Thursday, October 25, 2007

Soy Sauce stinks.

I never really thought about it. I never really stuck my nose to the jar and sniffed for too long. I just eat it. I pour it over my rice and any other Chinese stir fried food I might be eating and enjoy! But tonight, it just plain stinks. I do mean that literally. If you were here, in my house, on this particular evening, you would probably agree. And then you would quickly leave.

You see, my two children are fighting off some type of upper respiratory infection. They are pleghmy (is that a real word?) and they are coughing and irritable. My daughter has swollen gums and is super cranked up x 10. Eddie refused to eat ziti (no surprise there) and Alexa wolfed it down like there was no tomorrow. So instead he ate cereal. After the evening I had with them, I would have given him chocolate pudding. No lie.

As he was refusing to eat normal food, he went to the refrigerator and asked if he could eat ketchup, then asked for mustard, after that he grabbed the little bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce. He asked me very enthusiastically if he could eat "this!" As I looked up to see, I ran in his direction as I just knew it was going to fall. I was way too slow. I was nearly by his side when it slipped from his fingers. It came crashing down in one not so glorious smash onto the tile. I almost didn't want to look. The broken glass and tiny shards lay sprinkled throughout the kitchen and the bottle's dark brown liquid covered the floor, the side of the wall, and a good portion of the inside of the refrigerator.


The noise of it all scared the pants off of Eddie as he ran and dove into the couch. Alexa sat in the high chair and was finishing her second helping of ziti. I went and poured a few cheerios on the highchair to keep her busy while I cleaned.

Now, it seems that soy sauce is not a good mixture for grout. My grout now has a lovely shade of brown, instead of the peach that it used to be. Fantastic. I was thinking about redoing the tiles in there. Just what we needed. I had to put shoes on the kids, as just telling them to stay out of the kitchen was completely ineffective. My husband worked late again, and is leaving for Las Vegas in the morning. Sooooo, it'll be more fun than I can stand for the next week. Oh joy!

Anyway, shoes..... yes I put shoes on the kids. They fought me, because everyone knows that when you get home, you get to take your shoes off! So, I made them do it, but not successfully. I found Eddie taking his shoes off and standing on the tile in bare feet. I came in to put them back on. Alexa follows, but instinctively knows that it will make mommy go crazy if she hurls herself face down on the tile. Even better!!!!! Of course I toss one shoeless child to the side to grab the child who has her face down on newly littered tile. Ugh!! These guys!

Of course during the course of my night, I medicated the teether with Tylenol. I held both of them in my lap, while Eddie screamed because I wouldn't give him his Mcdonald's happy meal Bee toy. (from the upcoming Bee movie due out Nov. 2) and Alexa was screaming, well I don't even remember why. But they were both having a meltdown tonight. I don't know why. I'm not even sure what's worse. Them fighting, or this. Because tonight, they didn't fight. They were too cranky to fight. They each had their own issues.

Oh yeah, and to top things off.... Alexa goes and jumps out of her crib. Ok, she's not superbaby or anything. But I put her in her crib and left her there. I go back lay her down, soothe her and kiss her. She's calm, and then I leave again. She cries. Tonight was more difficult than normal, again teething perhaps??? Well before I was about to go in there, I heard her cries getting louder. I thought for a moment that my husband was home and he went into the room to get her. Well I went to the hall way and I looked to see the door opening and Alexa walking out on her own! She got herself out of her crib. I have no idea how she did it. She just did.

I'm dumbfounded. The child is just 13 months old! Sheesh! ok, I better go and help my husband get packed. At least I was kind enough to do all his laundry so that he has clean stuff to take! (Lovely me!)I'm thankful that she's sleeping now. I have to go and get the other one into bed.

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