Friday, May 30, 2008

My calm is about to be uncalm.

Two more children are on their way. I hope their mother complied with dh's request. He simply asked if she would ensure that they come prepared with everything they would need to sleep in. Clean clothes, underwear, toothbrushes, etc. The last time he asked, they came missing quite a few items.

The reason we asked, was simply because we are now staying in a hotel. We don't have all the extras that we did when we were at home. Do you know what the wench had to say? "Well, they don't have much, but I'll send what I can." I mean, come on. The kids live over there with her. And if I remember correctly, it was she who asked the kids not to come back with more clothes, because they had too much. Now all of a sudden they are poor or something. Yeah right. I'm thinking not.

So, my step kids are on their way here right now. And I am sitting here with Alexa. I would have enjoyed going to the airport too. But dh, myself, Eddie, Alexa, Devon, and Alyssa all would not fit into our Jetta. lol~ Not by a long shot. So I sit here.

Why do car rentals have to be so much? I was looking online to possibly get a compact car. But even for some cracker jacks car it is nearly $200 dollars for a little over a week. What we really need is a mini-van. And boy how I miss our Odyssey. How I loved that van. It was awesome.

I wish that we had it back. I think I will keep looking and maybe we will rent something in a few days. I can't imagine how we can do anything as a family if we can't go anywhere together.

And this is my old Honda Odyssey. Only it wasn't old. The baby in my arms is my 3 year old son (now he's 3) Eddie. I think at that time he was 9 mos old. Man how time flies. But we bought it because between the two of us, dh and I have four children together. That just sounds crazy huh?

Ok, enough about me missing my van. The kids are coming, the kids are coming. Yee-haw! My life needed more spice! So, going to go clean something. Like Alexa's pee. She keeps telling me, "I don't want to wear diapers any-mo." And so I put her in her training underwear. It's a process. One that's still not completed with Eddie.

Gotta run before the big kids arrive!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pictures from today.

Eddie at the play ground.

Alexa looking and acting like a big girl.

Her hair is in a ponytail here, looks a bit like a boy! But still cute!

I think she looks so grown up in this picture.

Out taking a walk.

Seeing some planes.

And this is a shot at how they are sleeping these days. The twin beds in the bedroom are on very tall platform style, with large drawers underneath. Not safe, not for my kiddos.

New digs, 16 days left.

Yesterday we came to the base hotel. Essentially it's like a small apartment. It's really nice for a situation like ours. It has dishes, pots, pans, towels, coffee maker (for dh) and everything that we need. Not to mention wireless interest access. HUGE plus.

It took the kids literally hours to unwind and settle down. They were screaming and running in and out of the bathroom through the kitchen to the living area and then back again to both bedrooms. They hid in the closets, they locked themselves into the bathroom. They got into the beds, they played, they laughed and they climbed into the window frames. A blast was had last night as they explored our new surroundings. Cute, yes but highly obnoxious. The noise level was almost unbearable as I worried that the people occupying the neighboring rooms would complain. My stern demands to stop screaming and running were ignored. As were my dh's.

They did sleep. But somehow I ended up on the pull out sofa bed. Not good. Will work on that tonight. Note to self, no musical beds this evening. Period.

We even went to the grocery store and bought food. But not too much, as we aren't going to be here too much longer. My step-kids are coming in to visit us before we leave. They should be here by Saturday. It will be the last time we see them for a while.

Have to run, kids need to stop fighting.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

20 days, 20 hours and 38 minutes.....

Not that I'm counting or anything. But I'm really starting to get excited. I miss my stuff. I miss having my own room. But what I really miss is having a nice safe place for the kids to bounce off the walls, if they so choose.

We have to re-pack our things. We are basically living out of suitcases. And that's weird. Another weird thing is that I am in love with my laptop. And dh is really putting a crimp in that relationship. As he wants to come in between me and stripe. We are quite close. But just the other day, I got a piece of fantastic and wonderful news. Dh is being issued his own personal laptop, by the government. YAY!! This is beyond awesome. It has wi-fi. ((soooo cool!)) So once dh goes and picks it up, he will then go play on his own computer! lol~

Strange things happen to you once you move, live with your parents, share a room with your children or even run out of Coke products. All of these things can make a person get quite nutty.

