Thursday, June 12, 2008

a little bit of blah blah blah......

Blah. Blahblah. And the kids are leaving quite early tomorrow morning. Their flight out is at 8:50 am, and the wench conveniently arranged for them to have to leave out of Phoenix. Whatever. I guess I will never really know the method behind her psychotic patterns of thought. Blah.

That means that dh and the big kids need to be up at 4 or so just to get on the road to avoid any traffic he might hit during morning rush hour. Between Tucson and Phoenix, apparently there is a bit of that. More blah.

The kids wouldn't go to sleep. Gee, now there is a bit of news for ya. Amazing. They sense impending change. They are geniuses. And pushy little ones at that. Eddie told me to shut up today. That's some serious BLAH! I couldn't believe I heard it. But then again, I actually said something like it earlier. So I shouldn't be so shocked. Guess I need to tone my own mouth down a notch.

So. I'm tired, I've repacked the kids suitcase because they did a less than splendor job. Which means that they didn't fit all their clothes into it. And since I am the packing bomb...... I redid it. And Voila! It fits. I so rock!

Will my mouth ever go back to normal? That't the biggest blah for the day. My mouth doesn't hurt, yet my teeth feel like I've just had my braces adjusted or are in a bit of a tight squeeze (best I can describe it) and my chin and lower lip are still more numb than I'm comfortable with. I still don't feel any pain from where the wisdom teeth were removed. So. On that note, I think I am going to go to bed.


Anonymous said...

blah blah and blah...
Poor Sister....
Yep.. Parting IS such sweet sorrow..

We will get to live thru that albeit with the true meaning on Saturday... We will miss ya. Just being able to walk around the block to see you and those darling kids... being able to go swimming at Mom's and all the other fun stuff that we will used to do.. But it's only for a short while and WHILE you are away, awack, amuck and awol... we will be bz here. schooling it up so that WE, TOO, can get the .. well leave this wonderful desert paradise that we find ourselves in! LOL

Ya know, we will be living for your updates and pics!!!

McMommy said...

Yikes. Sounds like QUITE a day!

And you had your wisdom teeth recently removed? Ugh! I hope you had a better experience than me! I ended up in an lie. Apparently my heart went all wacky with the anesthesia (why don't these things have spell check??).

Have I mentioned how I love your layout? Purple is my favorite color.