometimes even out of the country. The wives who stand guard on the homefront, they are true heros too. They have the ultimate strength, and I am not even sure that I could stand in their shoes.

Though I may have strayed off topic just a bit, I can say that these are the things that come to mind when I am asked about the typical officers wife. I don't know what anyone else thinks about, but these are some of my thoughts. And I don't think I am any different than any other woman out there who is married to a man in the Air Force.

I like to think that we all as humans have a lot to learn from one another. I tend to want to see the very best that we have to offer. I would also like to add that I have a sense of pride in what my husband does every day for his job. In that sense, maybe I am typical. I think that many of the Air Force (and military) wives also feel this way.

As a whole, I believe that military wives are a very special breed. We have to endure things that other wives simply do not. We are unique, patient, and accomodating with the unknowns that are constantly thrust upon us. So, to answer your question, yes and no. I'm a regular girl who married a guy in the Air Force. I love what we stand for. And I am happy to know other wives who share this passion.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

You've got the Q, I've got the A's.

I'm letting my readers pick the questions since I am lacking a little creativity here lately. I'm worn down to the nubs. 2 year old tantrums are the worst. Alexa is wearing me down. And boy... that child has a set of pipes on her. I never thought I'd see the day that my sweet baby girl was hurling herself on the floor kicking her feet and screaming so loud her cute little curly topped head turned entirely red.

So let's dig in. Vanessa asks me:

Where did you meet your husband?

I met him in Tampa, FL. way back in the year 1999. June-ish. I walked right into his office, and there he sat. I was actually visiting the office with a friend. More like, boyfriend at the time. OK, maybe not boyfriend, but we were kind of dating. I remember my dh telling me I should stop seeing this guy. I think that's funny. Considering the fact that I may have had to club him once or twice to make him go out with me (the husband that is). But I did stop seeing what's his name. And I was the one who asked for the first date (with dh). Because I'm really shy like that.

How long do you expect to be in Chile?

My dh's assignment here is for 2 years. So we are looking at around 18 more months.

Are you children learning Spanish?

Yes. Eddie is enrolled in a preschool like program. And they only speak Spanish there. I just had a conversation with the only person who speaks some English there (she manages the other center and only stops by once in a while) and she told me that he completely understands them, is well behaved (I don't know who she's talking about there.) And follows along, sings (in spanish) and does what they say, when spoken to in Spanish. My daughter can count to 10 in Spanish, knows her body parts in Spanish, and can say some pretty basic things. She's picking it up now too. And when she stepped out of the tub the other day, she said, "Hace frio." (It's cold.) lol~ I know she picked that one up from Eddie.

How was this past winter?

C.O.L.D. And I'm pretty much a wimp. One must keep in mind that I was born on a lovely island (Puerto Rico), grew up in Florida (can we say sunny?) spent some time in Texas, North Carolina, and then also lived in Arizona (land of the heat.) I've never done snow. I don't know what to do when the temperature dips below 35. I never even owned a winter coat. Where I'm from, it just doesn't get cold. So coming here, was pretty cold. The winter months being from June-August, it maintained pretty steady temps in the 30's to 40's. Toward August it started creeping up to the 50s. So yeah. Cold for my taste.

Ashley says: You once told me your husband is originally from Colombia. Is his family still there and how often do you get to visit all of your relatives with your family in the states, your step children in the states, and his family wherever they are?

Good question. My dh is from Colombia. He does still have family there, and apparently this family is extremely large. His grandmother had 12 children. God rest her soul. My mother in law lives in Ft. Lauderdale, and my father in law lives in New York. There are various relatives that immigrated to the US, but not all. So I know he still has some Aunts and Uncles there, along with a whole bunch of cousins and second cousins etc. roaming around Colombia. He hasn't been back there since before we were married. I don't know if he plans to go back. I however am leaving this lovely country on Nov. 21, boarding a plane straight to Tucson AZ! I can't hold out so long. I miss my family like crazy. We are very close, and my kids are always asking for any one of them on any given day. I can't wait. As for the step-kids. They are planning a trip to come to Chile. I just don't know when yet. If they don't get here before June of next year, then we are taking another trip to the states for our vacation. And we are going to see them then. (summer break)

Melissa says: How many siblings do you have and how far apart in age are you?

