Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Because mommy thought it was better to have chicken, fruit and yogurt
instead of chocolate cookies.
Because I don't like the flavor, much less the pattern of the carpet.
And I'm not really into the walls either.
And even though mommy says that she is boss, I know it truly is me.

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THopgood said...

LOL! Oh you poor thing!

Anonymous said...

How did that happen?? Did they just do it?? Was it both of them?

Did you make them clean it up?

WOW! Those 2. I tell ya!

btw, the test is over! We had a series of mishaps getting it done. Neither of my partners brought their laptops - went to library. lines long.. ended up at TMC! YAY
Good ole TMC.. went to Tankersly and did the deed there! Whew!

Good Night!
OH YES>>> got Mom a cake - but she had to get her own first! LOL
We had plenty of cake tonight!!!
Missed YOU!

Good Night

Anonymous said...

Ah the pride on her little face is priceless...

Chelle said...

Lol, I must admit she is such a cutie despite the big mess :)

Have I told you how much I love your blog page? It is so cute!