Saturday, November 3, 2007

Daddy's coming home!

Once again, let me just say that I am so lucky and very thankful that my dh has only been gone from us for one week. I know that so many other families out there are missing their loved ones for far longer than we have been apart. My kids day care teachers have told me that both Eddie and Alexa have been acting up a bit. I can only imagine how this affects their little lives. I mean, we talk about daddy every day. And I know that the kids go and look at his pictures too. I just wish I knew how to make them understand. At least I am here for them right now.

But today is the day! He's on his way back home to us! And I honestly couldn't be happier! I'm supposed to go to a baby shower today. But unfortunately it's not very nice to take two rather rambunctious toddlers to a function like that. I don't have a sitter. And daddy is on the road. I think that I will just make a short appearance and drop the gift off to her. Wish I could get a piece of cake to go! Man how I love cake.

Maybe we could rent a movie? I don't know. We don't have any plans really. I just can't wait to see the kids faces when he gets here. They are always so cute when daddy comes home at night. They get all excited and run up to him. I know they will be happy today. I will try to make sure that they get their naps out of the way early.

OK, I have to run off and get some things cleaned up. The kids keep destroying the living room today for some reason. Oh and someone please remind me to think again before I decide to save washing my hair for the weekend. What on earth was I thinking?? Poor Alexa got drenched just standing there. Of course the little thing doesn't listen when I tell her to close the shower curtain. And my example of shutting it for her didn't help either. I think I'd almost rather get up at 5 a.m. and do it then. ((long pause)) Naaaaaah. But seriously, maybe I should have done it at night then. But then you worry about the blow dryer waking up the very sensitive Mr. Eddie.

Ah, well let's just say that we will all be glad that daddy will be home!

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