Friday, September 12, 2008

Doesn't this face just scream mischief?

I told him to strike a pose, and this is what he gives me. And then in an instant he flew off the bed and onto the floor in a crouched position. He claims that he is spider man. I don't know where all of this has been coming from. We don't own any Spider Man movies and haven't seen any in a while.

And would you look at all of that hair? It's super long now, and when it's wet it comes down probably 4 inches past her shoulder blades. Not that you can tell here.

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Dawn said...

They are so cute! And yes, I instantly thought of Spiderman when I saw the first pose. Spiderman with a touch of mischief...yes!

Ashley said...

So adorable! And I love all that hair!!!

Kat said...

I always wonder at how our kids know the things that they do. My daughter today was asking me what a psychiatrist does vs. a psychologist. I asked her how she even heard of these and she says she doesn't know.

Or a friend of mine likes to think she lives in a no violent toys zone. But her sons will still make a gun out of their toast in the morning.

Why? who knows...

Susan said...

That is the perfect title. He looks like quite a ham.
I love that hair. I would take any hair on Mia at this point. She still has mostly fuzz.

Steph said...

so dang cute!!! how old are they?

Anonymous said...

Love our babies!
She is soo pretty!

Love that boy!

Your Sis!

THopgood said...

Beautiful! Who did your kids get all that curly hair from? Love it!

Steph T. said...

They are so adorable! I love seeing them smiling all the time, it is precious!

Additionally, I've been slow at bloggin lately too, but I'm glad you got in some reading...and oh the series! If you need anyone to visit with BabyAm is the one, she too is in love and will just go on and on if you let her. :)

I have read all my favorite authors books, and am having a lul right now...sad, very very sad.

Buenas Noches mi amiga!

Donna-chelle said...

I have that exact same crazy hair! Whatever you do, keep "no more tears" on hand (or something like it). Oh, and please don't do like what my mom did when it was time for me to start kindergarten...she had the locks that were down to my butt, cut short...AND GAVE ME A 'FRO! If I could round up some of those pics, I would share just for the laughs!!!

Seriously, the weight of the hair is a much better thing. I now call it "keeping it contained" when I wear a ponytail. I'm also known as BH...big hair. People will be envious of your daughter's hair. Just remind them that the plumbing bill goes up from cleaning drains. HEHEHEHEHE!

I bet some little boy in Eddie's school is hooked on Spidey. They may not habla well together, but kids totally can relate via movies!

RhondaLue said...

You have two BEAUTIFUL kiddos!

I have a newly turned 4 yr old that still scales the curtains and towel rods in the bathroom..He's killin' me cuz I gotta keep replacing them. But he really thinks He IS spiderman! gotta love lil boys!