Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shopping with kids is bad. Very bad.

Today I took the kids with me to a few stores. I had in mind when I left the house to actually buy the last few Christmas presents that were on my list. Eddie and Alexa had on their minds to play and laugh and have fun.

I first went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was in this store that I realized that there are just way too many breakable items within reach of small hands. Small hands that are attached to small children who are too young to grasp the concept of the words shattered, shards, or "QUIT BEFORE THEY THROW US OUT OF THE STORE!" I don't think I've ever paid attention to just how many things in this store are breakable before. Until my children got there, and started knocking things down. We left without buying anything. It was for the best.

We went to JCPenney next. In this lovely store, I only found one item to buy. I was actually quite busy moderating a fight over the one seated store stroller that Eddie and Alexa both thought that they needed to sit in. Mind you, when I bring my own double stroller, or single stroller for that matter, neither one of them want to sit in it. I end up pushing around a big bulky empty stroller through the store navigating through the small aisles and clothes racks as the kids walk by my side. So I didn't bring it. And instead, they fought. The entire time I was in the store, I was the lady with the screaming children. I made them take turns. While the kid sitting in the stroller was enjoying his or her ride, the other stood on the wheel. Which made it very difficult for me to actually push. Then the standing child would smack the sitting child, because that's just the appropriate thing to do. And then either one of them would scream. Because they were jealous, or the other one was bothering them. *sigh* I paid for my one item and left.

We then tried our hand at Target. My kids love that HUGE big red buggy that two kids can climb into the back of, and stand in or sit down. My son thinks it's his big pirate ship. Or so he claims. I told him that if he climbed on top of it again, that I would have to abandon it and we would just walk. Well he did it again. And this time he was OK with it. It was Alexa who fell apart. She screamed like I had just ran over her foot. She was so mad at me for leaving the buggy there, she almost laid down on the ground. I told her that she could stay right there with the buggy if she wanted, but I was leaving. She screamed for another 5 minutes on and off, but she eventually got over it. I think it must have been nap time, because she got cranky again pretty soon after the buggy incident. I'm not sure what I went in the store to buy, as my concentration was wrecked with my little angels and their perfect behavior.

I think I am going to have to plan just one more trip. No kids. I have no idea how I get anything done with these kids. Shopping and kids just doesn't mix. Ever.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Can we talk about gas?

Really? Can we? The problem is my son. If you could call it a problem at all. I mean, he is 3 and a half years old. And he has discovered the wondrous bodily function of passing gas. He does it ALL the time. He laughs and laughs and then when you think he us incapable of more, he does it again. Passing gas is turning into a favorite past time. We call it, "tooters" in my house. And he can tooter all day long.

Does it stop? Does it get better? Does it get less funny? Or funnier as they get older? I am trying to teach him the proper manners about this, but it's hard. He just giggles endlessly and tooters on everyone in the family. Oh my goodness. Boys. {{Mommy rolls eyes and throws hands up in defeat.}}

On an unrelated note, we went to a birthday party today. It was held at a place called Pump It Up. It's an inflatable indoor play area that has obstacle courses, giant slides, and bounce houses. We had Eddie's 3rd birthday party there, and the mom of a little boy that we invited to our party liked it so much that she decided to have her son's party there too. The kids had a lot of fun, and even let me sit back and watch rather than insisting that I climb all over the place with them.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

playing along...

So today as I sit here blogging, twittering, watching my kids running back and forth in front of me, refusing to get dressed, dragging what few presents there are under the tree out from under the tree and stacking them... (here's proof)

I think about what I am going to do today. Oh yeah, blog. You see, I have missed my bloggy friends so it's only realistic that I do in fact show up every once in a while to say hello. And then my friend Spoiled Mommy over there is hosting "Favorite/Not so Favorite Friday" and I thought that I would play along.

