Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This time last year...

I had just given birth the night before to a little girl. She weighed in at 6lbs and 5 oz. She was a little peanut! I stayed in the hospital for two days. It was the first time I spent a night away from my son. And now I have two little babes. They are 16 months 3 weeks and 2 days apart (to be exact).

And in that year, we have endured unending sleepless nights, new teeth, phenomenal growth (mostly on my daughter's part) And many sibling arguments. We sure can pack a lot into one year!

I know there have been so many stressful times over this past year for me, and for well... for me. But tonight while my kiddos were eating dinner I just sat there and watched. Eddie sits next to Lacka and she was taking food from his plate. They had the exact same thing, I guess his just looked better. He noticed, but didn't get mad. Instead, he began feeding her. It was so sweet! And surprising at the same time, because Eddie won't share anything! And then she dropped her spoon and he got down to get it for her. Again.... sweet.

Something tells me though that there is always a calm before the storm. I do forsee more sibling issues ahead. I did get a glimpse at Lacka's party. Eddie pretty much came unglued because we wouldn't let him HAVE ALL of Alexa's birthday balloons. He thought that because they were pretty and he liked them, that they should belong to him. We let him have all but one, but seriously that was just way too much to ask of him. He dropped to the floor and screamed with all of his might. They would all be his or he would just crumple to the ground.

Eddie spent some time in his room before he began to behave. It was quite the chore though. And Alexa really didn't seem bothered one bit. She's quite used to his shenanigans.

So I'm hoping that if we begin to buy two of each toy that we plan on giving to the kids, that will cut down on the arguments. We are hoping. So far things seem to be progressing well. With two under the age of 3 in my household and one potty training, the other massively teething, and both having sleep issues... we are doing quite well to be functioning at all. We'll see what this next year brings. I wouldn't trade this for the world though!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I still remember what I was doing.

I was driving to work at The Falls of Pembroke apartment complex. (a 3 minute drive since we lived on the complex) and I heard the news on the radio. I immediately called my husband to tell him to turn on the t.v. When I got into the clubhouse, I quickly tuned in our TV to a news program. I also forcefully broke up the small chat that was going on and alerted everyone to the situation at hand. I will never forget this day, like so many others, it is etched in our hearts forever.

So today it is 6 years later, but only seems like a blink in time. The memories are vivid. I spoke to my father-in-law that day. (He lives in Brooklyn, NY) and I spoke to my other family members as well. I also rented an apartment too. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to see an apartment when all of this was happening. After work when I got home, we watched TV all night long. I hated seeing the images, but I couldn't tear myself away. It was all so sad. And for the people that actually lived through this nightmare, they are the lucky ones. Although the memories will burn with them every day for the rest of their lives. I hope that they all have healed, or are still healing. My heart goes out to each and every one of them. The survivors, and the familes who lost loved ones on that day.

I would also like to say a very heart felt thanks to all of the men and women who served our country before and in the days since September 11. You guys are awesome, thank you!!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Said by my husband, "Mommy, we have a biohazard..."

I was starting to believe that I was going to be able to escape mommy-hood without having one of those moments. You know the ones, and you've heard the stories. It was either you or your baby brother or sister, or maybe a cousin, but somebody somewhere that you know has played with their poop as an infant. Now amazingly enough we don't remember this wonderful time of play. But I assure you, as do your own mothers, that it did in fact occur. I had to consult with my mom about this as well. Apparently I played with poop as a baby, as did my older sister.

Now for some reason, we come to discover such small and unusual substances in our diaper. Perhaps because we are awake, or bored, maybe even both. It usually happens in the early morning hours when the parents are trying hard to get just a few more minutes of much needed sleep. So frequently while mom and dad are snoozing away, unbeknownst to them, their sweet angel is about to create the world's stinkiest masterpiece ever.

I am sorry mom for the mess I made. And sorrier still that you had to go through this several times before.

Well, babies play with poop. Sometimes smearing it on themselves as well as the walls, bed and whatever else could be in their reach. It happens.

So here I am with a two year old son who has never once discovered his poop, or even tried to paint with it. I thought, Lucky me! (Maybe that's why he isn't wanting to go poop on the potty.....?) He has also never pooped in the tub. Once again, lucky me.

Now I know that I wasn't totally out of the woods just yet. I still do have another child in diapers. She could still be my little Picasso yet. So there I was thinking I was so lucky, going on with my day to day business of washing dishes. The kids are playing with their rolling popper machines. My husband is milling around doing, well, whatever it is that husbands do while their wives are busy cleaning. (I'm assuming that it is pretending you are busy and staying out of their way.) I hear him come up behind me and start talking to Eddie.

My husband raised his voice a little, but it did not not cause a sense of concern in me. Eddie is frequently getting into things that he shouldn't. So I hear my husband ask Eddie, "What is that Eddie?" and my son responds, "It's ca-ca." (or poop) And then my husband, "OMG....... Mommy, we have a biohazard!" I basically dropped everything to investigate. I rounded the corner of the kitchen to see my son rolling over, forwards and backwards, some poopy balls with his popper toy.

He did an excellent job of covering about 4 large tiles. Oh and I must mention that he was trying to vacuum it up with his other favorite toy.

Ok, now Eddie had taken the center piece out (the handheld vac) and was actually trying to suck it up through the tiny nosepiece on the vacuum. Now let's ponder this for a moment. He made a mess. And now he was trying to clean it. And even though he created more work for me to do, I honestly have to give the kid points for attempting to clean. I had to laugh. Silly boy. So I've joined the ranks, I'm not getting out of this unscathed.

Today my child inducted me into the poop hall of fame. Eddie, I thank you. I love you very much, but please don't ever do that again!

