Monday, July 14, 2008

Daddy went back to work.

So my day started off much like any other, except for the fact that dh had to leave us today. He started his job. Yes. He has been off since about the end of May. And if you don't really know us, then let me tell you. Even I think that he deserved this break. He used to work such long and hard hours. He would leave the house at 6 maybe 6:30. And I wouldn't see him again until nearly 7 pm, and so many days it was a lot later than that. Some months they would require that he work a mid shift (of sorts) and he would go in at 10 am and then I wouldn't see him again until midnight. Oh and he also got to enjoy working on the weekends too. But not always.

That really stunk for me. I missed my dh, and he was a big fat zero in the helping department. No help for dinner, baths or getting the kids to bed. Forget morning times, he was totally exhausted from his job. So mainly, I had to do a lot of work. It has been nice having him around more. But our focus has been a little bit blurred with all of the details that this overseas move has piled upon us.

We are in a hotel. We have two small kids. Uprooted from their routines and everything that they know. We have a potty training son, who has skidded into the depths of regression. We are scouring every available listing and have sought the help of at least 8 Realtors in our search for a new home. We have seen 25 houses and about 8 apartments. (Also as a sidebar, I wanted to throw in there that there is no MLS system like in the states. Each listing can only be shown by the realtor who is signed up with the owner. And each owner can list it with more than one realtor. Fun, eh?)

So, while it's been nice to have dh here with the family, we have been busy. And the kids are ready for their toys back. Eddie asks about them every day. He tells me some days that he doesn't want to live here in this hotel anymore. And then he asks when the movers are coming.

Well folks, I have some news. We found a place. It's an apartment. And although I wasn't exactly excited about the possibility of us living in an apartment, it grew on me. After making lists and weighing out the pros and cons, it grew on me a lot more. And it grew on me so much that I am actually excited about it. Let's take this one con: gas prices are at 660 per liter. And it takes 3.78 liters to make a gallon. That comes out to 2494.80 pesos. Let's use the exchange rate of $1 USD for 500 pesos (although it changes every day). And then that works out to be: $4.98 for 1 gallon of gas. $80 dollars to fill up your gas tank will make you rethink where you want to live. Especially when you are about to choose a place that is very far away from everything. You just don't want to do that.

So. Our apartment is centrally located. And it's within walking distance to the mall, and one of the nicest grocery stores ever! So I'm pretty excited about that. There is a military bus that picks up the Chilean military people about 1 mile down the road from where we will be living. And dh can ride that bus. Pretty cool that he wouldn't even have to drive. And as for me, I don't think I've mentioned anything before about it, but driving is a scary prospect here. And I am not looking forward to it. A taxi driver nearly crashed us into some parked cars. And everyone drives like they are racing. Yet the traffic is thick and people jam and cram their cars into every available inch of road that exists. All the cars are small, so it's pretty strange to see 4 cars jammed into what should be two lanes. Forget rules. There are no rules. Or maybe there are, but nobody cares. Just as long as you aren't crashing into anybody, it seems that anything goes. People stop their cars in the streets. Taxi's will stop anywhere too. So don't follow too closely!
OK, that's about all I have to say about that.

And about the other house that we looked at, again like I said. It's really far away. And gas prices are more hideous here than in the states. So we decided to start seeing apartments. And then found one that we loved! So there. We still have to stay here until our stuff arrives. We have no updated news as to it's whereabouts. At least we are staying someplace nice!

OK, off to enjoy this peace and quiet. Yes, you heard right folks. It's quiet here right now. I've got Alexa down for a nap and Eddie is having some quiet time in the other room. Score 1 for mommy!

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