My brother and I are 2 years apart. And my sister and I are 10 years apart. I'm the baby. Well, figuratively speaking. I sometimes feel all old and creaky.

How did you choose your kids' names?

Once upon a time, I was like crazy psychic. Intuitive. Whatever. I just knew. I was having a son. Like forever ago. I have always liked the name Richard. It's my father's name and also my brother's name too. And even when dating guys, it was fun sometimes to scare them a little bit when I would tell them that I was going to name "our" first born son Richard. And then I would add their name, Joseph, or Michael, or Billy Bob, or who ever I happened to be dating at that time. (which shortly there after I was always single, but hey.... Like I said, fun.) Well, when we decided that we were going to think about having kids, I told my dh (this is a full 4 years before ever conceiving Eddie mind you.) that we were going to have a son. Not just some day, but for our very first child together. I even began buying him clothes. Yes. I did. And I'm sure my mother or sister can vouche for that. They probably saw the clothes and thought I was nuts. But I did it. When I finally did get pregnant in 2004, I told my dh that his name would be Richard Edward. (after my father/brother/and husband). When I told my parents I was pregnant, I also told them my baby's name. Some 7.5 months later, he was born.

Now as for Alexa, we just didn't have any boy names picked at all. I had a feeling she was going to be a she. And I have always liked the name Alex. Ever since my brother dated this beautiful girl named Alex. (100 years or so ago.) It stuck, and I think I always thought that would make a nice name. And then Billy Joel named his daughter Alexa. So I thought that was pretty too. Brooke just seemed to go along nicely with that name, and we both agreed.

Amberdenae says: I found your blog through another. Hope you don't mind my reading :)

Oh my heavens no. Sit and stay a while. But please don't let me scare you off with all my wild children's stories. Things can and frequently do tend to get messy up in here. But feel free to give me a shout every now and then. I don't bite. I don't mind you peeking around at all, you see, even though you didn't officially ask me a question, I've made it into one. Sort of. You just come on back now, any time ya hear? ((Oh goodness, there I go again, gettin' all country on ya!))

Vic-Vic says: (And I can call her that, because she is related to me, and I've seen her do a roach dance, with a live roach crawling on her body. LOL. It still makes me smile to this day.)

What do you want to eat when you get here on Saturday?

I want some of that pizza from the new take and bake pizzeria that just opened up. Or wings. Or maybe some Chili's. But I have a feeling that I will be having all 3 anyway. But not at the same time. That would be gross.

Are you going to make your mashed potatoes for Turkey day?

You betcha!

Are we there yet?

Um. No.

Are you packed yet?

Um. No.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

Carmen (our maid) cooked vegetable water. I'm so not kidding. Things are a touch different here. They use meat sparingly, and they don't cook large portions of food. There aren't many leftovers, because usually only enough is made to eat at that time. Just enough for whoever happens to be joining you for dinner. I cooked up some thinly sliced steaks to go with our very tasty, vegetable water. OK ingredients in vegetable water: squash, beans, very few beans, and corn. But like I said, mighty tasty! Just not filling.

Casey wants to know:

Did you ever picture yourself as a military wife?

No. But I could (or should) have seen it. My dad is retired Air Force, so I've always had an admiration and respect for the military.

Do you think you are the typical officer's wife, or the atypical officer's wife, and why?

Well. I think this would qualify as the toughest question thus far. As I started to answer you, it went on and on... So I've decided that you get your own post. I would like to make sure my answer is clear. :)

What do you want for Christmas? :)

I really wanted to see my family. So since I've bought the tickets and am prepping to go, I guess I get my Christmas wish. But as for things... I'd love a new cell phone or ipod or some techie gadget. Maybe a blackberry, and I could put my songs in there. I don't know. I do know that my dh has kind of adopted my old ipod. And he uses it a lot more than I do. He travels for work and it's always in his briefcase. So maybe that. Ipod, or cell phone. Or i-phone. Hey, that could work. lol!

Spoiled Mommy has an inquiring mind:

I want to know what you & the kids do all day? shhh...besides when you are on here!

