Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Missing my stuff.

I'm really over it. I'm over the hotel. Already. I'm over the kids not sleeping, or going to sleep in a timely fashion. I can't even remember the days that we had a real bed time. I think I'm going to miss Alexa's crib too. She will be taking over Eddie's toddler bed once we get to the new house. Even that seems so far away.

I'm over the fighting at night between any one of the four kids. My steps will be leaving us on Thursday. They've already been asking to do a number of things on their last day with us. I've also been informed by Alyssa (I think) that dh told them that we will be going bowling tomorrow. Joy. Can't you tell? I'm ecstatic.
I miss routine stuff. In our house. I miss my regular computer. And I hate waiting for my step-son to check his email or his myspace page. Now when did he get a life???
OH yeah.... he's 14. Therefor he knows it all, and apparently is a bag of chips. To the girls anyway. Don't get me started. I've got my own little man I'm trying to raise here, and I cannot successfully get the little booger to poop on that toilet. I think I'm over that as well.

I'm ready to miss the kids again. And what I mean by that is, "Parting is such sweet sorrow....."

It's 10:55 pm and the little ones just fell asleep about 30 minutes ago. Yeah. That's just insane. Mom even put bourbon in the beans tonight. I guess she didn't put in enough. (lol~)

We still have to live in a hotel for the rest of June. That too shall be wonderful. I wonder how much Spanish I can pick up when I am forced to do so? When the very fabric of my existence will then hinge upon communications with the people in Chile. Scary, but then again I have dh. My Colombian hunk of man shall interpret and tutor, and lay on the couch and turn into a Futbol fanatic once again. I can't wait.

Do you know what else? I'm over this whole tooth extraction thing. There is no pain to speak of, yet my lower lip is still numb, and my bottom teeth feel like I just had my braces tightened. Apparently this could go on for some time. I will say that I do feel like the numbness has gotten a tiny bit better. If only just a tiny bit. Slow process it is to get nerves back to 100%. That bites.

Oh and I tried to eat a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza today. It was pretty hard. My mouth just isn't back to it's pre-wisdom tooth eating just yet. But Lord knows I'm sure trying. I have a follow up appt. on Friday. Let's pray that everything looks OK and I get the official, handy dandy thumbs up from the ole Dr.

Time to go. Sleep is sweet when it's uninterrupted!

And as of this blog post:
3 days 14 hours 59 minutes.......