Today. My favorite NOT FAVORITE AT ALL. No they are, not. No really, they are. (Sssshhhh.) Don't tell my mother. She just bought a new bag. They are Snyders peanut butter pretzel sandwiches dipped in Hershey's chocolate. OMG. Really. The bag that she just bought last night is empty. The things are pure evil. I couldn't stop eating them. But in my defense, my mother had a handful. And my brother ate one two. He just informed me that two were stuck together. And Alexa ate one. So I really and truly did not eat the whole bag. But my goodness. Pure evil. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

As for my not so favorite thing. I would have to say owning a home in 2007 when you are a military family holding orders to leave the country. Holding orders which state that you are to move to another location. While the government is working so hard to BAIL out people that I feel do NOT need to be bailed out, why not give our military folks a hand? The ones that work so hard to protect this country, why not give them a hand when they truly need it?

Because of the housing crisis, our home is no longer worth what we owe on it. So much like a bad car loan, we are now upside down in our mortgage. Though we have faithfully paid our monthly obligations, we are at this time facing a bit of a hardship. We couldn't sell our home in 2007 when we tried for a year. So we rented it. Our first renter bailed out when he lost his job. Our second renter didn't even make it past one month. Our home now sits vacant. And it's Christmas time.

So this military family stationed in Chile still has to meet and pay for a home that we no longer live in. And there is nobody out there willing to give us a hand. The government is not meeting to discuss our bailout. We pay, and we pray that we find a new renter. A good one, and stable. To pay the rent on time, so that we don't have to worry about foreclosure too.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Phone pictures.

So here are a few pictures snapped from the phone. A moment in time from my life. From here and from there.

I spent several hours in the ER two nights ago. My dad took a fall. It was urged, by me that he go. I'm grateful that he listened. No bones were broken, just some bruised ribs.

Driving around town. My sweet baby sleeps.

Corona and his mommy. Reunited once again.

OK, now these next 3 were not taken by the phone. But it is a cool find. I'm somewhat known for coming across bargains. One could say that my eyes are always opened. It's the true shopper in me, I never stop shopping.

Well, the other day I was looking on craigslist, and I came across an ad. An ad for a playhouse. A very large playhouse. Used. But no matter. I almost thought that it was a mistake that the person who placed the ad had it listed so cheap. Any name brand playhouse can bring in a nice chunk of change. Even used. I looked at my watch. It was only 15 minutes after the ad was initially placed. I sent an email. The person didn't respond until 8 o'clock the next morning. Later on that day I became the proud owner of a Step 2 playhouse for my kids. And I got it for the bargain basement price of just $45.00. Yes, it's true. I got a major deal on that. The house is gigantic. It had to be towed in my brother's flat bed trailer. I couldn't even believe it. Brand new that same house can be bought for a mere $499. The kids absolutely love it. And I couldn't be happier about it too.

Just hanging out at the house.

Sleeping. Believe it or not, the room was dark. lol~

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Santa at the mall.

Any time Dillard's has a sale they call my mom to let her know. She's a triple platinum card carrying member of the American Express Dillard's elite club. She loves Dillards. I used to work at Dillards. I like them pretty much too. But they don't call me. I have to hear about the sales like every one else. They usually put an ad in the paper.

So today we went off to the mall. I wanted the kids to see Santa. And really hoped that they wouldn't be too scared to see him. Eddie protested a little bit. But I think Alexa's enthusiasm to get to the front of the line calmed him down a bit and the fact that Santa wasn't eating the children as snacks, was a bit warming to him as well.

I was pleased that they didn't cry (like she did last year) and that at least I got a somewhat decent picture. Which I will not post, because I don't have a scanner here where I am. I did however manage to take a shot with my phone, so here it is.

When we finally made our way around to Dillards, there was a nice lady who stopped to talk to my children. She asked them if they saw Santa. They immediately began chattering to her. She had asked my daughter what she told Santa that she wanted for Christmas. And miss Alexa looked at her and told her, "I wann uh gun. But ah need twoo guns." And then Mr. Eddie chimed right in and told the woman, "But I already have a gun right now." The lady looked a bit surprised, as was I, and she said that she hoped that they were pretend guns. I nodded and yanked my children right out of there and walked away. Quickly.
What's up with kids when they do or say something like that? Why couldn't she have said I want a hello Kitty doll? Or a bike, like she told the other strange man wearing a red santa hat who didn't even have a red suit on, or a beard or even white hair for that matter? He looked nothing like Santa. And she stopped to tell him, after she called him Santa, that she wanted a pink bike for Christmas. No. Of course not. My sweet little two year old daughter tells a complete stranger, a woman, that she wants a gun. That's just nice. {Mommy rolling her eyes here.}

