Monday, November 26, 2007

late night.

Let's see...late night for dh to come home. Which means, late night for the kids to get to bed. No matter how hard I try, it's just difficult to maintain the schedule when he's not here. Eddie does not like to be alone in the other room. Even when I do put on Charlotte's Web. And then in order to put Alexa to sleep, I come in here and sit with her while she drinks her milk and gets a little sleepy. She usually falls asleep on her own. But the real problem arises when Eddie keeps running in here and laughing and trying to play with her while she is getting settled. So I walk him back out there, try to reassure him that I will be out in just a few minutes and then come back here. It seems like an endless cycle. Eventually she gets tired and falls asleep. Despite the noise level. But it's hard, and it takes some time. Needless to say, we are already starting off at least 30 minutes behind schedule. Maybe Eddie will listen this time and stay put for at least 15 minutes. I'm hoping. Oh yeah. And a glass of Zinfandel also makes this process go a little more smoothly. (This is not recommended if you are nursing, pregnant, or think you may become pregnant or are taking MAOI's.)

Oh and of course I forgot to mention my little crib jumper. She can climb out. Which is why I try to leave her in a semi-drowsy state. She can actually throw her little leg over the side rail and lower herself to the floor. Or maybe drop onto the floor. I haven't actually seen it done, I just see the end product. Which is her walking down the hallway. Most nights, she is perfectly fine to sleep all night long in there. I also don't want to have her fall down and get hurt. So I stay here until she looks a little sleepy, and then I leave. She does well with that method. And she doesn't wake up at night. Unless of course she is teething.

So anyway, we are off schedule. We are getting a late start to bed time. She is not sleeping. And Eddie won't stay put in the other room. That's just not making me feel any better. It's nearly 8 p.m. Ok, like I said...Zinfandel.
Eddie is standing there and talking and playing with toys. Argh! I need to finish my post! Did I mention that Nablopomo is almost over? lol~

Oh yes, and we are creeping into December. Oh the joys. The baking, the eating, the eating. I also have some family coming into town on Thursday. Did I mention the eating? Yeah? Okay. Well, I like that part. And I have to dig out my fudge recipes. It's fudge time of year. So friends, get ready. You too Lynne! {{wink, wink}}I have to run, she's looking a little sleepy, and Eddie needs some mommy time!

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