Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This morning.

I was on the phone with American Airlines checking on escape routes flights to the states. So for some unknown reason, and I know you other moms know this too, the kids seem to go berserk the minute you lift the receiver from it's cradle. They cannot contain themselves. They scream, they run. They bounce off the bed and onto the floor. It's noisy, when only moments before the phone call, it was somewhat calm. Somewhat.

So I gave the kids a pen and some paper. Only I didn't have another pen at the moment, and gave Eddie a marker. This is what he did during my 5 minute conversation. Notice the design he added to his jammies.

He actually colored all over his jammie bottoms too. But I didn't notice until after I took these pictures. It might not have photographed well since the pants are so dark anyway.

After our fun with markers, he jumped off the bed and landed on a ball, which he bounced off of and fell backwards where he bit down on his lower lip. Screaming began immediately and when I helped to pick him up, the blood was already running down his chin.

For those of you who know me, know us, then you know what a terrible panic this sent me into. To those of you who don't, I will just shorten the story and share this with you. When Eddie was 14 months old, he was running in the house and fell on a cardboard poster holder, which he was holding in his mouth. He knocked out a tooth. Root and all. What a horrible experience to have your little baby lose a tooth like that. Right after he just got that one in too. But we lived. And there are worse things. Much worse. But seeing the blood run down his face this morning just sent chills down my spine. I swooped him up and rushed him off to tend to him. He is fine. The crying has ended and he just has a cut lower lip.

So before all the drama, I was trying to find out how much it might cost me to go visit my family. Is it sad that I've only been here 3 months 2 weeks and 1 day, and I already want to go back? Well, the flights that I have found are astronomical in price. Really. I'm being quoted around $6000 for me and the two kids to go. Since Miss Alexa just turned two, she is no longer free. Bites.

I think though, that I may have figured out a way to get the price down. We have those air miles, you know with AA everytime you fly. Only, we don't have a whole lot of them. But we could actually purchase more miles to qualify for the trip. And that would cut the total price of the tickets literally in half. So right now we are looking at around $3000 total. Still. That's kind of high. But a lot better. I also have a reward for an airline ticket worth $225 from my credit card. So that makes the price even better. OK. I'm going to go see if I can research some more before I tell dh how much I want to spend.

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Chelle said...

So sorry airfare is so expensive for you, hon! We would take the rotator from Turkey...is that possible for y'all to take?

Eddie looks so sad in those pics with the marker all over the place, lol! And sorry about the busted lip :( That's not fun at all.

Keep us posted on your tix home!

Mama Smurf said...

Parenting tip #9253: Never, never, NEVER give a child a marker!

You're welcome!

My daughter just 3 days ago picked up a BLACK sharpie marker and started writing her alphabet on a piece of paper.

Was she writing on the table?


She was doing this on the arm of my couch and the sharpie bled through the paper and onto the fabric of the couch!

Oh yes she did!

So now we have a lovely alphabet learning tool written right onto my couch.

Kat said...

When my oldest was two, I left her "alone" so I could take a shower. And she proceeded to color herself with a black sharpie. And crowned herself Tigger. Do you know how long Sharpies take to wear off? Long time....

Good luck with your airline tickets. I am trying to plan a trip myself. And was complaining about the possibility of a $700 ticket. That is so not happening...

Susan said...

Wow, he managed some serious "art" in five minutes. Austin actually tells me to get off the phone.

Airfare is ridiculous right now. We are supposed to go to Florida for Christmas and the best airfare I can find so far is $1000. I can't imagine the sticker shock you got though! Ouch! I sure hope it works out for you.

Steph said...

how do you buy air miles?

Anonymous said...

My poor Eddie! OUCHIE!!!!

He is a good artist.. like the painted toenails!!! lol

Keep working on your airline tickets... we miss you!

Love ya
Your Sis

Anonymous said...

I have three things to say...

1. If it's cheaper to come to see me...you've got a place to say!

2. I love the art work!

3. Tag! You're it! :)


Hope you will play!

Caitlin said...

AWWWW! Poor Eddie...Give him a hug for me!!

Crazy boy! Like the war paint(marker) on his face! Also like the painted toes too!

Love ya,

Casey said...

Again, I feel your pain! Tickets from here are around 1000, but somehow I have managed to pay between 300 and 700 each time. I am so ready to go home again! I would make sure you sign up for all the airlines' emails. Be on the look out for a deal. Also, find a good travel agent who will watch for you too. Then, whenever you find something less than 3000 buy it right then! I also have saved by flying at odd times. Last year I left on the 11th of December and returned the day after Xmas and it was only 300 bucks. Don't forget to ask for the military discount! Good luck!

Shannon said...

The pics are too funny! Love his painted toenails! LOL