Friday, November 2, 2007

Random crapola.....

What I wouldn't give just to watch him in action. I mean, there is this whole other side of him that I don't really know. He gets all dressed up, and to some, as if going in to battle. His black and varying shades of green look really good against his dark complexion. I mean, what the heck are they saying? It's as if they are speaking another language. And you don't get to be in that club unless you've been through some kind of warrior school where they make you climb stuff and run around and scream at you for several weeks. And then you train and train and train some more. But what do you get at the end of it? You get to sweat. Especially out here in the desert. It's too hot to be standing out on some runway. Er... the flightline.

What are all those guys on the walkie talkie really saying? Who's really in charge of it all? It's managed chaos. It's noise in damaging capacities. What is he doing all day? Who is he talking to? Is he enjoying it all? Does he think about what he's going to have for lunch? No. Of course not. That would mean he would have to take his mind off of the goal. And taking his mind off of the ball is not what he is about. He is focused, driven, serious.

Even in my dream last night he was serious. I dreamt that after my shift in the hospital/hotel/restaurant/bar that I worked in, we went to have a drink. Yes, I said hospital slash hotel, restaurant and bar. It was a dream, ok? Well my parents were visiting and staying in the hotel. They wore very flowery shirts. (I'm thinking....tourists) Well, we went to have a drink after my shift at the hospital. (and me in my scrubs, attractive right?) So we went to have a drink and some guy was trying to pick me up! With my husband sitting at the next table. Don't ask me why he was sitting at the next table, I guess there wasn't enough room in my dream. So he was behind me, but still watching me. And the guy tried to pick me up. Anyway, I told him that my dh was sitting there at that table and he better watch out. Yeah, like my super sweet, honorable, kind hearted, husband was going to get up and go all 'off' on him or something. Yeah. That's what was going to happen. He probably had a better chance of getting cracked on the side of the face with my shoe than that. Anyway, after repeated attempts, he leans over to grab me. I pulled away and immediately threw my drink at him, glass and all. And wouldn't you know it..... the bar manager comes over and points directly at me and says, "YOU! OUT!" I was so mad! I told him what happened, but still realized that I better just go. SO I gather my things to leave and notice that my dh was over there trying to smooth things over in his super sophisticated gentlemanly fashion. Perfect. Instead of getting all "Colombiano" macho man on some guy, he's getting us free drinks or something. I don't really know the outcome of it all, because the next thing I heard was Eddie. "Mommy.....want just a lil' bit of milk, mommy." And then I awoke to his mini-me. A lighter version. And shorter.

So you see, even in my dreams he was super suave. At least I know his head is screwed on straight. I still wonder about how he knows so much of that crap. Ok, it's not crap. It's very important Air Force crap stuff. It's amazing. And cute too, because when he calls and those jets are taking off, Eddie actually thinks that he is on the airplanes. I know that the kids are going to be happy to have him back. And I am so lucky that he wasn't gone for longer than this. So when I called him today, which I never know when to call him. The schedule dictates that the planes take off early and come back late. Way late. So I never know when it is good time. So I called, and he was guess where??? Yup. On the flight line. I hear people, open air, truck noises. More loud noises and he talks loud too, as if I can't hear him. He asks to call me back. I guess that he is busy. You think? Does he know any of those people? I mean, he just drove over there and is supposed to be in this new job now. How did he know what he was supposed to be doing? Is he doing a good job? I hope so. I'm just ready to have him back home. We miss him here. I miss him. (collective awwwwws!)

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