Sunday, June 8, 2008

This place we call home....

The kiddos, minus Alyssa. She was too busy having a tantrum yesterday.

The white Dodge Caliber is our rental!

Not exactly sure what they are doing here.

And excuse the overcrowding of messy hair atop Eddie's head. We are waiting to cut it until just before we leave. He's getting a little crazy up there. lol~

These are from yesterday's little drive with the kids. These images are exactly what you could see on any scenic drive throughout the city. I was supposed to go on this little outing too. In my head, I thought it would be nice to go. In reality, I still feel a little like I'd rather be laying down a little. My face is still swollen and puffy. The worst of the symptoms as I have newly researched, is the numbness. As the dentist tells me, it should go away within days. I have found support groups online, they tell a different story. Some say that the nerve damage (from slight bruising to all out cut nerves) can last anywhere from a few weeks up to a year. That is, if you are going to make a full recovery and heal at all. Peachy. Just peachy.

I'm trying to decide if the numbness is getting better or not. Hard to say when it's only been 48 hours. I think it is. But it's still not back to normal. I guess I just play that waiting game now.

So. Here I am wide awake at 6:25 a.m. Alexa felt the need to crawl into bed with us last night so that she could hold my hair. It's a lovely endearing quality. Doesn't make sleeping very nice. But I let her stay. These beds aren't very big. I can't tell you how ready I am to have our own house back. And for the kids to have their own rooms again. They desperately need to go to their own rooms and go to bed on time, and stay there! They think this is an all night party or something. This sleeping on the pull out couch has made them turn into slumber party animals. They think it's the fun zone and literally do not go to sleep until they are just plain ole wore out. It's aggravating. This goes on every night. Maybe sleeping in a hotel does that to you. Or them.

OK, the official count as of right now the time of this posting:

6 days 7 hours 37 minutes until we board the plane!


Anonymous said...

It's getting closer.....

Pictures are cute!!! Star Pass??? we've been there, pretty cool.

Anyway. looks like they had fun
sorry about your numbness!