Sunday, November 18, 2007

addendum to post....

Dh's official comment: "I'm glad I wasn't there when it happened." How's that for practical? He's got one of the most level heads around. He just kind of goes around even keel. For almost everything. He even lays down on the ground near the spiders to kill them. So that he can get a better look. Silly man. Who does that? My dh!

Ok, so we bought the blinds. They aren't installed as they were too long. We got Lowe's to trim them down, but it wasn't enough. Dh and Eddie are taking them back right now to get them trimmed a bit more. I am here with sleeping beauty cranky baby. She's just in rare form today. Nothing is pleasing to her. I think her gums are starting to sprout some new teeth. Or in the process. As this is the way she gets when teething occurs. Nasty. Whiny. Cranky. It's really nice during nap time. 2 hours of solid quiet. It's great.

So what am I doing on the computer? I don't know. Let me get out of here. I have a cake to bake!

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