Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's been 1 month.

Since we arrived here in Santiago. 1 month that we've been terrorizing other guests at this hotel. And I don't mean me, rather my children. They make so much noise. They scream and run and cry at the most inappropriate times. It makes me cringe too. But what can I do? Nothing. Just waiting patiently for the ship to arrive with our stuff.

Some moron just turned around my "do not disturb" sign to read "please make up the room". And the cleaning lady snuck in and nearly scared me to death. Nice. From now on, any sign I see that says "do not disturb" will nicely be flipped around. It was probably some moron kid. Probably a boy. Because that's the way I picture it. So.

Today I had a dumb moment. We went up to the 17th floor for breakfast. When we were done, we pressed the button to call for the elevator. It came. We got in. And I pressed the button for our floor. No other buttons were pressed. But the elevator stopped on another floor. Not our floor.(and there wasn't anybody there to get on the elevator at that floor either, so I don't know why it stopped) But we got out and went down the hall and tried to open the door to our room. Only, it was not our room. And there was a cleaning lady there. Nicely trying to explain in Spanish that my key wouldn't work. No matter how many times I tried it. Because I was stupid. And we got off on the wrong floor. When I realized what I had done. I already tried both of the keys I had in my pocket like 5 times each. I glanced over to the other door and noticed there was a "10" on them. Which is a clear indicator that we were on the wrong floor. Especially since we aren't staying on the 10th floor. I felt so dumb. We went back to the elevator and went to the correct floor.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know, that is something I could see me doing quite easily!! LOL