Monday, June 2, 2008

Today in the pool.

Here is Alexa's new bathing suit.

Oh yeah, and the new hair barrette that we just got and lost at Nana and Tito's house.

Devon, Eddie and Alyssa swimming and having fun.

Lacka-doodle in the pool.

If you find yourself wondering why you don't catch any pictures of me in the pool, it's probably because I'm the one who is holding the camera. And if I can manage to dunk my two monkeys in the pool with somebody else for any length of time, it equates to approximately 20-30 minutes of quiet time for me.


So, my step-kids are here visiting. We rented a car. Yes a car. I did look into getting a mini-van for us but it just wasn't to be. $$$$$$$$$$$ So now we can all go someplace. It may not be in the same vehicle, but it will be at the same time. I think I like it better this way too. Having two cars allows me to run someplace without having to worry about leaving dh stranded here.

We enjoyed a fantabulous lasagna dinner at my mothers this evening. (Thanks mom!) I'm really going to miss the home cooking once we leave. Not to mention that my measly ole lasagna, when I have ventured to make it in the past, cannot even compare to mom's. So I'm going to miss home. Even though home has turned into this blasted brown, dry, dusty, Sahuaro cactus covered Southwestern state. It is home.

I do however look forward to turning this new country into my home. At least for the next two years. And since I will be learning a new language, I'm more excited than ever!

Stay tuned, time is getting shorter now. 12 days 16 hours (at the time of this posting~)


Anonymous said...

So that is why my children are always in the pool with yours!!!
Oh I get it now! LOL

We did know that and laughed often about how you nor DH were in the pool! LOL