Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A couple things I forgot to mention.

So these things I am referring to have already happened. Like maybe yesterday, maybe the day before. I just didn't share it with you. And I can't understand why, as my head is perfectly clear. My judgement is not clouded and I am calmer than I have ever been. The kids are both behaving wonderfully, they are like little angels. Yeah? No.

Come to think of it, maybe I didn't blog about it because I buried it deep within my subconscious. OK, not too deep. I just couldn't think about it right then. Maybe I'm scarred just a little bit. That could be it.

So, um, Eddie. Potty training. Right? It's been really hit or miss since we've gotten here. And mostly misses. But there have been a few times that he's pleasantly surprised us. Maybe too few, but still. The other day he comes to me and says, "Mom, I need to go potty." I took him, helped him get into position and left him there to do his business. The kid likes privacy. So what do you do? Alexa was tormenting him and stealing his digger book while he's trying to take care of things and he's complaining to me. I pull her away a few times before I hear him lock the door. After a few more minutes I then go in to check on him. My sweet little guy opened the door for me and when I walked in I found the present. Only his present wasn't in the toilet. He left a rather impressive pile in the corner near the door. And a little bit of pee too. I'm like, what the........??? How on earth did he do that? Well, I know how. But how did it get over there?? He told me that he didn't mean to do that, it was an accident. What I am wondering is, how do you have an accident in the bathroom when you are already sitting on the toilet?? Just speechless.

OK. Breakfast time. I am now taking my two kids alone to the free buffet due to daddy returning to work. I have to manage 2 bowls of cereal along with my plate. Eddie and Alexa both take turns grabbing at the yogurt selection. They make a decision and change their minds at least two times. The roaming hands love to grab one pod of butter each. They don't eat the butter, they just like to grab it. It's small, it's fun, why not? They ask for all kinds of fruit and then sometimes muffins. The fruit is not easily accessible to them, so I don't worry about them getting into the bowls themselves. The muffins however are within arms reach. Often times they snag one before heading to the table. I get them both situated and head back for anything I might have missed, including freshly squeezed juices!

Well during our selection of food one morning I hear Eddie say something about the muffins. Something about them not being good today. I heard him, but did not visualize him at that moment. Alexa was busy spilling some juice all over herself, and all over the floor. (She is the reason that I now wait until they are seated before getting the juice.) We sat down that day and ate. Alexa had an accident at the table. Not the bad kind. But she had spilled her newly opened container of yogurt onto the chair, her jeans, and the floor. And she began to scream. Lovely! And I only had 2 napkins.

After the cleanup was taken care of, I started to think about that muffin. The one that Eddie had said wasn't very good. And it was nowhere to be found on the table. I looked on the floor. Wouldn't you? It's a perfectly legitimate place to put something if it wasn't any good. It wasn't there either. I asked Eddie where it was. He said, "I don't know." Because that's how 3 year old minds work. Only when they want to.

We quickly finished up breakfast, and got the heck out of there. As we were walking out, I decided to take a peek at the muffin basket on the buffet table. Most of the muffins looked enticing enough, all except for one. One muffin had a few little pint size bites taken out of it, and it was neatly placed back there with the rest of them. OMG! I felt like all eyes were on us, yet I knew that they weren't. Thankfully they weren't! I went over and yanked that muffin right out of the basket turned and quickly left the restaurant. Thanks Eddie, that was a good one.

I'm sure there was another one that I wanted to share. But I can't remember it right now. That and the fact that I have had to stop writing this blog post several times. Change diaper, check, Get water for kid, check. Clean up spilled ice cream on the bed covers, check. Threaten my eldest child because he seems to have an inability to stop his high pitched scream. Check. Brush teeth, check. Place pillows on the floor for son in case he rolls off the bed, check. Finish blog post?? What was I saying?? Aw, gee. I don't know. I'm tired. I've never had kids like this before.

These two, Eddie and Alexa, they blow the other two out of the water. And by that, I mean that I have never experienced "badness" of this caliber. They take misbehaving to a whole new level. My step-kids never behaved like this a day in their lives. Oops. Maybe I shouldn't say that. Knocking on wood now...

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Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here in the learning lab and am trying so hard to contain my laughter!!!

I miss those kids! They need their Aunt Vicki and Uncle Pat and Nana & Tito.. That's your main problem! LOL
They also need Taylor to run around and chase them and bark at them! That will fix them right up!

I was at Mom's most of the day today.... kept looking for you... Where were you???????
I worked some more on the negatives... Very fun.. Made a copy of Russell Rhodes for Pat.
We were laughing when we realized that the also got a copy of Dan's neices swimming w/kids and the Hurricane (he's in those) but so is Granny & Papaw!!!
Oh well, there is the fast forward button!!!

I brought the kids with me to my staff meeting at 1930... We ate dinner here and now are wasting time... well, you are NEVER a waste of my time.. but you get the idea!!
Well, sorry I did not get to see you guys... Maybe another day!

Miss ya

Anonymous said...

I am in the learning lab and trying so hard not to LOL!!!
Funny stuff.

All your kids need is their Aunt Vicki, Uncle Pat and Nana & Tito!
and Taylor to run around chasing them and barking at them! That will fix them right up!!!

We were at Mom's most of the day looking for you!!! Where were you?
Sorry I missed seeing you guys... Maybe another day!

Made Pat a copy of the Russell Rhodes day!!! very fun... We laughed when we realized that he also has the cousins swimming w/kids and Ganny & Papaw...

Well.... there is always fast forward...
Well, brought the kids with me to my staff meeting at 1930.. we got to eat at our favorite place, the cafeteria!!! LOL
Well, gotta go.
Hugs & kisses

Anonymous said...


sorry about the duplicate...

it said it did not take it!!!

Oh well.

Feel my love!

Anonymous said...

First of all...I'm LOVING the new look! Well done!

Secondly...I have to just say...I adore your kids! Your stories almost always meke me giggle...

Darleen said...

thanks for the giggle....welcome to the roller coaster of mommyhood....

Lynette said...

LOL. Indeed. Welcome to the world of mommy-ing. Enjoy your stay.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Here by way of POW . . . what a week you've had! Just had to say as mom to a feisty 3 year old little girl, I feel your pain on some of it (although, luckily we've never had a poop accident in the bathroom!). I am in constant wonder of how it works that when she asks why, "because" does not suffice, yet when I ask her why (as in, why did you do that???), "because I did" is PERFECTLY acceptable! Mommyhood, gotta love it!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

BTW - I am in LOVE with your blog design!!! Did you do it yourself? Love the colors and the polka dots, and the banner. Well . . . all of it!!!

Carol said...

Lovin' your new layout it is just lovely.

I can't believe he put the Muffin back, cheeky boy!

Steph T. said...

First visit here! Hysterical! I love your sense of humor! I sure hope you still have it when the kids are teenagers! You'll need it!

Sounds like you have your handsful, but your holding it together really well! BRAVO!

I'll be a regular visitor! Thanks to McMommy!