Monday, June 2, 2008

Shopping, and more pictures.

Today we went shopping for school clothes for Devon and Alyssa. I mean, not the best timing in my opinion. But we aren't going to have another chance to do this for the kids before school starts. So hopefully when they go home they won't wear and ruin these clothes that are totally meant for school. (I'm thinking that their mother isn't going to uphold this request). When we were little and we got school clothes, we absolutely did not touch them until school started. I think it would be nice if the kids did the same. Of course I can't control them when they aren't in my house.

When we got back, we ate dinner and then went for another walk. Here are a few pictures from this evening. Trust me, we had to wait until the sun was going down. The heat was almost unbearable. All four of the kids had a good time. And when we got back, after a cup of milk, Eddie collapsed into bed. Alexa was soon to follow. And now the world is lovely once again. But if you could see my sweet pea now, she is half way on the chair and half way sleeping on her sofa-bed. Awwww~

Here is miss Alexa.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww. what great pics! Don't ya just LOVE our cameras???

The kids look great! Glad that they are having so much fun! I know that your calm must be greatly diminished... and yes
your time here with us is winding down... sniff sniff.

Your Sister!