Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Grey's.

So today is the premiere for Grey's Anatomy season 5. And I am conveniently not in the United States to watch it. Yes, I'm addicted to it. Yes, I've been so looking forward to it. I was even quite certain I would be able to watch the full length episodes on Wrong! I get a lovely ERROR message that informs me that you can only stream the videos from computers within the United States. Well, that sucks. That's un-American! I have rights!

So. I've been scouring the net for other TV sites that show full length videos. I have found a few. But also just as many that will not allow me to watch videos, as I am out of the country. Then I found some that might let me watch. The only problem I am having now is that while I type this blog post, the show is currently in process. So no matter what, I don't think I can download it until it's over. Right? I don't know. I think I will try again tomorrow.

Today I went and registered for Spanish classes. It's official. I'm going to be educated. They've taken our money. I'm looking forward to it though. It gets me out of the apartment, and it's a kid free several hours. So I'm game.

And for a potty training update, my girl has been accident free today also. As an added bonus, she took herself to the potty and proceeded to do #2 all by herself. She didn't complain, she didn't refuse, she didn't hold it in. She went to her potty, and did her business. The funny part was, she didn't even tell me. But I smelled something. So I checked her. She was fine. Clean even. If you can believe that! But I kept smelling something not so fresh, if you know what I mean. Finally, I get up to look for the source. And lo and behold, I see a huge present that she left in her potty. She was so pleased with herself. She smiled very big and said, "Mommy, I did pee-pee!"

I almost fell over in shock. Mostly because I am still bribing my 3 year old son to go on a regular basis in the toilet. I can't believe that she did it without any problems. I wanted to cry. Well, not really. But I was very happy. She's been in big girl underwear and accident free for 3 days. She got mad and screamed even when I put her in a pull up for nap time. Let's just hope this trend keeps up!

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Susan said...

Yay Alexa!!! It sounds like she's got it down. I hope for your sake that it will continue.

As for the Grey's thing, that totally sucks. If I had a way to tape it for you I would send them down occasionally so that you could catch up. I hope you manage to find a way to watch it.

Chelle said...

Ohh...I remember being in Turkey and missing all of my favorite shows :( I know you can sometimes go on Amazon and iTunes...but you may have to pay? Not sure...wish I would send them to you!

And yay Alexa!!! What a big girl! I am so proud of her and happy for you that she is doing so well!!

Shannon said...

ACK! That totally sucks about Grey's! :( Hope you can somehow find a way to watch it online...

Way to go, Alexa!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about Grey's!! boo

I wish there was something for you to be able to watch!!

WAY TO GO LACKA!!! I can't believe it!!!

I miss a day talking to you and look at what she goes and does!!

Yes, we hope it keeps up.. sounds like she's getting it!!!

Your Sis

Steph T. said...

WOW!!!!!!! Ding Ding Ding, sounds like you have a WINNER! :)

I am so excited for you! About the whole Potty thing...and proud of Alexa.

Now, I'm absolutely JEALOUS of the spanish classes! Anytime you want to chit chat, I can give you BabyAm's email...she'll write to you! And she'd love it!

Greys...that sucks!

Casey said...

Oh girl! saves our lives every week! We have AFN, but they won't start the new seasons until March. Yuck.

Anyways, go to, type in your show, and then scroll down. We haven't watched the premiere of Grey's yet, hopefull tonight. But that's how I watch Army Wives and Project Runway.

It is so stupid that an American serving their country can't watch the shows on the network website. Dumb!

PS- I tune is charging 6 stinking dollars for the Grey's premiere!