Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can you guess this movie line???

Speaking of my last blog title, I kept hearing these words:

"Just a walk in the park Kazansky."

Anyone??? can someone name that movie?? It's from 1986. Ok, let me give you just one more line to see if you can guess. "That's a negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full.'You see, on an occasion or two my dear brother and I have been know to spout out movie lines. To each other, to neighbors, to strangers and mostly our families. Many times people just look at us like we just spit out a three day old Krispy Kreme donut. People get that strange and confused look on their faces. We may as well be speaking gibberish. Whatever gibberish truly is. We absolutely don't make sense to others when we do this. As often times the line we just threw out there was from a movie in the '80's. Why do we do this? I'm not absolutely certain.

Maybe it's to see if the other one knows what we are talking about. So, sometimes yes. Sometimes no. One of our personal favorites involves a Cowboy and a convict. My dh saw that movie on a shelf at Best Buy and said that they should just be giving that movie away for free. I'm thinking he wasn't too fond of it. And seriously, we watched that movie so many times when we were kids that it just sticks. We say stuff from that one all the time. For example:her~"You a real cowboy? him~Well that depends on what you think a real cowboy is?" her~"Know how to do two step? him~You bet. her~ Wanna prove it?"1980.

Ok, so I came to blog, and I did it. I've accomplished my daily blogging quota. My bloggers brain works kind of slowly on the weekend it would seem. All of the kiddie and daddy issues kind of leave computer time to the back burner. You see those 3 can dirty up every dish in the house if I'm not watching too closely. I have to monitor the cup usage as well. Eddie tends to use like 5 or more in one day. Simply because he can. He's pretty tall and can reach the dish drainer and every clean one I put up there is fair game for him to use. Mine, Alexa's, daddy's, it doesn't matter. And he loves to self fill with the easily accessible water and ice dispenser on the fridge. I wish I had one that I could shut off. After he uses his cup for water, he then throws it out into the living room. Full of water and ice. Yes. Constantly. Every day, I pick up 3 or 4 cups from the living room. And I clean up several puddles amongst the carpet. Thank goodness we aren't in Florida. We'd have a serious mold issue by now. And after I clean up those cups, I have to deal with the ones he leaves on the counter. He's pretty proud of himself when he puts those up there. I just can't get him to stop throwing the other ones into the living room. Is he 3 yet? I'm hoping he will grow out of this terrible two stage. It's pretty terrible. If you don't believe me, come on over to our house and hang out for 10 minutes. I hope he behaves when we have guests over. lol~ I guess we shall see.

If you can guess those movie titles, leave me a comment! Surely someone out there has to know!

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