Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas ideas...

So.... it's getting to be that time of year again. The time where we all nearly yank out our hairs trying to get the best deal, the last electronic gadget, the coolest gift, we try to be thoughtful, we are giving to others (well that's the idea anyway) we bake, we eat, or we don't bake, but we still eat. We spend time with our families, we work, we eat, and then we shop. Or we don't shop. Which is what my husband does. And I imagine it's a pretty nice thing too. Not having to shop and face the crowds. And then somehow magically it all happens. Wrapped presents appear for you, for your spouse, for the in-laws and you didn't have to do a thing but show up. Must be nice. Must be nice to live with a real life Santa. Hmmmm. Maybe I will pass out my phone number and you can call my dh and ask him what it's like. As I am freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, anyway, as I was saying. It's nearing Christmas time. And it's that one weird time of year where people get dressed up in funny coats and hats and hit the streets at 4 a.m. looking for DVDs for $2 dollars. Believe me, all the coats and hats are funny at 4 and 5 a.m. Indeed. Rumor has it that Best Buy has some DVDs on sale for $2 dollars or something like that. And you probably have some of them already, but by golly $2 dollars is going to make you shred your "jam-jams" and get shaking at the crack of early. I myself have been known to get up and head out with the crazies. In fact, I am one of the crazies! Because I like it! I think I am doing some good here, or there. But in a way I think it puts me into the mood for Christmas. Nothing like getting smacked around at Wal-mart for a couple of Tonka trucks, or dolls, or a digital camera, to get you going.

Oh fun. What things do I need, or not need this year to further clutter a house that I do not have yet. (since I'm moving to a new country and the house is going to be bigger simply because the value of the dollar goes a bit further in Chile, and I've been looking already at what we can get there. Like I said. Bigger.) So. House. Toys. Clutter. Yeah, well it's not like I can have Christmas and not buy toys. It's the law. You give birth, they make you sign a paper in the hospital before you leave that states every year at Christmas time you must buy them toys. Lots of stupid little ones too that have lots of parts and things that don't match or go with anything so that they can either be lost or worse, get sucked up into your vacuum cleaner. (While it still works) And then when it doesn't work and doesn't suck, please don't let your husband tell you it's because your hair is too long. And you are shedding worse than the cat. That's just mean. Please don't be afraid to go into the cylindrical mass of dust and glop to find said missing plastic piece of_________? What was that again? But you see, when you find it, you will know and now have proof that your hair, though not as long as it used to be, is not the culprit. It was some freakish piece of plastic that is unidentifiable. So you throw it away.

Toys. That's on my mind. I am thinking that Eddie and Miss Alexa really enjoy pushing toys. And since Eddie broke his older sister's stroller, I thought I'd get another one. I was thinking something along the lines of this:

As opposed to this:

Now neither one of these comes with dolls. Eddie prefers to run behind them, or sit in it himself. That's how he broke the last one. I do think I like the first one better for two reasons. First of all, it is not pink. And though most doll strollers are thought to be made and played with by little girls, it is not necessarily so. I am raising my son to play with dolls too. I read that somewhere it's a good idea. It fosters a sense of nurturing in children. I'm still waiting for this to happen, as he has been a little less than nurturing, it was more like borderline abusive. Or straight up abusive. He threw the dolls, and then ran them over with the stroller. But I'm sure somehow that can turn into a sweetness one day. He has a healthy sense of what should be done with a pretend baby. No? But I distinctly remember my brother being this same way. And to this day he is very good with kids. Just not good with dolls. My brother abused all my dolls. Maybe he needed a stroller as a child. Hmmmm. Anyway. I think the green one is better for Eddie. That brings us to reason #2. Alexa is getting the 5 piece rainforest doll set. It comes with a stroller, baby swing, and a couple other things. She does like dolls and we couldn't possible buy one stroller for one child when the other is absolutely going to want to push the stroller at the same time. There is no taking turns for the stroller. What monkey sees, monkey wants to do. And that's the way those two operate.

Which leads us to gift #2:

I've actually had my eye on this for a while. My kids are loving to push things, like I said. So I think this fits perfectly into that category. And yes, I would need two. Monkey #1 sees Monkey #2 pushing this cart, and wouldn't you know it, the other one wants to do the exact same thing, at the exact same time. Why? Because they are children. A 14 month old (on the 18th) and a 2.5 yr old. Come on man! Get with the program. They don't listen, Eddie won't eat, Alexa wants everything Eddie has and vice versa. It's their law to be this way. Not listening, defiant little beings who know exactly when they poop, just refuse to do so on the toilet. Um. Sorry. That one was just Eddie. So I like this cart. Cute. Plastic, durable.

On to the next item on my list:

The Big wheel thing. My brother and I had these when we were little. And we tore up the block wheeling up and down it with our bad little rides. Well, I found one for smaller kids, like say Alexa size small. I have no idea if she can figure out the pedals. But I say she can. She's a girl, and she's smart. She can copy her brother. And besides, my mom says I learned pretty quick. Again, you can't buy just one. Alexa is getting a mini one of these. (I can't find a picture, but just think smaller and pink and purple) Cute as well. But this one is my favorite as far as Eddie goes. It looks pretty cool. Alot cooler than the other one I found. And I think this one is a Radio Flyer one, but I'm liking the colors. So there. These are the gifts I am getting this year. I think I might get some clothes, or some other small things like coloring books. Because that's what we used to get when we were little and we loved it.

Oh yeah, and the little Monkeys are getting Shrek 3. Because that was the first movie Eddie saw in the theater, and he threw up. We are not getting it because he threw up, but because we get to tell him that story forever. And he loves the first and the second one. While other kids started watching Mickey Mouse playhouse, Dora and the Little Einsteins.... Eddie was watching Shrek. And he loved it. So it's a good thing it came out now.

If I can think of some cool toys that only cost me $5 bucks I might get those too. Simply because they are only $5 bucks, and I am going to be spending quite a bit on multiple toy items for two kids close in age. It's like having twins. Almost. But I will need to check into those black Friday ads. I've only browsed them on the internet. And I don't have much time to do that. Because my time is now devoted to blogging. It's addicting and I think I need to see someone about it. I need to be home by a certain time so I can blog. I probably type real fast now because I blog. lol~ I'm such a nerd! But seriously, a mad shopping woman who can get it all done and save a little money doing it! Gotta love me!

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