We wake up at the crack of 6:50 when my dh is leaving for work. I get cups of milk. We watch Jimmy Neutron, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I make breakfast. The maid comes by 9. We play. Or they play. I moderate fights. We brush teeth and get dressed. I take them downstairs to run in the "yard" of grass around our building. We have busy activities that range from painting, play-doh, blocks, legos, stamping or puzzles. I also have hooked on phonics preschool edition that I let Eddie play with on my computer, and Caillou's learning numbers and letters. So Eddie gets to log some time on the computer. We have lunch between 12 and 1, and we get Eddie ready for school. Alexa and I walk him everyday at 1:55. At 2 pm Alexa takes her nap for 2 hours, sometimes 2 1/2. Mommy gets computer time! ;) Alexa wakes up between 4-4:30, we have snack. I read books with her or play what she wants to play with. Dh and Eddie both come home at 5:45-6PM, we eat. (Maid goes home at 5. Dinner is made. Love that.)

Do you have twitter? I am signed up for twitter. But don't you need a phone? Twitter from your phone? Someone clue me in on how it really works. When I'm all hooked up, I'll let you know, and we can chat. Or tweet. Because I want to be cool like that.

Laural asks:

Are you going to have any more kids?

According to my dh, when asked this same question by a total stranger at one model home center about 1 year or more ago. (As if this was any of that weird nosy man's business.) Dh says, "I am 300% sure we are done." I said nothing. As I said in one of the previous questions above, I have a little bit of a psychic streak. I have always felt that I might or could have 3 kids. Of course I could, I am woman, hear me roar. But seriuosly, I have seen another little girl. I even had a dream about her. Strange? But the timing is wrong for now. My kids are too wild. MY. KIDS. ARE. TOO. WILD. They wake up and begin bouncing. They don't stop bouncing until they are actually sleeping. If they stop bouncing for a moment, it means that they are fighting, falling or getting hurt, or eating. But they can fight, eat and get hurt all at the same time. Once they are finished eating, they resume bouncing. So right now, child number 3? I'd jump off the balcony. It could be open for discussion at a later date.

Will you be putting Eddie into an English or Spanish speaking school for Kindie? By the time Eddie starts Kindergarten, we will be back in the states. So I'm not sure where we will be moving to, but most probably it will be English speaking.

My friend Karen says:

What is your typical breakfast?

Because fruit is so cheap here, we often have so much laying around. We eat oatmeal with strawberries/bananas. We have eggs and pinapples. The kids still love cereal (with yucky milk.)I make pancakes, and french toast. Or we just have plain toast with fruit. They love it, it's cheap, and they eat lots of it, if nothing else.

Favorite TV show?

Grey's Anatomy. Days of Our Lives. And honestly, I used to watch more of the mainstream Favs. but I can't remember it's been so long. The only one I actually watch right now, and stalk it down on the internet (Thanks Casey for the sidereel tip!) is Grey's.

Favorite place to buy clothes (in the US)?

Dillards, NY and Company, Marshalls, Ross, Target. I'm all about a sale. But then again, you knew that! ;)

The best meal you make?

As far as tasty goes, I've had incredible reviews on my spaghetti. But I am going to say my best is the chicken bow tie pasta with broccoli. I make it with a cream cheese sauce, and it's FAB. Makes me want to make some right now.

When are you going to come to Chicago and visit me?! :)

Trust me, when I come to Chicago, you are on my list! Along with a trip to the mall. And we can let our boys tear up your house. (OK, not really tear it up, but they can play really hard.) But you might want to put up some padding before we arrive. Keep it to one room, that way we can minimize the damage.

Shannon would like to know:

What is your favorite time of day?

2 PM. When Eddie is off at school and Alexa goes down for her nap. Ahh. peace.

What is your favorite season?

Spring. I enjoy the crisp cool air. I love it when it's not too cold and not too hot. It means summer is on it's way. It means I can start pestering my family for birthday presents.

Have you ever been on a blind date?


What famous person would you like to meet?

Robert Pattinson. Have you seen this man? Oh my. And his accent? Oh my. Yeah. For right now, it would most certainly need to be him.

Have you ever met a famous person?

Yes. And as I am laughing and typing, I must provide a link for all of my younger readers who have NO IDEA who this man is. We are talking Urban Cowboy. I met Mickey Gilley. And never anybody else really cool like Queen Latifah or Hugh Jackman.

