Monday, July 7, 2008

I think I might go a little bit crazy.

Now those of you who know me, know I'm already in dire need of a heavy prescription. And a truck load of some calgon to "take me away". But since I can neither hide in a closet and drift into a semi-conscious stupor with drool running down my lips, nor can I shrivel up like a prune in a luxurious bubble bath of nearly scalding water. I must face my reality.

I am being forced to pretend to eat birthday cake and blow out the candles. But it's really a ball shoved into a plastic container. And I've already aged like 20 years, according to how many times the kids have brought me a birthday cake.

Today has been busy. Not because we were looking at potential new homes for ourselves, but because we went to check our mail. We received a package. Actually two packages. Not the ones that I really wanted, but we were happy to receive them just the same. You see, we ordered a stroller and a rather large package of diapers nearly 20 days ago. And we are still waiting on them. And then my mother had sent a package to us and we received it in 4 days flat! I was astounded, and irritated all at the same time. Because we really need that stroller. And every day that I don't receive it, I am spitting mad. How can it take this incredibly long to get here? And will I ever see it?

So whatever. I simmer about that all day. But am glad to have gotten another package from my mother as it has peanut butter in it. And you can't get that stuff here. Also as a bonus, she has included some much needed TOYS!!!! The kids are a little slim on toys here. If you've read before, then you know that we are low in that department and the kids have taken to peeling off the wallpaper here in the hotel just for fun.

So where was I? Oh yeah, we checked our mail and then had lunch at the embassy. Nice and sweet. And then we came back to the hotel. Tried to find some new places to look at, but either we couldn't find a realtor, or there were no new places intriguing enough to capture our attention and lure us in. So we decided to go for a walk. And we walked and walked. Dh and I took turns carrying Eddie on our backs (piggyback style) and he really liked that part. We walked for a really long time and ended up going over to the place where dh is to catch the bus to go to work. We found that location and then headed back.

By the time we got back it was dark and the kids were getting hungry. So we stopped at Pizza Hut and got a pizza. Want to hear something cool? We got a pitcher of beer with our pizza. In the states you can't do that! They even serve a variety of wines too. And all the dishes are not made of plastic either! You get full on homemade Chilean China to eat from and glasses. Not plastic cups, but wine glasses are set out on the tables for you! It's really a shock to see this in a pizza hut, but pretty cool too. So we slammed down a pitcher. It made the kids a little more tolerable, and their running around the crowded restaurant a bit less painful. lol~ We strolled back to our hotel and the kids were stuffed with pizza and were in a happy mood.

Want to hear and exchange between my kiddos??? This happened just now.... "I love you too Lacka." and miss thing replies, "I love you too Eddie." And then Alexa just jumped off the bed onto the floor where I have pillows piled up just in case Eddie rolls off the bed. Instead it broke her fall. Which otherwise might have been very nasty.

Oh and earlier the Muppet's were on the Disney channel. I don't know the movie, but I noticed miss piggy and some other characters too. Eddie watched it for a moment. He's never seen them before. And do you know what his response was to the Muppet's? "Mommy, this is a little bit weird." Now that was funny. I changed the channel after I stopped laughing.

In case you were wondering what was in the second package that we received, it was from LL Bean. Shipping was like lightning speed from the states to Santiago. Holy quickness and super high fives to them! Dh couldn't be more pleased with his two fleece pullovers and socks that we ordered only 4 days ago! I would say that we would order from them again!

OK, that's all for now. I'm worn out and need to get some rest before the sun creeps up and forces me to peel back my eyelids yet again. The kids need to go to bed and are not yet cooperating with the ritual that is what we do here. In this place, this hotel, that we call home. For now.


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Anonymous said...

Despite the sometimes craziness...I love how your day always comes together.

Anonymous said...

Weird??? The Muppets.. What are you not teaching my nephew??? LOL

They are the BEST!
I love how they said I love you!!! awwwwwwww so sweet.. that is my sugar fix for tonight. I'm putting that cake back into the fridge!!!

Sleep tight..
Your box is on it's way