Monday, November 19, 2007

Just ouch.

Tonight Eddie jumped on me. And I guess I was in a weird position and it really hurt. So I'm in a funky my back really hurts kind of mood. And it's my lower back too, which is never good. I mean, you need your back to do everything, like breathe and sit and stare and sleep and walk. Ohhhh it's such a pain when it hurts! No pun there. I'm too worn out for puns. I'm also way too tired to be sitting here, tapping away at these keys. But like some deep dark secret I'm keeping, I must come in here and blog. It's my new addiction. I think I'm even too tired to try and make sense. Both Eddie and Alexa were uncooperative last night. Eddie got out of his bed about 20 times. I think he finally fell asleep at 11. Maybe, I don't remember. And then Alexa woke up at 12:48 a.m. That was very nice of her. And she finally fell asleep nearly two hours later. So I'm tired. Beat. Worn down to the nubs.

And we had guests this evening which was very nice. Everyone played nicely together. The only problem was that they left me most of my Kahlua bundt cake. Well, maybe that's not that big of a problem. As a matter of fact, I'm going to go and address the issue when I get off the computer. I'm going to address it with a fork. Dh finally managed to get home. That's nice too, b'c at least he takes Mr. Rambunctious off of my hands so I can blog put Alexa to bed.

Interesting thing he did manage to share with me was that he spoke to the guy who has the assignment we are getting. You know.... the guy who is currently living in Iquique. He said (and I'm quoting dh now) " Yeah we felt the quake. It was much stronger than all the others we've felt since we've been here." Oh joy. In 2 years that they have lived there, there have been multiple quakes.

Well, seriously I don't like the sound of that. But I think it might just be better than a rattlesnake on my breakfast table. And just as long as the seismic activities aren't enough to disturb those volcanoes. I'm going to have to look into their locations once again. But like I said, right now...just way too tired. Isn't going to happen. I think I'm just about ready for night-night. But of course I had to get in my daily blog!

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