Friday, May 30, 2008

My calm is about to be uncalm.

Two more children are on their way. I hope their mother complied with dh's request. He simply asked if she would ensure that they come prepared with everything they would need to sleep in. Clean clothes, underwear, toothbrushes, etc. The last time he asked, they came missing quite a few items.

The reason we asked, was simply because we are now staying in a hotel. We don't have all the extras that we did when we were at home. Do you know what the wench had to say? "Well, they don't have much, but I'll send what I can." I mean, come on. The kids live over there with her. And if I remember correctly, it was she who asked the kids not to come back with more clothes, because they had too much. Now all of a sudden they are poor or something. Yeah right. I'm thinking not.

So, my step kids are on their way here right now. And I am sitting here with Alexa. I would have enjoyed going to the airport too. But dh, myself, Eddie, Alexa, Devon, and Alyssa all would not fit into our Jetta. lol~ Not by a long shot. So I sit here.

Why do car rentals have to be so much? I was looking online to possibly get a compact car. But even for some cracker jacks car it is nearly $200 dollars for a little over a week. What we really need is a mini-van. And boy how I miss our Odyssey. How I loved that van. It was awesome.

I wish that we had it back. I think I will keep looking and maybe we will rent something in a few days. I can't imagine how we can do anything as a family if we can't go anywhere together.

And this is my old Honda Odyssey. Only it wasn't old. The baby in my arms is my 3 year old son (now he's 3) Eddie. I think at that time he was 9 mos old. Man how time flies. But we bought it because between the two of us, dh and I have four children together. That just sounds crazy huh?

Ok, enough about me missing my van. The kids are coming, the kids are coming. Yee-haw! My life needed more spice! So, going to go clean something. Like Alexa's pee. She keeps telling me, "I don't want to wear diapers any-mo." And so I put her in her training underwear. It's a process. One that's still not completed with Eddie.

Gotta run before the big kids arrive!