Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's the weekend!

I'm happy about that, and then I'm not. Sometimes it just means I have to work harder. The kids are here, the husband is here, everybody wants something. And they dirty up the dishes and the kitchen always seems to be such a mess

Today I think we are going to get out and go to Lowe's. Our Realtor told us that we needed to replace the very abused and ugly looking blinds in the front bedroom. She says that it takes away from the "curb appeal" of the house. So, we are going to measure the window and head out. The folks on over at Lowe's were nice enough to mail us a coupon to save $10 off our purchase. That's my kind of deal. Give me a coupon and I'm right there.

Ok, so I'm on my 3rd load of laundry and kid #2 is napping. The world will be a much nicer place if kid #1 will go down as well. If I hide out here in Lacka's room, I think at least I can steal some peace and quiet for a while.

Ed is on litter duty today. And forver as far as I'm concerned. I think he's cleaned it out only a handful of times during 7 years and 7 months. So guess what? It's his turn. And I don't know when it will be my turn again. I'll let you know.

Oh and you know what? I'm mad at Toys r' Us right now. They had an advertised door buster SALE yesterday and my dh went in to buy it. The sale started at 5pm (yes, weird time... I know) But it did, and he showed up at around 6:30 pm to get it. They were sold out. And they wouldn't let me buy it at 4pm when I was there buying some other things. Of course not. But like I said, sold out. It was a self propelled quad ride on toy. Regularly priced at $29.99 marked 50% off at 14.99. I was planning on getting two. But no, toys r' us didn't think to have more on hand. They certainly would have made more money if they did. I'm very disappointed as buying two of any ride on toys are usually expensive. So I was pretty psyched about this sale. I hope that I am able to find something equally as fun for the kids during the next couple of weeks.

I did manage to get some toy shopping out of the way already. And I also bought myself a gift. I'm not done yet. Not by far. I also have my eye on the Nikon D40. I've heard some excellent reviews about this SLR camera and the price is absolutely great on a website I found yesterday. ($439) no tax, no shipping. Doesn't get any better than that does it??

Ok, I better get out of here before my pounding on this keyboard wakes up little miss thang.

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