Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can't give up now....

As we are nearing the end of the month, so ends the month of Nablopomo (once again, that's national blog posting month). For those of you not paying attention, I'm participating in the whole blog post a day for a month. That month being November, Bingo! So, on a short note. I'm tired. My back hurts, and Alexa was cranky tonight. So I'm thinking.... more teeth? I don't even feel like contemplating that one. She could just be acting like a baby, which is what she is. And then she's perfectly entitled. So there.

I am super psyched about today. Had a great day. Don't feel like writing it all out. I want to go and do something else. Which by the way is also my prerogative. So sue me. I'm falling short in my blogging today. But as the holidays are fast underway, there are many many things to do. One of which is still to sell this house. Which reminds me, (NO. It's not the laundry again.) I have to shoot an email off to my realtor. I keep forgetting.

Ummm..... I'll try to think of something spectacular to say next time. Or maybe I will just post some pics of the kids. And then that will make up for it. Have to run~ Duty calls!

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