Saturday, November 24, 2007

Long weekend.

Seriously, I feel like it has lasted about 7 days. The kids are tearing everything out of the closets. They are breaking things. And are still refusing to poop on the potty. Though we attempt it every day. And even about an hour ago, Miss Alexa was sitting on the potty. I am just willing to bet that she could get potty trained first. The idea of stock piling large quantities of Pampers and taking them to Iquique with us sounds totally unappealing. In my sometimes distorted sense of reality, I was thinking that I might have them both trained by the time we left. That would be my ideal situation. I just really don't want to buy diapers anymore. I'm ready to start spending that money on myself again. If that ever happens. I mean, I don't buy too much for me these days, except for that vanilla shampoo. I'm still contemplating whether or not I should wrap that as a Christmas present. I think I may. Or maybe I won't. I'm a little flaky.

But let's see, tomorrow we are heading out to shop again. Mostly this is for mom. They are having another sale at the BX. You get to take an additional 20% off of the Dooney & Bourke purses. That's a pretty good deal, since the prices are cheaper on base than in another store. Not to mention, she has a $20 dollar coupon that was attached to the catalog that they mailed to her house. I have one too. But I'm not going to be buying a purse, when I really have my eye on that Nikon.

I almost bought it the other day. On Thanksgiving when I logged onto their website it was an additional 20% off one day only. Which brought the price down substantially. Only the phone operator told me that the price was going to go down even further in December. So I decided to wait and see when it would, and then use my $20 off coupon then. Dh doesn't know he's getting me that for Christmas. Unless of course he found my blog and is reading it. I can't say that he knows, one way or the other. But I'm getting it. I'm worth it. And that's that.

So, we are not getting up quite as early as the other day. But still early just the same. I am taking my mother and my niece as well as my sister. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Laundry, and when aren't I doing laundry? And the fact that we took the car seats out so that I could de-grunge the covers and wash them. Lord help me, I think I need a PhD to re-assemble all of the parts on both the car seats. Oh yeah, and I have to go into the garage and clean the car's back seat where Eddie's seat was. Apparently the car seat itself, with my child strapped to it was not enough to contain the spill of my Strawberry smoothie yogurt that Eddie decided to confiscate and then half drink. And the other half, I'm guessing is the reason that my dh came into the house with a disgusted look on his face and asked me what I have been giving Eddie to drink in the car. Gee, sorry. Why yes dear, yes I am trying to tear the car apart, bitt by bit. That's my plan. I'm terribly sorry I'm not a good parker. I didn't know I was going to drive into the curb and scratch the rim. I'm sorry I didn't see the stone table you put there in the garage and drove into it. I'm sorry. And I really made a deal with Eddie and told him to pour the drink on his lap. I told him that if he did, I would buy him a pony. So yeah. It's my life's mission to destroy my new car. I think not. I actually like it. And no, it isn't the newfound attention that I am getting from drive through adolescent boys. That part is kind of funny. But it feels sporty. And I like that. All the things that have happened were quite the accident. Especially the yogurt part. I really wanted to drink that one on my own. Note to self: Drink yogurt smoothie before you put Eddie in the car.

Ok, so like I said, shopping in the am, snack in a moment (I didn't say that did I?) clean the back seat, put away the laundry, and reassemble the car seats. Oh that sounds like way too much. Thank goodness I'm so freaking awesome and the dishes are already done. This calls for a Coke. I need some caffeine, stat!

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