So, I don't have much time to post. I need to supervise the munchkins in the other room. The screams are getting quite loud. I'm sure they aren't really hurting each other just yet, but they are irritating one another. And Miss Alexa just spilled large amounts of water all over the tile. That's my cue. Mommy duties need to start.

Speaking of that...... where is dh????????

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My back hurts.

We've been sleeping on a futon that has a sizable indentation on one side. Dh tried sleeping there, but he was complaining that his back hurt too much. Now I'm sleeping there. I think pretty much because women are stronger than men. And we can hang much better. What I mean by that, is to perform everyday tasks with a smile, or even a frown without constantly complaining. Complaining about yourself, and how wounded you are. And how much the world should feel sad because you were the one to sleep in the "hole". But no, I'm not going to complain all day. I will just state a simple fact. My back hurts.

Just a little while ago, Eddie was playing Superman and he ran out of the room only to come back within 1 minute with a bloody knee. Luckily I had just bought a first aid kit with bandaids and neosporin. Ah Spongebob bandaids. They are pretty great. But he was funny afterwards, he's walking like he might have sprained his ankle, or knee. He has a limp now. All because of spongebob.

My kids are as rambunctious today as they are every day. I've been watching them run into the living room, and back through the dining room, and then into the kitchen to find nana and tito(my parents). I think we are going to venture out into the world today. Not that I have big plans, but I'm a little tired of being stuck at the house all day. I'm used to having a car and going somewhere. Every day. I like to be doing things. And not having something to do is kind of out of character for me. I like to be busy. And I miss work too. In a way I wish I was at least going to be able to work down there when we get there. That could give me a break from the chaos.

And right now, in my life, with my two children, there is chaos. I've never seen two more active children. Lovely, amusing, funny, but active. Eddie is refusing naps right now. But on occasion he will wear himself down to the point where he collapses into a deep sleep. Those days are nice. Because when he sleeps, it seems that the world is at peace once again.

I'm a little weary of the days where he is punching his Uncle and deaf to our demands that he quit. I'm weary of his shoving his sister to the point where she falls, gets hurt and cries. It happens way too often. He's a wild child, so yeah, it's nice when he sleeps. I miss Miss Tricia. I miss Eddie going to daycare. He used to sleep there. Every day. And I know he didn't beat the other kids to a pulp. He is very abusive to my brother and I can't figure out why. I just wish he would stop.

So, we have 4 nights left here at my parents house before we move over to the hotel on base. We won't even be able to get our luggage into the car, it won't fit. And I am not sure what we will do when my step-kids get here. That's 2 more bodies. And currently our car is a Volkswagen Jetta.
((Seriously rolling on the floor and laughing about the idea of it)) *sigh* We will cross that bridge when we get to it.

So, my little monkeys are eating Cheerios, and running around the house with plastic spoons pretending to make cheeseburgers for myself and my father. They cost $2 dollars, sometimes $5. All of this is happening while Oliver is playing in the background. Eddie has taken an interest in musicals such as this one and Annie. I think we've seen Annie like 20 times since we've been staying here. I woke up one night singing The sun will come out, tomorrow..........

Time to get dressed. No doubt they will need someone or something to entertain them in a few more minutes when this gets old. It's amazing that I am able to get a shower in everyday.

Can't believe I'm going to another country in 23 days!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Random nonsense from me today.

Eddie watched "The Incredibles" last night for the first time. So of course today, he wanted to watch it again. The problem was that I don't own the movie. Last night it was on t.v. So, I had to ask my sister to borrow her copy.

Today Eddie has been backpedaling further with his refusals to sit on the potty. I'm over it. I want to move to China and leave everyone behind. Will this ever be a done deal???

