Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Every day is an adventure.

With children, you never know what to expect. And surely you can't be dumb enough to think you'll get the same thing as yesterday. Nope. No way. Ain't gonna happen. Because as human beings go, children are the most unique and defiant creatures on the planet. So as a new day dawns, you are certain to find new things that they are testing you with. Like for instance, how long can I cry in the car before mommy starts screaming too. Or how many times can I spit before mommy yells at me.

Just this afternoon my son was throwing quite the act. He cried and cried and kicked his feet. Why you ask? Well, he wanted to go to a "rest'ah-ont"...... "rest'ah-ont".........."rest'ah'ont". And then he'd scream and kick and tears flowed down the sides of his cheeks. It almost looked sad. Except that it didn't. Simply because I never told him we were going to a restaurant. I don't know where he got that idea at all. Maybe he thought that today was a good day to just get out and go. Have a little someone else make us dinner and serve us, and forget the dishes. And sometimes I'm all game for that too. Shoot, if he were paying I'd be all for it. But since I'm still the mommy and make all the rules and yes, I'm still wiping his butt. No restaurant. Not today. So he cried. And cried. And cried. Oh I don't even know for how long. But he got over it. As they often do. And then he went on to talk about his shoes and socks and the trucks passing us by and what did they have in there, and where were they going?

Ah..... children. This evening Eddie found his way into my father's insulin case. He sat there, unzipped the case, took out the pen and took off the cap. He was playing with it when my brother rounded the corner to see what he was doing. Of course this isn't an appropriate toy for any child. A trip to the ER is not something I had on my agenda for the evening. And thankfully it didn't come to that. But certainly a self administered injection would have taken him there, and quickly. I curtly handed over the case to my father. I asked him to keep this out of his reach. Children just don't know what can hurt them. A seemingly harmless pen could certainly change all of our lives. I don't even want to think about it.

So, moving right along. My dh got some news today. In a blog I posted about a week ago, I mentioned that our South American rendezvous was not going to happen. In an email my dh received today, and as my inner psychic already predicted, our trip is back on. Although initially rejected for this special assignment, he was informed today that they reconsidered him based on information that they did not have. Or maybe they had, but failed to look at. Any way they were wrong to decline his request for this job. In fact, he is perfect for it. "Perfecto!"!! I think I get to start learning my Spanish after all. I know his mom will be proud!

So, anyone want to buy my house? We'll throw in a carpet allowance! And we will replace the blinds. Honest, it looks great otherwise!

Now, my countdown in the good ole U.S. of A. is looking pretty short. Very short. I have so much to do. We have so much to do! I need to talk it over with dh. Eddie needs to go to bed so I can talk it over with dh. And he needs to stay there. He woke up once last night. And amazingly, dh was the one to get up with him. And he stayed put. Crossing my fingers that he stays in there tonight. Yeah, and I need to go watch Private Practice. And then Life. Those two are my regulars now. Gotta run~ I have some laundry to tend to. (((And seriously, when don't I?)))

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