Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things around here.

I still barely see my dh. But I think I'm getting used to it. It's almost like when he's here, it's weird. Because he's usually not. If you can understand that. The kids are really happy on the weekends to see him. It's cute. They climb all over him and jump on him when they play on the floor. I'm so glad that he's a hands on dad like that. They deserve that. Even when he works long hours.

Eddie is sleeping phenomenally for me. Is that a word? I'm a bit too tired to check Websters, and this program's spell check doesn't seem to be giving me a spelling or grammatical error sign. So good for that. Eddie now comes out of his room, maybe twice (when I put him down). Many times, he just goes to bed now on the first try. I'm so happy about that I could cry. Or dance. But dancing takes effort, therefor I shall not. Instead I blog. And this blog post tonight is dedicated to my mother. She wanted to see my dancing boys off the top of this page. So here I am, writing. And here's to you mom. Cheers!

Alexa is coming down with some new cold. Bummer. She's coughing, and it sounds pretty gross. She's sleeping on her mattress with rolled up towels under one end and a humidifier on. I gave her some Tylenol too since she has been extremely whiny this evening. I hope it takes the edge off and she's able to sleep tonight. And I also hope that maybe Eddie has had this version of the cold before. I don't want him to get sick too. Crossing my fingers on that one. It's nearly impossible to separate them. And even harder to keep them from sharing previously mouthed toys, binkies or cups. *sigh* kids.

Well, I don't have anything fantastic to report. The kids are getting smarter by the day. They make me laugh every single day. And who told them that they could get so big???

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