Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Saturday's Silly things I Said this week!

So lately I've been listening to myself talk. And I am saying some really crazy stuff. So I just thought I would share a few of them today.

Stop licking my ankles.

It's time to get in bed, now get out of those trash cans!

Your sister is not a horse!

And this one, heard from my dh's mouth: "No, no that's dirty water. No. Ca-ca water. Yuck, get out of there!" You can guess what they were playing in.

On another note, my children have discovered the water valves in the bathroom. Now I'm going to say they because I'm not sure which one of them did this, but if I had to guess, I would say that it was Eddie. He shut off the cold water in the bathroom. How did we discover that this had happened? Well, simple really. The toilet would not flush, and we were only able to get hot water out of the faucet. The cold water just wouldn't run. So dh turned it back on. Nice. What other fun things are they going to do while we are in this hotel???

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Carol said...

Hey whenever I catch myself saying random things I am usually pregnant, so be careful!