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

A conversation with my mom.

me: Hi mom, I called because I wanted to share what Eddie just did.

mom: Hi baby! What did he do?

me: EDDIE GET DOWN FROM THERE RIGHT NOW!!!! Well I'm pretty sure he just made poop on the potty.

mom: Oh my goodness! That's wonderful! But what do you mean you're pretty sure?

me: EDDIE DON'T PLAY WITH THE LIGHTBULB, IT GETS VERY HOT!!! EDDIE, I SAID NO! DON'T STAND UP THERE, YOU ARE GOING TO FALL. Well, I'm pretty sure because I didn't see it happen. Alexa fell into the bathtub after she turned on the faucet. She was leaning in to get some toys and she fell in. I had to rescue her from the trickling faucet and she was screaming and wet, so I didn't actually see him go. I just saw a small poop fall. GET OFF OF YOUR SISTER! YOU ARE HURTING HER, STOP THAT!

mom: that's so great! Maybe me and your dad should have come over to help you out.

me: me? yeah, anytime you want.... PUT THAT DOWN, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH MOMMY'S CAMERA. DO NOT THROW THAT, EDDIE!!!!!!!!!! you know you guys are welcomed here, anytime. DO NOT STAND ON THE DOLLHOUSE!

mom: You let that baby stand on the dollhouse.

me: Mom, it's a toy dollhouse, it's plastic and not meant to hold a two year old child. He could break it and get hurt.

mom: oh.


mom: yeah

me: I meant, you still there? ugh.

mom: I think Eddie has a while before he really learns to share.

me: EDDIE? WHAT ARE YOU EATING? NOOOO, DON'T EAT THAT. THAT'S YUCKY. EWW, DON'T WIPE IT ON THE WALL.Mom, he's licking the Desitin. And then he smeared it on the wall. At least it's white. Oh and he's eating the baby lotion.

mom: What was he standing on before?

me: the diaper changer.

mom: ok, is Ed going to be home soon?

me: I think he's on his way. mom: At least you got dinner out of the way.

me: EDDIE, GO PICK THAT UP. He's throwing legos down the hall, and Alexa is chewing on a diaper.

mom: Do you want us to come over?

me: KNOCK IT OFF. STOP THROWING THE DIRTY CLOTHES AROUND. Oh. thanks, but Ed shouldn't be too much longer. You guys can come over tomorrow.

mom: that sounds good. I'll leave you to your baby wrangling.

me: ok, talk to you soon!

mom: bye!

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Daddy's Girl.

Note the front of her shirt. I'm trying to brainwash her into thinking it's ok to be held by other people. Even daddy, for instance. I'm sure she couldn't care less. Though cute and adorable, clothes will not change her mind. It's all about the mommy. mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy. The sun sets and rises with me. I guess I'm pretty important.

Though wiped out from lack of sleep last night, I still managed to function. Diaper the kids about a dozen times today, put the laundry away and do all the dishes. There was some lunch in there sometime today.

I wonder when my two year old will begin to eat like a human again. At present he eats like a bird. He pretty much pecks at his food and then leaves as if he'd been to a $30 dollar brunch. Silly boy. And his sister can eat enough for the both of them. I haven't seen her turn much of any type of food down. I'm not kidding.

So, daddy's girl is a big eater, she's almost going to be one! (September 18th.) And neither one of the kids wants to be daddy's girl. lol...... Eddie gets mad at me sometimes and he stands at the door and cries for daddy to come home. But then when I get up in the mornings and take a shower (when daddy is here) I close the door and try to have a moment to myself. Well, Eddie throws himself on the floor and cries inconsolably until I come out. Go figure. These kids are strange. Someone should have written a book to warn me about these things.

I have to go. We actually rented a movie. We are going to try and watch it before we fall asleep. We don't have much time. It's 7:42 right now!

Here's a couple more of daddy's girl: lol!

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Happy Labor Day. I think.

Of course it's way too early to care about that right now. My baby girl is having tooth issues. It's the second time that I've been awake, and out of my bed to comfort her. Ah.... mommyhood. I love her messy little head. You other mommies know what I'm talking about. When you get to them in the middle of the night and their hair goes in 8 different directions. It's flipped to one side and sticking out on top and in the back.

I'm thinking that Monday is Labor Day. Yay. That means that my husband had a 4 day weekend. Gotta love those long weekends. Well, I need to take some new pictures of the kids and post them. They seem to be growing more and more every day.

I'm just way too tired to function right now. In fact, maybe I am really sleeping as I type. I mean, I could do that you know. I am after all, a multi-tasker. Shame I didn't multi-task that large stack of dishes still taunting me in the kitchen. Or the pile of clothes that mocks me sitting on the counter. (Mind you.... they are all folded at least.)

I still have a million things to do. Eddie made a huge mess of Alexa's closet. I have to clean that up, and then there's my big project: Getting some auctions going on ebay! It's going to be huge as I have quite the inventory to start with.

Well at least I can look at the bright side: My mom and dad are bbq'ing tomorrow. Delicious! Can't wait. Oh and I think I just realized that we have about 8 months and some weeks left in the United States. So much to do. And our house hasn't even shown one time. Can you say, "Bummer?"

I am going to try and sneak back to my bed now. I think that will be the official "cue" for my daughter to awaken from her sweet slumber and say.... "Oh no you didn't....." And then she will scream for me to come back. Even though at the moment she is quietly sleeping. As soon as my physical presence moves more than 3 feet away from her, the mommy sensor in her little body goes off. She stirs. She cries, and sometimes even throws herself defiantly on the floor when I walk away. (not from the crib, but anytime I move out of her reach) So somehow, she knows when I am not there. Let's hope this sleep is a lasting one. I'm really tired.

Can't wait til' tooth #4 gets here. I need some rest. She's been a crank lately. Going to make a try for my bed.....Wish me luck!

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