Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th USA!

Happy 4th of July from far away! Today has been a good day for us. We got to see an apartment. And since I haven't mentioned it, we have now switched gears and are looking at apartments. We've come to the conclusion that it will be best for us right now. One of the major reasons is that we would save a ton of money on gas. The area that we have concentrated our efforts looking at houses is far enough away that it would cost us time on the road and plenty of headaches in that department. We've also recently moved from an city that we swore we would never live far away from anything ever again. So. Another vote for us to live in an apartment. Not to mention that most of the houses we looked at would require us to buy all new appliances. And the apartments come with some. The ones we have looked at so far are pretty large. And we are happy with that.

Now here are two things about 4th of July in another country..... we are able to carry on "business as usual" with viewing apartments. As today is just another day for Chileans. And when we checked our mail today and saw that we received a package, the mail room was closed due to the holiday. (US embassy) Go figure, you can't win them all!

Keeping this post short but sweet. It's late and I am tired. The kids were quite the handful and we ran a lot of errands, did a lot of walking and I must say.... it's cold outside!!!

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Anonymous said...

That's funny about business as usual and the embassy being closed. Sorry about that.. It will be interesting to see how they do other holidays. At least, I think you will have a normal Christmas??? hmmm

I saw the 3rd apt... very nice. Write me more about that one!!!

Love ya