Ok. So we shopped very little. We saw Santa, and then we played in the play area that most malls now have centrally located by the food courts. It was here, today, that I found out exactly how aggressive my little girl is becoming. I saw her push a bigger boy. Why? Because he was a little too close? I would gather. She didn't say anything to him, she just kind of pushed him. And there was another boy there too, she started pointing at him, and it didn't look at all friendly. I called her name to divert her attention. She came over to me for a moment and then went back to play.

I watched her run around and climb on the toys. I watched Eddie too, running, jumping, happy. I saw Alexa climb on top of a turtle's head and sit there. There were two little girls near her, talking to her, but not looking happy. It looked as if they wanted to push her off the turtle's head. I got up to join her. The girls were not her size. In fact, they were quite a bit bigger. Like maybe 6, or 7 at least. When I went over there the girls began to talk to me. They told me that my daughter was telling them to go away, and that they couldn't play there. Because it was all hers. And she kept telling them to leave. I had to smile, but I was really surprised to hear this. My baby girl was telling these big kids this. I smiled at the girls and told them that they are fine, and to ignore her. I told them that she is only two and she doesn't understand how to share very well. I took Alexa down and started to take her out of the play area. She promptly dropped to the ground where she started screaming bloody murder. I walked away and when she realized that she didn't get the attention that her efforts deserved, she quickly followed.

I had to take both of my kids out of the play area because my two year old is being a bully. Nice. The girl in the picture in front of Alexa sitting on the turtle is one of the two that she was telling to get out of her play area.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In America.

I've been to Target a half a dozen times already. It never gets old. The bright and shiny lights, the hustle and bustle of people parading through the doors, and up and down the aisles feel welcoming to me. The people chattering in English, ah... glorious English. I feel like I belong here.

I've been to The Wing Stop, Los Nopales (Mexican restaurant), Papa Murphy's (pizza), I've been to the base (Davis Monthan Air Force Base) to walk around with my parents. It's nice. It feels good. I remember all the times I was there before when I would call my dh and he would (or really was spared a few short moments) to come and join me for lunch in the food court. It felt safe.

I have enjoyed seeing the neighborhood homes as they all start to put up their displays of Christmas decor one by one. I have driven through the city that once was foreign to me nearly 4 years ago, and thought of the memories that this place holds for me. I've been to my house and walked through the vacant rooms. This place feels the most special of them all. I brought both of my babies home to that house. And as I walked through and inspected the state of the home, it was hard to imagine the callousness and ill regard that people have for other people's property. Though it could have been much worse, it was in fact still standing. And nothing was taken or damaged. It just looked a little sad. They didn't take good care of it. I guess that is the best way to explain it.

I can't imagine leaving this place again. I can't imagine not being here. I don't want to. But there is a big part of my life that is not here. It's missing. And I can't reconcile the two. No matter how much I try, they just don't add up. I don't want to go back there. And he can't come here. Not right now anyway. And not for good, not yet. So I think right now I just wait. I have some things I have to accomplish while I am here. Some very important things.

I am thankful though, that at least I get to see my dh in less than two weeks when he flies in to be with us for the holidays. It will be his birthday when he arrives. I am planning to take him out to dinner. I want to go to Outback Steakhouse. But I think he might want Chinese food. He adores it. Since it's his birthday, I think it's only fitting that he decide. Oh and we aren't taking the kids. Bonus.

So this Christmas, I don't really want anything at all. I have everything that I need. I am healthy. I am loved and I have a beautiful family. That's more than a lot of people can say. So while all the material things are nice, I am just very very fortunate to have all that I do. If I had to ask for anything at all, I would ask to have my family all together, for good, in America.

I've never felt so strongly about this place as I do right now. I think I have a better appreciation for it.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not much time to blog.

Though I've thought of my happy little blog a lot, I just haven't been able to make the time to create new posts. I've been running around to different places with my family. I've been going there, and here and everywhere.

