Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I got nothin'

Except for the fact that I am extremely disturbed. Disturbed that my dh had to come in here and ask me if the milk that I just placed into the cup on the counter for Eddie, was actually for Eddie. Because after all I just told him 15 minutes ago. And since I just finished saying it, I knew he might forget. So I shouldn't be disturbed at all should I? Hmmm.

Oh yeah. And this shopping bit is driving me a little crazy. I'm in full swing now and I'm eyeballing all of the sales and planning my next few days. Well in doing some shopping already, I have found a few things on sale at one store and on an even better sale at another store. Well, to save $20 bucks I am going to have to take a few things back to store #1. Not really fun, but it's all about saving money here. And then I come across things that I really want to get, but hesitate. Should I? Do they have too much? Should I not? Dh would vote for a no. But that's just him. He's not going to be home all day long with them.

Anyway. I'm planning to head out for Black Friday. And I'm not sure where I'm going. There are a few electronics gadgets that we could use. Like a 22 inch flat screen monitor. Super nice! Well..... I hate to blog and run, but I know dh wants to talk with me about our move. It's seeming more and more real. After our initial letdown, it looks like things are progressing in the "exit" mode for us. We'll see. Post more tomorrow. I think.

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