Thursday, November 29, 2007

Don't try to write and be mommy at the same time.

It's either one or the other. Period. I've been trying for 30 minutes to make a coherent sentence. But the only thing that comes to mind is, "Lord please make these kids stop fighting over who gets to repeatedly open and shut the door." No lie. They are screaming. And crying. Because Lacka wants to open and close the door. And Eddie wants her to stop, and then he wants to do it. ARGHH!!!! And then she is just crying. And then Eddie is just screaming and jumping around like a little lunatic. Oh and get this... He just jumped, yes basically jumped into my lap and said that (and I quote) " I want jump on your boo-tay!!" I'm like, "???" What did he just say??? And I asked him what he meant, and he said something to the fact that he has a boo-tay. I asked him where it was at. He said, "It's in my butt."

Oh geesh. These kids have me rolling and steaming at the same time. They can't get along to save my life, yet they are the best of buds in the next minute. Tonight my dh informed me that he is going to go on nights soon. As soon as next week. And let the good times roll! Because honestly, I can't think of anything better. I can't wait for my husband to go in to work at 10 or 11 in the morning, only to come home 10,11, or 12 hours later. Because at that time, all of the chaos of my life will have passed. He will come home to a peace and quiet house. And easily climb into bed, where I will no doubt be hiding an ice pick.

And I get to do all the work. Kind of like now, but he has an excuse. Work. It's legitimate right? Well, so is purchasing a Nikon D40. And anything else I please. Because it gets me through the day or night, or both. Now the little boogers are running around with diaper wipes in their mouth. Good, I hope it tires them out. And I'm not afraid of putting it on credit. Why? Because although racking up a tremendous bill is probably the wrong thing to do, it can, at times keep the peace. And peace needs to be kept.

So, I will be going through some fun times in the very near future. And there is the distinct possibility that our house may not sell. But I'm not really wanting to think about that at this time. So, I will just share a few pics I took this evening. After the kids had their pre-dinner meltdown, they were kind of cute. But not at all before hand. They act like starving rats right before they eat. They try like mad to get into anything that resembles cookies or cakes and anything in the pantry that has a yummy looking picture on the front of the can or box. They just act like they've never been fed, and dinner couldn't possibly be in 20 more minutes. That's like a lifetime away. And lord help me now, they are screaming again. Both of them. For what? I couldn't honestly say. Maybe they don't like the lack of overhead lighting in this room. Maybe they are tired and are otherwise unable to articulate this. Maybe they want to make my head spin around in circles, like on rare occasions it does. I don't know.

Calgon, take me away!

ok so here they are: Alexa eating yogurt, yes it is all over her face!

And Eddie riding a firetruck (so he says). His hair is crazy messy b'c he put yogurt in it! And the shirt has dinner on it. I don't normally let him run around that dirty, but hey... we are at home!

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