Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let's see how fast I can blog.

Normally, I like to think and think and edit and spell check and paste cute pictures when I blog. And most times this can be very time consuming. I wish I could just not think too much and just blog whatever might happen to pop into my mind. I'm going to try that tonight.

Today while I was at the mall, I purchased a cute pair of heels. The original price was 120.00 dollars. There is no way, ever that I would have paid that much for a pair of shoes. But honestly, when I tell you that they were about 70% off and then an additional 40% off today, it should make you gasp when I say that their price out the door was 20 bucks. I love them. I didn't take a picture of them, but I love them. Sorry, that's what happens when you blog from the cuff. I'm just going with the flow.

So when I get home, I try on my shoes. Er. Um. Pff. Oh no. The left one doesn't fit. Please, oh please oh please don't tell me..... I pick up the shoe and turn it over. Size 8. CRAP!! I don't wear a size 8. Nope. Close, but no cigar. Silly me. I only tried on the right shoe in the store. It was a perfect size 8 1/2. Now. What are the chances that there is another one just laying around? About slim to none.

You know what happened right? One of those weird people with the longer foot that the other, stole my size 8 1/2 and left me the smaller one. There wasn't another pair to be found. I wept right there on the spot. It's a shame. And you know how many people in shoe stores ring you up and check the sizes right? They all usually do. Well not today sister. It didn't happen. We could have nipped this in the bud. But noooo, they weren't entirely efficient today. Now I have to go back and return the shoes. I am quite certain I won't find the missing shoe. Or even another size 8 1/2, they were really cute shoes.

OK. I'm blogging, but I have to cut my time short. You see, I have a head full of chemicals that I haphazardly threw up on my strands in attempts to brighten up the place up there. Oh yeah, and the greys are coming in too. I'm cursed with those. Yes. Sadly. But I deal. So I buy a box every now and again and go to town.

Not wanting to frighten my children, I waited until they were sleeping this time. Last time when I colored my hair, I think I may have scarred them for life. It's not a pretty site you see, me and all this chemically goopy goop and stuff up there. Oh and it smells pretty strong too. Even the cat won't get near me. But you gotta do what you gotta do. The dh is coming to town and I can't have him seeing me looking all OLD and stuff.

So, just wanted to express myself. Wanted to blog, wanted to vent a bit about the shoes. Although I don't think that this situation will be rectified unless I buy something new, cute, or even better to replace it. So off I go, I shall let you know if I succeed. I have to at least try.

Time to rinse. Ciao peeps~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm not into sharing.

So, I'm sitting in my bed eating a salad.

What?? You don't eat in your bed?

hmmm... Yeah. You're probably right. Eating in bed is not the best idea. For starters, there is a strong possibility that there is a 32inch flat screen in front of your face. Next thing you know it, you are watching reruns of Greys Anatomy, and you have a bedside fridge (filled with junk)on your nightstand. A few salads, cheetohs, a box of ho-hos and two months you've gained 50 lbs. I can see how this does not bode well. Maybe I'll rethink the food in bed thing.

But for now, let's just go with it shall we? Nobody's perfect. I check the fridge for snacks, scraps, food, anything really. The state of the lettuce was what grabbed my attention. I saw that it had a sad little droop going on. It still looked ever so edible, but I knew that it's time was near. I snagged it from the container. Of course the tomatoes looked deliciously plump and vibrant. I could feel my mouth watering. I perused the selection of dressings on the shelf. Of course I could have chosen a healthier option, like vinaigrette something or other. Tcchsss. Um. No. This momma reached for the Hidden Valley Ranch. Indeed I did. I also dug around and found a chunk of feta cheese. For one, that stinky cheese absolutely rocks a salad let me tell you. And two, if you've been around these parts (meaning my blog) then you know that I was unable to procure a block, much less a few crumbles of feta cheese in Santiago. It just couldn't be done.

So I tossed up this salad concoction and headed off. Because I felt I could eat in privacy? No, no no. Silly woman, there is no such thing when you have little children following you around like puppies. At first I was ok. Really, I was safe. You see, they were engaged, enthralled with "The Gummy Bear" song on youtube. My mother was playing it for them. I watched a little. But we had headed to the room and said our goodnights. Well, it wasn't my bedtime, but the kids' bedtime. So they were going to sleep. And then Miss Alexa peeks into the bowl, and smiles. "Mmmmm, i wahn summ mommy, gimmmee summ." I looked first to her, then to my son. I thought for approximately 2.2 seconds. If I gave her a bite, then she would know how incredibly yummy it was and she would want another bite. What's worse is that thing #2 would think he was missing out and would only want some because she was having some, and then he too would realize it was the bomb salad and after 3 or 4 bites it would all be gone. And I would be left with nothing. hmpf. I said no. Get in bed. Mommy loves you. Mwah!

Evil laughter........... bwah ha ha ha ha, bwah ha ha ha! The salad is mine, mine all mine!!!!

