Tuesday, November 27, 2007

coming down to the wire

So we only officially have a few days left in November. And since I was spending some time on some yahoo site this evening, I am way too tired to form actual real thoughts into sentences and make intelligent paragraphs. I cannot for the life of me fold now. I've come too far. I must blog, I must complete this task.

Oh yes, and I was thinking about my fudge today. I need to get the stuff to make it. Hence, more shopping. So, I'll just put that on the to do list. Along with the cooking and cleaning.

I'll get right on all of that. And taking pics with the kids. My mom is on me about that, she wants to see some new pics. And really, so do I. I'm getting their Christmas pictures taken soon. Their outfits are absolutely stinking cute. I can't wait. They better smile.

Ok, I have to run now. I'm tired. As usual. And dh is sick. Oh the joy of a sick man baby. Don't tell him I said that.

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