Monday, July 14, 2008

Two posts in one day? Here's why.....

I hit the jackpot at the post office!!!!!
I got my joovy caboose, diapers, wipes, crayons, chocolates, and well we can stop right there!!!! Chocolates! Woot! Woot! I'm so happy! I can barely stand it. I won't even complain that it (being the stroller that I ordered nearly 1 month ago) actually got here last Tuesday. Last Tuesday, and they failed to notify us. After I had been to see them and let them know that I was expecting it. No, I won't complain. I'm just so happy to finally have it. And wouldn't you know it, it came on a day that I had to manage my two little ones myself, walking down busy streets with a stray dog and Eddie thinking that he is a power ranger and Buzz Lightyear talking into his wrist and acting like he was going to karate chop the stray dog. No, I'm not going to complain that they ripped up the only sidewalk that there was to walk on to get to the embassy to check our mail. Yes. It's true. And that was when the stray dog decided to follow us, because we looked nice. Yeah and at that point when we actually had to walk IN THE STREET. I nearly had a heart attack at that moment. And then Eddie thought it would be a perfect time to run a little bit. Can you even imagine my panic???? IN THE STREET, WITH A MANGY DOG, TRAFFIC AND NO SIDEWALK. He screams, pretends to karate chop the dog, and then runs. I died a little bit right there. How dare those morons rip up my sidewalk??? I could shoot them in their sleep. I really could.

But back to my extreme pleasure. I have the best family ever!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I received clothes for my kiddos, crayons and coloring books! If you happened to find my blog by accident, we just moved here to Santiago, but packed for another city. A warmer city. And the Air Force told us quite literally, two days before we left the states, that we were going to this city instead. I'm not upset about it, but we just weren't prepared. So my loving family sent us these clothes to help out! We love you!!!

Oh and if you aren't brain dead, then you've probably noticed my hot new digs. This blog just got a makeover. And I hope you like it! Probably not as much as I do, since I'm kind of partial to the baby mugs at the top. But it's still cool, nonetheless! A big high fives to Ragan over at She did an awesome job! Thank you!
Well guys, after managing to get this stuff home, as you can see, I put the stroller together and the kids are playing on it like it's some sort of new playground equipment. I have to go and make some dinner. It is 6:35 pm here. Dh still is not home from his 1st day of work. I'm hoping that this was just a fluke.

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kiki6363 said...


Can you even stand it?????
I'm so proud of you for being able to handle 2 little kids, 1 stroller, 3 boxes and a broken sidewalk!!!

Bad dog.. bad dog... go away!

I'm so relieved and happy that you got our babes home safely!!!
Woman power!!! Hear me roar.. well scream might be more like it!!!

The kids told me you IMd me.. sorry I missed it!!!
But I am happy and home now.. Tomorrow I go BACK to west campus to see where I stand!!!

Did the chocolate arrive intact???


kiki6363 said...

OPPS! Forgot!!

LOVE the new layout!!
How cool is that?!!!
It looks so pretty and neat.
YES we always love pics of
our babes on top!!!

Good night!


PatmanTucson said...

Hey Sis!

I like the new layout!! Looks like Christmas over there. Just let me know about those materials you need for the apartment. I'll send them out ASAP.