Sunday, November 4, 2007


It's actually November 4th, and I forgot to mention that my step-son just had a birthday. He turned 14. WOW! I'm shocked. I still can't believe it. 14?!? I met him a couple weeks after he turned 6. He's changed a lot over the years. And it's a little sad too since we don't get to see him. I reminded dh to call him on Friday (his birthday). I don't get to talk to him because of his mother. I cope. But still, it's going to be Christmas time when the kids come for a visit again. And then once they get off the plane, we'll see two larger versions of children that they used to be. Their faces change, their friends, experiences, attitudes. It's all different.

I think about what it's going to be like over the coming years. Are they still going to want to come for a visit? They are going to have more involvements with their friends. How will that change over time? It started out with them sharing a bedroom. And now we give Devon his own room when he visits here. Although we kick Eddie out of his room, it's only the right thing to do since Devon is getting older. And since we don't live in a mansion, we have to make do with what we have here for space.

So, Devon turned 14. Alyssa my step-daughter turns 9 on the 18th. I can almost not believe that one either. She just had her 1st birthday when I met her. She's changed so much too. I really can't wait to see them again. I hope that life over there in that household hasn't tainted them too much. They are sweet kids.

And on a happier note.... Daddy is officially home! The kids were thrilled to see him. And Eddie seems to be over the moon today. He's been bouncing off the furniture and screaming, laughing and playing. We can't get him to settle down. I'm thinking that it's just his way of showing how happy he is that daddy is here again. They played with him last night for a long time. Each taking turns jumping on him and hugging him. It was really sweet! And now, it's naptime! The only time there is peace in the house! So, I'm going to go in and see if I can sneak myself an early lunch before the kids wake up. Actually, I'm not certain that Eddie is even sleeping. I'm just tucked away in this room with an amazingly adorable sleeping little Alexa. She's pretty easy. I hope that daddy is at least working on getting Eddie to sleep! Ok, so off to find some food!

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