Saturday, July 26, 2008

our to do list...

Get mad at breakfast time. Throw food onto the floor. Spit on mommy. (Alexa) please keep in mind that we go "up" to breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

When returning from breakfast, let's try to wake up the other guests. Run up and down hallway screaming like we are being chased by dogs. (both)

Stare, point and laugh at the window-washing man. Say, "I can see you. Hi. What are you doing out there?" Over and over again, and laugh hysterically. (both)

Throw all the linens from the bed to the floor. When mommy picks them up, do it again. (Eddie)

Ditto for the pillows on the couch. (both)

Use yogurt to cover the entire glass top table. Then, lick it off. (both)

Tell mommy we want ketchup with our chicken. Then change our minds. And then do it again. (Eddie, then Alexa)

Play fight with older/younger sibling. (both)

Then scream like mad when it turns into a real fight, rolling all over the floor.

Ask 10 times if we are going to new friend Asher's house. (Alexa)

Refuse to take a nap. Also scream loudly enough to wake younger sister who actually is napping. (Eddie)

Make play-doh balls on the table and then throw them on the floor when done. (both)

When entering the elevator, make sure to push all the buttons so that the elevator stops on every floor all the way down. (Alexa)

Ensure mommy gives us a bath tonight, get really dirty. (both)

Love, love, loooove bathtime!

I tell Eddie that I am going to let daddy know that they were misbehaving today.

Feel clean and happy when bathed. Act like Angels when daddy comes home (hotel-home).

Fall promptly to sleep two hours earlier than normal. Wiped out. (Eddie)

Fall asleep one hour earlier than normal. (Alexa)

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amanda said...

oh how i love bath pictures!!

sooo fun and sooo silly :)

Chelle said...

That last picture is hilarious! His expression is priceless :)
Don't you love when Daddy gets home and you've already told him how long your day was but then they are well behaved and happy? Funny how things happen like that :)

Mamasphere said...

You have your hands full with those two! But it sounds like they are having tons of fun (even if it's at your expense)!

Carol said...

The bath pics are too cute!

Only 3 more weeks to go now huh? I am now counting down with you. You survived another week!! Yay!