Thursday, July 17, 2008

You want to know what I did?

For the very first time ever, I cut my son's hair! Before I left the states, I bought myself a nice pair of cutting shears, and borrowed my mom's kid sized hair cutting apron. I had big plans to cut Eddie's hair. Why? Because I can. And I figured that it might be less painful than trying to tell someone in English who only speaks Spanish, how I want his hair to be cut. I figured I would spare myself the agony. I'm not yet fluent.

So, I got out my scissors and the apron and took the kid into the bathroom. I cut and cut. Man is it hard to cut hair on a child! For those of you out there who know this personally, you know what I'm talking about. (wink wink at my mom)

Well, even if I do say so myself, the kiddo looks rather handsome! I think I actually did a good job! I don't own a trimmer, so that might have shaped up the edges and the bottom a bit better. But I still say it looks pretty good.

After the work was done, I got out the camera to document my first hair cut.

Here is Mr. Personality himself. This was a couple of days ago. You can see how long his hair is.

And here he is after the cut. I was trying to get him to be natural. Yeah, you try telling that to my kid.

Same kid. Just all kinds of cheesy happy! Cute cut, no?

I can't even explain this photo, except to say that he is all boy. I ask him to smile and look nice for the camera and this is what he does. {{mommy totally rolling her eyes with this one}} And by the way, it landed on his arm. He's only 3, he hasn't learned how to suck it back in. Yet. {{Side note to my mother: Yes, that is spit.}}
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Dorky Dad said...

Wow. If I tried cutting my boy's hair, he wouldn't look like that. Specifically, there'd be no hair. Or ears. And I'd probably have lost a limb or two myself.

PatmanTucson said...

That's my boy!! You did a good job on the little man's hair.

-Uncle Pat

Anonymous said...

Awwww. What a Handsome boy!! You did good Sis!!! I love the pics! He is such a cheesy ham!!!

We miss him lots! LOL

BTW, LOVE the quotes of the day!!
How funny!!! Man socks!!! ROFL
We have beebo... hmmm beego?? LOL


Anonymous said...

Simply marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvelous darling! Great job :)

THopgood said...

Great Job! You're a brave woman! What adorable kids you have!

I just have to say that I've spent the last 30 or 40 minutes reading your blog and what a great read it have a fascinating life! Chile! WOW!

Right to my blog roll you go!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you did a fabulous job! My little munchkin needs a haircut -- fancy taking a try at his locks too?

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Great job on that haircut. You make me want to attempt to cut my boy's hair. I am certain I could at least do as well as the women down at Supercuts.

Chelle said...

You did a great job! And from the looks of it he likes it, too :)

Merrie said...

HA! Great job, there! I cut my son's and my husband's hair, so I understand the pressure of wanting to get it right!