My kids are pretty excited about the holidays, and are enjoying every bit of the Christmas displays that we have seen. I am planning on taking them to see Santa some time in the near future.

In other news, my husband has just booked a flight to come here too for the holidays. He will be spending Christmas with his family after all. We are all very happy about this news. And to top it off, the government paid for the majority of the tickets. I am thankful.

I hope that I can find some time to post, but I just wanted to give a little update as to what's going on with me. We are busy, we are with family and having a good time.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Whatever, I'm late. But it's still Monday.

Video Me Mondays

A lovely friend of mine had to remind me what day it is. Duh. I think I may be having too much fun shopping. I was not paying attention. Sorry bloggy readers. But, I want you to know that I am still hosting my weekly video thing. Anyway, I really like the idea of random videos. Then there is less pressure to record something new. Well here is my random video for today. Eddie and Alexa were having a little fun on the merry go round outside of the BX (Base exchange).

Once again, to play along just post a video of your choice on your blog and take a button. Link up to me here. And have fun. I'll try to think of a theme for next week. And I will also try to be around more this week. I've been enjoying the family and kids are running around having a blast!

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday.

Last night I slept on the cell phone. Not even my cell phone, it was my dad's cell phone. I needed to be able to hear my sister calling me. We had plans to head out early with the masses of people in hopes of snagging some fabulous electronic product at deep discount. The phone rang at 3:05 a.m. or something close to that. I was out the door in under 30 minutes. Sweet.

We drove in the darkness of night to some famous Mart and easily strode through the store. They did not have locked doors, so we walked right in and positioned ourselves right next to rows of boxes which held the bright and shiny toys. We were not the only ones. Within minutes more people joined, they stood near us, parked their carts near ours as they too peered at the carefully stacked boxes.

We were elbow to elbow, cart to cart, yet we were not allowed to handle or touch the merchandise until 5 a.m. So we waited.

I drank coffee and joked with the other patrons. I posed for pictures. Don't laugh. At least I had enough sense of mind to dress myself. There were actual adults in the store who failed to shed their p.j.'s. Really, I'm not kidding.

There was a little chaos in the beginning, but no fights broke out. Nobody was trampled, or hurt, no smashed fingers and no name calling. All was a success.

Ah, the joys of Christmas shopping! Why do I do this every year?? Anyone?

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Time

Thanksgiving day is one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because we can sit around with our entire family and we can spend the day cooking and eating. Before kids, it was even acceptable to nap too. Sometimes we have been known to go to a movie on Thanksgiving, sometimes not.

For me, the best time is spent sharing the day with loved ones. My family has grown throughout the years, and now I am thankful for more than I ever have been before. I am so thankful that my kids are here and they are getting a chance to get to know my family.

I am blessed in so many ways. I try hard not to take the little things for granted. But I truly am thankful.

I hope all of you out there can recognize the little blessings in your life. Enjoy your holidays, and have a Happy Turkey Day!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To here from there.

Trying to leave one country to fly to another is serious business. Depending upon the length of your trip, it might be necessary to pack like there's no tomorrow. And I'm a packing kind of fool. I like to shove a suitcase full of junk. Or things I think I need.

In my attempted departure, I was caught up in the customs check point. I was there for 5 minutes while the young lady tried to explain to me that I needed to fill out 3 additional forms. All I wanted to know, was whether I did something wrong or not. I hadn't. But still, she sent me over to the immigration police. That was fun. I was greeted by 3 men who didn't seem to possess the best customer service skills on the planet. I managed to scribble through the forms and make my way once again to the officials who would either allow me through or deny me passage and send me sadly on my way back home with my dh. During this process, my two children took this time to let me know that they were not happy. They were fighting over cookies. The cookies spilled and went all over the floor. I think I cursed the country under my breath while my babies were throwing more crumbs on the floor. People were giving me the evil eye for my misbehaving, overly tired (because you know that at 10 pm it was passed their bed time) and cranky, whiny children. I wanted to get on the plane. The kids were crying. They called out for daddy. And the lady at the window could not have moved any slower. I was starting to think she died right in front of me. Or fell asleep.

