Friday, November 16, 2007

This face says it all.

Give me pumpkin pie and noone gets hurt.

Yes, she ate a nice healthy slice of pumpkin pie. And then she went back to eat her peas, carrots and corn. Yes, that's my girl. What can I say? She's got her priorities straight. And she loves pie.

Yesterday the CDC (child development center) held a luncheon and invited ALL the parents to attend. Thankfully I showed up early b'c the parking was pretty scarce. They made turkey with all the fixins. It was actually quite yummy and I have to applaud them over there for all of their hard work. There were many parents milling about and there was a buffet style food line set up in the "romp n' stomp" room. It was all set up very nice. I went to Alexa's room and ate lunch with her at 10:45. She ate most of what was on her plate and then went outside to play. Eddie's lunch was at 11:30 and dh made it on time for that. We sat with him as he ate. He ate all of his turkey, potatoes and cranberries. He ate some bread and drank his milk and ate all of his pie! So both of my kids ate pretty well.

I can't even think about what I'm going to do without the CDC. I think of them as lifesavers. My lifesaver. I suppose I'll figure it all out. Maybe I can hire a nice nanny who can help us with our Spanish? An ugly nanny. lol~

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