Thursday, June 19, 2008

In this ritzy hotel.

Here is a picture of my monkeys before and after some mischief. At this moment they had stopped acting wicked to pose for a picture, something they don't often cooperate for.

The kids truly are destroying the room. There are plastic corner "wallpaper protectors" and I imagine that they are there to protect the wallpaper from being rubbed on over and over again, and thus peeling away and ruining it. That wouldn't be a huge concern if the walls were only painted. I don't even know the proper name for this item, but the kids have in fact ripped them down off the wall. Not difficult to do, they are only kept on by a little adhesive. No matter, they've taken them down over and over again. They like to use them as swords. I am not sure where they saw fencing, no wait. I do know. Pirates of the Carribbean. (again, forgive my spelling errors as they occur, I can't figure out how to tell Blogger that I am an American posting in a South American country). So, the kids like to fence. And they have broken the wallpaper protectors. Thanks to Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Eddie and Alexa also love to use the metal trash cans as helmets. Why you might ask yourself? To protect themselves from flying debris of course. One can never know what might come flying across the room, in your direction at any given time when the little ones are awake and playing.

Both, and I am not lying, both of the bathroom toilets have seen way too much toilet paper to flush properly. They have had to be "attended" to by hotel staff. Eddie cannot tear himself away from this glass covered coffee table. His favorite thing to do is to make mommy repeat over and over again and sometimes yell and turn red in the face as I am demanding that he stop standing on it as if it were his own personal stage to perform.

Eddie has also tossed the metal helmet, err trash can onto the coffee table to create ear shattering noises that made me cringe in anticipation of breaking glass. Thankfully it didn't happen. The two seats at the small table in which they occupy on a daily basis are stain covered from every single food item that can spill, leak and drip out of their mouths and bowls and onto the covers.

Eddie has ripped a zipper completely away from it's fabric from a sham that covers one of the pillows on the couch. This was in an attempt to free the pillow from it's chokehold by an ugly yellow covering. I'm certain that was his intention. I honestly have no other theories.

Eddie has also thrown a wooden drawer through the bedroom and into the living area. I know. You are all wondering what I feed him. I'm sure that if he had his way it would be, bananas, Fruit Loops (and yes, they do sell them here in Santiago) and yogurt. But I don't know. He's not been the best of influences on his little sister.

She too is trying to destroy the dishes. I don't think that hers is intentional, but I have to watch her before, during and after every meal. She likes to pound things onto the glass table tops. It doesn't matter if we are on the 17th floor having breakfast or here in the room. As fancy a place as this is, the glass is everywhere. I am guessing that this is a new sound to her and she likes to hear it. Otherwise it wouldn't be such a fascinating thing to do. I'm hoping that she stops this very soon. Before she breaks something. Something big.

So far, and at this hour that is about all I can recall. I'm quite certain I may have missed something. But those little boogers don't miss a thing.

Here is a picture this evening. Taken from our room several stories above.

And then here they are just moments ago. Sleeping peacefully. Gotta love moments like this!


Anonymous said...

What funny stuff! Fencing! Helmets!! I love my neice and nephew!! They are adorable! I can just visualize everything that you just wrote!!
Yes, glass is something that WE don't allow to be around them! LOL

Thanks for sharing the stories and the pics! They look like such angels!!

Anonymous said...

They need the helmets because there are no trash cans to hold the debris that is flying around and might hit them in their cute little noggins. It's a vicious circle.

Glad to find you on POW!

Shannon said...

Great POW! My kids use ANYTHING as helmets and they are all about swords and Pirates of the Caribbean too!!

McMommy said...

Whoa!!! I almost needed a valium after just READING that!!! hee hee!!

What a great choice for POW!

p.s. That pic of the kids sleeping together....awww!!!

Megan said...

Adorable kiddos! Sounds like two handfuls, but how could you resist those faces??

Happy POW!

Rachael said...

We need pictures of destruction! With little faces like that, I can't believe they're anything but little angels! Ha ha, don't us moms all know the real truth!

Carol said...

Well at least they're finding stuff to do in such a confined space!! You should be both proud they're using their imaginations and grateful for zero broken glass (long may it last!!)