I shall fast forward to the part where I am actually on the plane. We played musical seats. The kids slept on and off. And both needed to go pee at the same time. The bathrooms are very small. The flight attendant told me that I couldn't take both kids in there at the same time. I just ignored her really. But when I started to go into the tiny closet like room, the flight attendant charged me and ran up into the doorway. She blocked the door with her body and she stood just inches from my face. She began yelling at me very loudly. She said, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO TAKE BOTH KIDS IN THERE!!" She brought her tone down only a notch and said that I should have left one kid strapped in the seat alone while I took them one at a time. I briefly played out a scene in my mind that would have ended with me getting handcuffed at Dallas Ft. Worth airport and leaving my children stranded in the care of some child protective service agent. I decided not to go that route. Instead, I stood there with the door open, and my children using the potty in plane sight of the people standing in line. That woman was just plain wrong.

For that display, I had two other flight attendants at my seat apologizing profusely for this woman's behavior. They said that they would have let me go in without a second thought. They offered me a bottle of wine or champagne from first class. I accepted.

We were in the air for 9 hours and 30 minutes. It was a long, mostly sleepless flight for me. The kids did pretty well on the plane, considering that they are 2 and 3. Upon touchdown in the U.S. I was overwhelmingly happy to be in my home country. And even at the Dallas airport I encountered a handful of happy chatty travelers. It felt warm and welcoming. I smiled all the way through.

Our next flight was 2 hours and 5 minutes. We arrived early. But it was the longest flight. I was so tired, and felt like I could almost fall asleep while standing straight up. There is no better thing than to see your family waiting for you as you get off the plane. However, I did not see them for a bit. I had to walk down the ramp, get on an elevator and then go down to baggage claim. It was there that I saw them all standing. Backs to me. Looking at the escalator. Waiting for me and my two kids pulling their rolling backpacks and me pushing the stroller. They were waiting for me to come down that escalator. Only I had too much, I surprised them by coming up behind them. And it was good.

I slept for hours when I got home. The food is good. The milk is good. And there was even some real feta cheese and sour cream! Feels good to be home. There is only one thing missing. And he is back in Chile. Wish he were here~

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Monday, November 24, 2008

You know what time it is??

That's right folks, it's time for a video. It's Monday. I've made it safely to my destination. Having a lovely time so far. I'm beat tired. So I will save the details of my trip for another post. Since today is in fact my video day, I'm going to share an older video clip with you guys. It was from Thanksgiving time last year. Makes me smile every time I see it. Please feel free to share any video that you have with me. Doesn't matter the topic, or even if you made it at all. Just post a video on your blog and post the link back here. Don't forget to take a button, and leave me a comment.

Video Me Mondays

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday in the USA!

If you are reading this post, well depending upon the time, I should be in the air. My flight leaves at 11 PM my time. Check my clock on my side bar, I will be flying until 6 AM (That will be the time at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.) And then for another 3 hours and 50 minutes I will be dragging luggage and kids through the airport. My next flight will be the short but hopefully much sweeter one. Like I said, hope. I should land at about 11:20 a.m. mountain time. It is there that I will be greeted by my dear family. I've missed them!

Think about me, good thoughts and well behaved children. I will be relaxing the remainder of the day, and hopefully I can squeeze in a nap somewhere to try and regroup and feel human again. I regret to say that I probably won't see Twilight on this day. But perhaps Sunday or Monday? I'm not at all upset about the delay. You see, it's no delay at all. I wouldn't be seeing it at all if I remained in my host country.

So, to all my bloggy friends, ciao from Santiago~ Next time I post, it will be from the good ole U.S. of A!

God Bless the USA - The most popular videos are here

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Favorite Friday!

Hey and howdy, going to be brief today. My keeds are acting like they've just eaten a heaping spoonful of fire ants. They are ~c-r-a-z-y~ Must have something to do with the fact that we are leaving the country on a jet plane in less than 12 hours. Yeah, maybe that's it.

So I'm participating in Favorite Friday today. It's where you write a post about your favorite and not so favorite things. So go on over to visit Spoiled Mommy here.

One of my very favorite make up products is Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. It's a very light powder cover up. I absolutely adore it. It makes your skin look so fresh and clean. I highly recommend this product to everyone. If you haven't tried it, you should! Of course, I also love all of the bare minerals stuff too. But this one, is my favorite.