And finally my last question from my very dear bloggy friend Stephanie:

What ONE thing are you going to be happy to have "back" by being in the states?

Only one? Oh yeah, it's my blog, I can say what I want here. lol~ I will be thrilled to order a drink and actually GET some frikkin' ice in it. Milk. Again see, milk post that I linked above. Target. Lovely Target. And mexican food. Because it rocks. But mostly, I will be thankful to have the ability to communicate freely with those standing within ear shot. I can't wait to be able to say random things and have people understand me. I feel like I've been locked in this bubble and have not been heard. You won't be able to shut me up once I get off the plane.

Thank you so much for playing along. That took a little while to compose, and for Casey, your question will be answered in full soon! If you made it all the way to the end, God bless you and thanks for sticking with me. ((cyber hugs for you.))

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Q and A time.

So I'm taking the easy way out. I'm tired, I have to pack. The kids are not sharing their toys. I can't come up with decent material today. So I thought I would ask you my readers to chime in.

Have any questions you would like to ask me?? Feel free to knock yourself out. I've always enjoyed reading other people's "get to know you" type questions and seeing their responses. So please ask away.

I am going to go moderate a small fight over building blocks. Thankfully they are soft. One just flew threw the air and hit Eddie in the forehead. I guess play time is over. And mommy's peace and somewhat quiet.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, and an award.

It's getting hot over here in Santiago. I just thought I should let you all know that. It's Spring time right now. And I know I don't have a leg to stand on when talking about heat. As anyone who resides in Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson especially, they know this fact. It's pretty darn hot. I'm talking triple digits. But being a former South Florida resident myself, Miami can give any place a run for it's money. Not only is it hot, but it has a little thing called humidity on it's side to win that race. You see, humidity can do a number on ya if you think you are going to do your hair and make up and go out looking all spiffy. By the time you arrive, your face has slid down to your neck, and your hair is either flat or frizzy. Take your pick. So even though I've had the pleasure of experiencing both heat extremes, I am thinking that the dry heat is a little more tolerable. A little.

I'm sure you are all wondering why I am even talking about all of this. Well, like I said, it's hot. And I don't like to be hot. At least not without an air conditioning system to cool me off. The closest I can come to that, is my car, 15 stories beneath me. Yes, it's true. We live in an apartment that does not have an air conditioner. So lately, again, I have been thankful that I am heading out at a time when it's starting to get hot. I don't know why I didn't think to check to see if this place had an A.C. before we moved in, I guess I just assumed it would be there. Nice huh? So I've been leaving the windows open a lot. I am trying to create a breeze. But with that breeze I get the noise of the traffic below. I do live in the city. So you can hear some pretty noisy things.

So, I should tell you guys that I came across a fabulous new blog. And as wonders should have it, her name is Leslie too! Her blog is called Stethoscopes and Stilettos. She is super nice, and we seem to have a lot in common, I can tell this already. She likes shoes, and chocolate! Her blog is fabulous, and I am going to have to stalk her now. She's given me the honor of this lovely gem of an award, that she herself created. I love it! Thank you Leslie for thinking me FAB! (*mwah*).

So, here are the rules to receiving this award:

1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.
2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.
3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.


On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them. When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well. To add the award to your post, simply right-click, save image, then "add image" it in your post as a picture so your winners can save it as well. To add it to your sidebar, add the "picture" gidget.Also, don't forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by emailing them or leaving a comment on their blog.

My 5 addictions that keep me going: (and in no particular order mind you)

1. Coke. Not Coca as they refer to it here in Chile. Just plain Coke. I get it. I do. The bottle itself says Coca-Cola, and they shorten it. To just Coca. But it's COKE. OK? Just COKE.
2. Chocolate. It makes me feel happy.
3. Blogging. I love it. What can I say? I think I'd need therapy if I lost my blog.
4. Shopping for shoes. Or things. Or just plain shopping.
5. Online shopping. Oh wait. That's still shopping. Ok, how about paint shop pro? I just bought the new one (online, yes) and I'm still learning the upgraded things. I have PSP9 now.

And for the lovelies that I will share this award with:

Spoiled Mommy, My Life, My Story.
Alicia from My Two B's and Me.
Chelle from Creative Momma.
Patrice from Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.
Carol at Siswick Construction Zone.