Ok. I feel bad. Sort of. Kind of? A little bit? No. Not really. At all. It was MYYY salad. Can't I ever have anything that's just mine? Ever again? Geesh. Am I supposed to share everything? It's not like they haven't been fed. Or didn't get their appropriate snacks for the day. And they had just drank their night time cup of milk. And the girl wants to eat my salad? Look, mommy has to draw the line somewhere. Tonight, it was my salad.

For the record, I have and do share with my kiddos. (on most days)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Blog again, that is. I've been so blah about blogging lately. I mean, ya know. I am being both a mommy and a daddy to my kiddos. So my time is not spent on the computer lately. Or shall I say much. But we are on the countdown to return to Chile.

My husband is coming here in March and he has about a weeks worth of meetings to attend to. Once completed, we will be having some much needed family time, vacation plans also that I am currently working on. And we will be staying once again at the hotel on base. So I'm really excited about that. The kids and I have essentially been "camping out" in my parents house for the past several months. Honestly I don't mind, it's been a real joy to even be here at all and close to my family. But it will be nice to have a little space once again. I am so blessed and so very thankful to them for even allowing me this time in their home. We have had so much fun here. And I know my kids have had the best time. They have bonded with my family even more, and my parents have had the immense pleasure of waking up to little people once again. I know that it puts a smile on their faces.

So, while I haven't been blogging, I've been holding my breath. I am even scared to type these words. As I do, I feel that I am tempting fate. The minute I write out the very thing that brings me great happiness, I worry that it will all come crashing down on me tomorrow in one fell swoop. My son could decide that tomorrow is his day to rip the carpet from beneath me, to scream "PSYCH!" and laugh hysterically and tell me it was all a joke. You see, ever since January 2007 when my son first started showing signs of interest in potty training, it has been an uphill battle. One long harrowing experience. Dare I even think the words. Dare I even type them out??

My son, who in 8 short weeks will celebrate his 4th birthday is displaying signs of a fully potty trained child. ((gasp.)) I know. I know. Completely unbelievable. For any mom of a difficult to train child knows, this day is a most momentous one. One which brings tears of sheer joy to my eyes. It has been one FULL month. I have not had to clean up any messes on his behalf. I don't care if he can't wipe yet, it matters not. The. Boy. Is. Pooping. I feel like screaming from our short mountain tops. (I once thought they were pretty impressive. And then I went to South America and witnessed the Andes Mountain range. Beautiful.) I feel proud. My boy is pooping on the potty.

As I grin largely, I turn my attention to the gravely defiant and tenacious princess who adores Tonka trucks. Next. Lord, please look kindly on me in this journey to toilet happiness and freedom from pull-ups.

Oh, and I'm not sure I mentioned anything about this, but I had the other two wisdom teeth surgically removed from my head the Friday before last. All is well and I am healing up nicely. I now have no remaining wisdom teeth lurking around to cause me distress in my later years.

OK, since I've been otherwise engaged lately, I am going to share some pics that have been taken recently of my kiddos.

Here are the stinkers:

Friday, February 6, 2009

6 weeks.

I spoke to my husband tonight through his ipod touch. Ain't technology the best? He was at a Casino in Antofagasta, Chile. What was he doing there in the casino? Losing eight bucks. He's not big on gambling, thank the Lord for that.

I think I might actually want to go to a casino too if I had to stay in the accommodations that he has been in. The Chilean Air base has him rooming in with another person. I think they are more interested in saving money than their airmen's privacy. So when in Rome....
The rooms don't have tvs in them, and they do not even have a single clock. The beds are about the size of a twin, and are pretty dated. They have wood slats in them that support the mattress. On each of his trips to Antofagasta, he has fallen through the bed. I'm so not kidding. Dh has been bored a lot. Especially since they are closing the base early due to personnel being out on leave. It's the summer time still, and people take vacation right about now, when the weather is the best.

Dh returns home to Santiago tomorrow. I'm glad. His mother is coming for a visit and should be arriving on Monday. She will be staying for 6 weeks. And when she leaves, he is heading here to Tucson for a conference. Yay! I'm so excited, the kids are going to be so excited. They ask for their daddy every single day. I feel bad for them, and I know it's hard on them. But they will see him soon.

So, in 6 short weeks, we will be together again. This is a good thing. A very good thing! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fireproof. See it.

I think the very first recommendation for this movie came from my brother. It came again from some of my dearest friends through an email. Fireproof was released on DVD at the end of January. I knew I didn't want to just rent it. So I bought it. And I am so glad that I did. I am going to share it with my husband when I get back to Chile. I think he will like it just as much as I have.

I am blogging about it because I truly believe in it. Everything that this movie has to say. It's right on. I think that if you have a husband, wife or are engaged, you too should be watching this movie. Sadly, in our country, there is an extremely high divorce rate. Marriages seem to be failing more and more, and it seems that people do not value marriage as they should.

Perhaps if they watched this movie, it might make them think a little harder. It might make them believe in fighting a little more. It really is worth it.

Oh, and to top it off, it stars Kirk Cameron, my all time love as I was growing up. I will never forget him in Growing Pains. I think I watched every single episode.

Do your marriage a favor, and go rent this movie.