Saturday, June 7, 2008

Temper tantrums.

So. I'm sitting here, I wish that I could say that I was alone but I'm not, and my step-daughter is having a good cry. As empathetic a person as I am, I am totally unable to empathize with a 9 year old who is crying for something that she totally had control over.

My wonderful husband is doing us all a favor. The kids needed an outing, and I needed a little peace and quiet. Instead 3 of the 4 kids are on their way to have an exploratory tour of Tucson, and then they will probably stop for some ice cream or something else fun. It was to be a fun outing and to burn off some energy for the kids too.

Alyssa, my step-daughter was a little hesitant to go with them. In fact she was a little more demanding of her father when she asked where the planned destination was to be. He told her that it was a surprise. And for all purposes and most kids, that might have worked. But today and for this kid, nope. She wanted to decide for herself if she would have fun. So she said that she didn't want to go. I now believe that she does wish that she were with them. She has been crying since they left. And that was at 3:35. It is now 4:03. And I can still hear her sobbing. So no. I don't feel sorry for her.

She could be with them right now. And I could be enjoying a bit of silence. So no. I am not empathetic, nor sympathetic. I feel nothing. I went to talk to her and asked her why she was crying. If she didn't want to go and then daddy let her stay, then she should feel just fine right? Well, not exactly. Because this little 9 year old brat is crying. She told me that she was crying because daddy was making her go with him. I told her how could that be true when she was sitting right there on the couch?? And then she told me that she wanted to know where they were going so she could know if she really would have fun.

Sounds like someone that needed to be left behind. It's as if we treat her bad or something. I don't know why she acts like this sometimes. No wait. I do. It's her mother. She is her mother's child. So I'm not going to go in there and wrap my arms around her and coo and boo over her. She did this to herself. And if it makes me a bad person because I called her a brat, then so be it. She's acting terrible at the moment. I'm sure others could say worse.

I think she is looking for attention. We give her plenty of attention here everyday. I'm just not going to give her the attention that she is looking for while she displays this behavior. End of the story sister.

So, speaking of the pile of poop I'm dealing with right now.... Eddie pooped on the potty again today. Yay! That's a happy thing.

Having my 2 wisdom teeth removed yesterday actually went fine. I'm recovering quite well, even if I do say so myself. The part of this whole thing that is the most bothersome is the fact that on day two I am still having some residual numbness in my chin and lip area. That bothers me more than anything. And the pain is not even at an unbearable level. It's not bad at all. I still look like I have a bit of chew in my mouth. (as my husband said) To me it looks as though I have a big gumball in my cheek. Every time that I get an ice pack, Alexa steals it away and says that she too has a boo-boo. My little copy cat!

OK, I'm off to enjoy some of this peace now. It's 4:17 and I think the crying has ended. I hope it stays off.


Anonymous said...

Well, I must say. I probably agree with you. Either you want to go or not. That's like someone asking you over for dinner and you say. What are you cooking? Like you have to see if you like what's on the menu.
Yep. she is her mother's child. sad. Poor you... I hate it when your peace & quiet gets robbed!
Well, I hope you find some peace!