These are not only great blogs, but the women who write them are truly wonderful. It's so much fun for me as a blog stalker to be able to take a glimpse into another's life. It's even more interesting when the people you read are as funny and as kind as these are. I think you will like them too. Hop on over and say hi!

On another yet totally unrelated note, it is difficult to compose a single blog post with children in your lap. Or asking for honey covered bananas. Or who think they need to poop, and want you to watch, or cheer. (And then it's a false alarm.) But then both children drag little chairs to the bathroom to wash their hands. For 10 minutes. Do they do that? Really? Yes. If you let them. So I have had to stop this post, more times than I can count. I've cleaned up their overflow of water in the bathroom, taken a picture of my child who likes to dress herself. And fed one of them honey covered bananas. Messy.

I think it's done. Here are the pictures for your perusal. The first one is Miss Alexa, rather proud that she's dressed herself. Yes, her shirt is not only on backwards, but inside out as well. And she is also sporting a Spider Man tattoo. Because she's cool like that.

Oh and the shirt she picked out was just a plain ole pink tee. She didn't want to wear the pretty one that actually went with her outfit. She threw a fit, and yelled and screamed and pulled at this cute shirt until I removed the monstrosity. Oh the horror. Trying to dress my child and have her look cute. She's me all over again. (I'm sure as soon as my mother reads this, she will be laughing.) So yeah, what goes around, comes around. It's true. Cute shirt, no?

OK, enough blogging for the moment. I'll be back. Later~

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Monday, November 10, 2008

A special day.

Here is what I decided to wear. I opted for something lighter, we weren't sure if there was going to be air conditioning in the building, and I did not want to be hot. (It's about spring time here, and approaching summer.) Even though it wasn't one of the choices that I polled my readers on here, dh really likes this dress. So I went for it.

When we arrived, they had yet to set up for the ceremony. I was surprised to hear that once the national anthem of Chile was played, the men in uniform in the room all began singing. And of course when the Star Spangled Banner was played, my heart felt happy. That song just gets me every time. And though nobody sang, my heart did.

My kiddos. This is traditional Eddie right here. And this is the only picture that I got of them actually cooperating. The rest of the time they ran around and played. (Before the ceremony began.)
Then of course, like moths to the flame, my children instinctively ran through the grass. Just at that moment when they reached the hoses you see behind Alexa, the sprinklers came on. And they went running through them. Thankfully, they were more like misters, and not full on soak you sprinklers. But just the same, my children must have known that was going to happen. It had to happen right? They screamed and laughed and almost didn't come when I called them. Almost.
Do you see the roses?? Do you? Wonder who those are for. Hmm...
The Oath of Office.
The ceremony went well, it was short but sweet. My favorite part was when my dh addressed the room. He thanked the officiating Colonel who traveled in from D.C., he thanked the various high ranking officials from the Chilean Air Force, and then thanked those in attendance for sharing this special day. Last and most certainly not least, he turned to me. He thanked me for being by his side and supporting him. He acknowledged the huge role that I play in his life. He said some of the nicest things he has ever said, and publicly, no less. It was incredibly sweet. Thoughtful even. He thanked me graciously, and then presented me with that huge bouquet of roses. I can't even tell you the last time I got flowers. It's been a very long time. And it's so much sweeter when you don't expect it. And when someone is gushing over you, about you in front of people. That was surprising. And very very appreciated.
So for my very special dh, thank you too. I'm proud of you. And I love you.

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My video. Let's talk appliances!

Hey guys. I just made a new video. No laughing, and please... no virtual rock throwing either. Once again, I invite you to make a video of yourself sharing your favorite household appliance. Tell me what's so wonderful about it and then post the video on your blog. Take this button I made and post it on your blog, come back and link up to me.

So here is my video! I have to run now, I have a lot to get done before we leave!
(Very sorry about the quality of this video, it came out WAY darker than it really was. I have no idea why.)

Oh! And I had an idea for next Monday. If you can, try to get your child, or one of them who is most willing, to show off his (or her) favorite toy. Let them tell us why it is their favorite! I imagine this one might be harder for moms with younger children, but maybe you could video them playing with their favorite toy, and then you could narrate it for us. OK, thanks for playing along!

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