Monday, June 23, 2008

The un-good news.

We just found out that our stuff isn't going to get here until a projected date of August 1. And then automatically you have to tack on another 2 weeks for paperwork. Yes, for those of you who know the gory details, our household belongings have left us on April 29. And we thought that it was enough of a head start. Not so I guess.

That is a huge let down. Huge. We are living in a hotel, we thought that we should be coming to the end of our time here, in this state of temporary living. But that's not the case. So, we are still on our house hunt. The houses here are different than in the states. Some nice and some not so nice.

We scour the internet websites of the local real estate offices. It's a chore to track down one person and to get that one person to do their job and set up appointments for us to see some houses. We looked at only one today. And tomorrow we have more lined up.

We had dinner near by at a German restaurant. Yes, in Santiago. It is comforting to know that we can find really delicious food in a short walking distance from our hotel. Since we are now going to get very familiar with this place, the staff and this area of town, we might as well make the best of it.

In the next few trips out, I am going to find a good place to buy toys. Eddie and Alexa only have the items that we took on the plane to play with. And that wasn't much. They have been getting really creative here in the room. Which also is what is contributing to their mass destruction of this room. It now includes peeling off the textured wallpaper. UGH! I can only pray that they don't do any worse than that.

We went swimming the other night. I forgot to blog about it. No, wait. That's not entirely true. I was just plain tired. And I didn't feel like it. So here are a few pics from that night. The pool is on the top of the hotel, but totally enclosed. It's gorgeous up there in the daytime and the view is just breathtaking!

Dh and I enjoyed a cerveza courtesy of room service. The pool is heated and felt wonderful. Now, if we just could have gotten a

And here is a view of the pool during the day time.


Karen - partyof4 said...

After spending the past 10 days on the road on vacation with my 2, I can't imagine living in temporary housing as long as you have/will. I hope things come together soon so you can settle in!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww TWINKIE!!!

Ya know, thinking about it.... I would have those darling childrens in that pool EVERY day/night whichever one.. Whenever we travel, you know that I put the kids in the pool to swim off the excess energy... Did that at least wear them down??? maybe it might not work for little ones... hmmmm

Lovely pool..

I am sorry about your news.. bummer and more bummer and still even more bummer. Most heinous!
There are strange things afoot at the Circle K, Ted...
Do you remember which movie that comes from??? anyone????

Sleep tight... love ya

Mandie said...

Wow Les! So sorry about this! Absolutely crazy! I don't know how you do it, but you're doing a great job at it! Keep up the great work. Love the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!!!!!!!! That's horrible! I'm sooooooooooo sorry things are taking so long. Where you get the tolerence and patience is beyond me! Kudos to you!

Swimming in that pool seems to me like it would be a dream! I'm glad your little ones are enjoying it!