As for not so favorite? Standing in line at the grocery store, and having the people behind you standing so close to you that they are touching you. Or if you take a small step backwards, you step on them for being so close to you. Definitely not my favorite thing. ugh! OK, I think that about covers it.

If you are a lovely follower of mine and would care to participate in this coming Monday's Video Me Monday, I would like for you to post your favorite video clip. It can be of anything! Your video that you made or someone elses! Make me laugh, make me cry, just share something with me! Post it on your blog, grab a button and link back to me, put your post in Mr. Linky. That's the drill.

OK. Time to feed the monkeys. Oh and for those of you that asked if I will be blogging while in the US, the answer is yes. I will be borrowing my parents laptop. Sweet!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She's at it again folks.

So I'm all like minding my own business right? Yeah, and then a group of Chilean thugs bust through my 15th story apartment building window. They drug me kicking and screaming to my computer. I was forced to join twitter. I was twittering. In a sense, I think I am still. It was there that I saw OHMommy. She is having another giveaway. And why yes, she is giving away shoes. No, they are boots. And not just any boots, hot momma boots.

As I wept at the sweet words from her post, I could actually see myself being chosen this time. It's going to be fate. Or insanity. I can picture my legs wearing those. I can see them as I look down towards my feet. I can even smell the leather. I am willing myself to win.

It is only because I am a good bloggy friend that I am telling you this, but you can enter her contest too. You must visit her blog and demand that she choose Leslie. leave her a comment. I wish I could say that I hope you win. Well, I can say it, but I honestly won't feel it. You see, I reeaally want to win. So let me just say this, Good Luck! There. That's appropriate!

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Edward, Bella, and some other stuff.

OK. It's only 1 day and a number of hours before I can see Edward and Bella and all the other vamps on the big screen. Even though it's technically going to be available to be seen by me, I have to wait an additional few days. Just because on the 21st I will still "technically" be out of the country, and then I'll be flying for a good portion of the following day. And then of course from my current time zone to mountain time, I will be gaining an additional 4 hours. So I might be acting a bit off. Like, I may want to go to bed when I should be eating. I guess we'll work it out. I'm just super excited to get to go to a movie. And that movie being Twilight. So cool.

Oh and as to the status of my suitcases: not all packed. OK. Just not. Why pack, when I can blog? Can someone tell me? So while I'm blogging, I too am singing. Quietly though, because Alexa is sleeping in the next room. And if my maid slams one more cabinet door, I am going to be getting hostile up in this household. Downright hostile I tell ya. So yeah, the song:

Blackberry, Blackberry, bo-berry

banana, fana, fo- ferry


I think I have a new infatuation. And I feel Christmas is nearing... and in case any of you out there have been paying attention, you will probably remember that I do not currently have or own a cell phone. Sure I have a cell phone. But I don't think they currently work, have batteries, or make or even sell batteries for such antiquities. Seriously.

This was my last cell phone. I had to put it in my rolling back pack. I was so cool. But I couldn't zip the backpack shut. The antenna stuck out and used to poke me in the leg while I walked. It weighed 9 lbs. And I could only talk for 3 minutes and 18 seconds. It was just too heavy for longer conversations.

No seriously, I like the blackberry. It's pretty, and it can hold music too. Besides, not only is my dh not letting me take our computer home, but he stole my ipod. Oh and my friend Stephanie has one. And I'm a wimp. Peer pressure is the worst. She told me she would text me if I got one. It's free. Or something like that. Oh yeah, and Spoiled Mommy wants me to twitter. Because all the cool moms are doing it. And then Mcmommy, she went all out and posted stuff about twittering. So you can see why I might benefit from this phone. Oh, and let's be practical here. If I got stuck on the side of the road, I could call for roadside assistance. AKA my brother. Because he's good like that.

Did I mention it's hot in here? I didn't? No. I'm sure that I did. Really. I'm hot and it's affecting my blogging. I must go open the freezer. Oh, and that really wasn't my last cell phone. Honest. C'mon. You seriously didn't believe me, did you?
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