Alexa refused to sleep during nap time, and Eddie had a pee accident. Which he really hasn't had for quite some time. I guess the Incredibles were just that! It was way too much to think he might tear himself away from the t.v. in order to take himself to the bathroom.

I'm tired. And I can't think straight. Last night we had a bb-q and the food was so yummy. I was just thinking that it will be a long time before we come back and do that all again. The time is getting shorter here. I think we have 27 days left.

So anyway, dh just "out processed" today from the base. We no longer belong here. I think I'm ready to unpack my things already. I don't even know where our stuff technically is.

Ok, enough of my ramblings. Time for Tonka truck fruit snacks. Eddie loves those.
They are actually quite good if you haven't had them before!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Eddie is peeing in the litter.

Yes. It's true. Eddie has been using the litter box. I can't believe I'm typing this, but my son has been going to the bathroom only to use the cat's box. I caught him doing it. And I've noticed that the litter is more wet than usual. And the floor, and the surrounding areas near the litter box as well. Ugh! What will this kid think of next?

I didn't mention either that he has also peed on the carpet too. He's testing out his newfound manhood freedom of peeing while standing up. Oh the joys of being a three year old boy!

He is having some adjustment issues with staying here at Nana and Tito's house. He misses his toys, and he wants to go home. I keep telling him "soon."

I think we are all a bit restless, but we would much rather be here where we have family than in a strange country by ourselves. Soon enough we will be doing just that, living apart from everything that we know.

Eddie doesn't know that it will be fun too. Moving and getting a new house is fun. And having mommy around all the time will be fun. It better be.

Ok, so that's all for now. We are going grocery shopping today, and I need to get ready for some insanity. It's always quite the chore to navigate the store with the kids and their incessant need to touch everything, and attempt to sneak items in the cart.

Ah, now that's fun!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's all new.

A new blog. I paid for my old one. And I honestly didn't get anything out of it. We will try this one out and see how it works. Free can work out much better for me. I like free.

I'm tired, and the kids and even dh are asleep. That's really no surprise there. I'm tired too, but I'm not quite ready for bed. I need to get this blog thing set up, b'c we are moving and I need to have a place to come and write. After all, my paid subscription runs out in August. We should be settled into the new house by then, but it would be good to be already established in my new blog home as well.

So, here it is in all it's brand new shiny-ness! New everything. New life, new home, new country to call home. I can't wait. And Eddie is ready too. He's getting very antsy. Very. He is ready to go now.

I feel for the little guy. Tonight he peed in the cat litter. And he thought that was just awesome. He was quite proud of himself. It was a well thought out idea too. If only you could have seen him. I miss Corona too by the way. For those of you who don't know me well, we've just given our cat over to the renters of our home and are leaving him there for who knows if it might just be two years or even longer. I don't know. Time will tell. But Eddie wants a dog. That I do know. We'll see. I have enough babies and poopies to tend to at the moment. I'm not at all even remotely close to thinking puppy.

Maybe on the return trip. Anyone see San Antonio in the future??? I almost can. Long story. But it's a possibility.

Dude, I'm totally rambling. I must run. Ciao~

Saturday, May 10, 2008


First of all, let me just start by saying that that is not me. Although it may be highly similar to what you might picture once I actually move down south to our new beach front location, it's just not me. Along with the move and the possibility of my second child being potty trained also, the happy leap into the lovely clouds might also be accompanied by a back handspring. Or two.

I'm standing beside myself with sheer pleasure. I never thought that the sight of human excrement could make a grown adult feel so pleased. It is just so much more than that! But as my brother pointed out, it is highly amusing to think about a house full of grown adults grinning and clapping for my now three year old child who has finally grasped the concept. No. Not only grasped the concept, but I do believe he has mastered it. I think I may be a tad premature in saying it, but since he is a smart kid, I think I'm going to go ahead and go out on that limb. By George, I do think he has it. He has just been a little pig headed, stubborn, and basically down right defiant when it comes to moving his bowels. ( isn't that just like a little man for ya?? It has been his own private thing for 3 long years. And he wasn't ready to just flush it down the commode. Not for me, not for balloons or mega block construction trucks with little men (even wearing a hard hat) that sat on top of our refrigerator until just days before the movers came. Nope. No siree bob. But my little guy, the stinker that he is, he really just did not enjoy cleaning his own poop. From his own behind. Yup. Mean mommy that I am, I actually made him get his butt into the bathroom and clean up his own mess.

