Thursday, June 12, 2008

Umm. Can you identify this???

So, today dh took the kids to the airport and they boarded the plane back to Tampa. Things went on as usual here in the hotel land we are living in. The maid came. And usually she does her job with the door open. She's here for such a short time that she can get in, remove the trash and leave clean towels within a few minutes. In that time, the kids both enjoyed the fresh air and played nicely on the porch that is right in front of our room. There is a bench out there and just enough room for them to run around. So they played. I'd say about 15 minutes had passed and then daddy showed up. He took Eddie and they went to pay our bill at the office. Before getting too far, he asked me to come and see something. This is what we were looking at:

And you can see from this picture how close the front door is to where the snake was. (the butterfly on dh's face is to protect dh's anonymity. He prefers it that way.)

All I can say is Thank God that my children didn't decide to find out what it would feel like to be bitten by a snake. I called the front desk to tell them about the snake by our door, and do you know what the lady said? " Are you serious? A snake?" No. I'm totally lying to you, I don't have anything better to do than to call and place phony snake by my door calls. Um, really. Now can you call someone to come and get it?? So they did. And then I had to scramble for my camcorder to get the short clip. Anyone have any idea what kind of snake this is? They told me it wasn't poisonous. Also thank God. I don't like snakes. Actually they don't really bother me. As long as they are far off and in the desert somewhere. I'd prefer they not be on my front porch where my babies are playing. {shuddering at the thought} Enjoy the video of them capturing the bad snake.


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Cool. Now you can say you've survived a brush with a snake. You should go get a pair of snake-skinned boots so when you finish the story, you could just put your feet on the table and give your subjects a satisfied smile.

Anonymous said...

Now, you can leave Arizona with a snake story! LOL
Yep, I would have been freaked out too!

Gald you have Mr. Snakeman to come and take it away!!