Now to many of you, the mere thought of that can just be downright horrifying. In fact I was a bit terrified of the possible outcomes. I prepared myself with gloves, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and flushable wipes. Anyway, to spare you the details, he did the deed. And it wasn't as bad as we all know it could have been. He was too afraid to get any of it on his hands, his legs or his feet. He followed this incident up with a bath, and I promptly cleaned everything around the area. He told me that he didn't want to do it again. The next day was when he went on the potty. He took himself. Oh, and he likes his privacy. So we have to crack the door. When he's all finished we get to come and inspect the prize and help clean up. So far I'm one happy momma!

Today he asked for a balloon. I told him I would get him one. Just because it's still all so new. We have about 35 days left for it to really sink in. I know I've read and heard about kids who regress. I'm praying that he really just doesn't. I don't know why. No. That's not true. I don't want to clean up poop in the underwear. That's why. I just hope that he's different. We are moving to another country. We are staying in hotels. We don't have a new house yet. I don't even know what foreign diapers look like, or even how much they cost. But I want at least one of my kids to totally get this. And keep it going. Wish us luck!

And even though this day started off a little rough, it certainly didn't end that way. Like I said, I'm ecstatic!My kid can poop on the potty! What a big thing! It's like he was just born the other day. And then all of a sudden he's walking and now he's pooping on the potty. That's pretty cool!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm homeless and my kids are quite nuts.

I don't formally have a home. Although technically still a homeowner, we do not live there anymore. And I don't have a cat anymore either. That's sad. But I do believe it's in his best interest. And ours. But mostly mine, since all the responsibility of the cat lies on my shoulders. It does make me feel much better to hear that the cat is being well loved. The new "renters" are also cat sitters to my beloved Corona. I don't know if time will change that to new cat parents or not. We will have to wait that out and see if they ask to keep him. They've already hinted at that. Their family has been loving on him so much. I'm happy to hear that. It's much better than worrying about his well being.

So I'm staying with mom and dad. And my kids have lost their minds. Eddie has asked several times to go home. But otherwise, they are both flipping out. It's as if I fed them chocolate cake for breakfast and then set them on fire. They run around this house like it's Christmas morning. And they don't slow down for anything. Or anyone.

I've entered into full potty training mode. And I'm honestly contemplating running out into some traffic. It has been rather maddening. I'm not sure why people have kids anymore. Potty training is the dumbest thing, it's the hardest thing, it's the most infuriating thing on earth. If I could go back and re-give birth, I would trade my epidurals for an "easily potty trainable child". I would willingly suffer the pain that comes with pushing another human being out of your body for the difficulty it is to stand by and watch your child pee on the floor 14 times in one day. I'd gladly feel every single contraction just to know that each one of my children would pee and poop on the potty. I'd love to see just one of them even get the idea of whats going on. Eddie pees pretty well on the potty, and today Alexa created and released a pretty impressive poopy herself. But she however can't seem to catch on to the pee train. I'm so over it, I don't even want to see tomorrow right now.

I'm refusing to go to bed. I don't want to potty train tomorrow. And then everyone who has kids, and those with wisdom who have written books have said, "They will regress when you move." Great, so I'm working so hard for what?? To have them back in diapers when we move?? Alexa is totally potty trainable just because Eddie has been attempting to try for so long. I'm still not sure I can believe that I have a 3 year old. And he won't poop. Nope, just not going to do it.

That's nuts. It's just plain nuts. And really, I just want them to calm down a little. They are so hopped up on life, I can't breathe right. But man, are they cute. I can't give them back. I don't want to, I just would like them to poop on the potty and settle down and take a nap. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is. But a girl can dream right?

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