Friday, June 6, 2008

The night before...

In about 10 hours I am going to have two of my teeth cut out of my head. Willingly. But it's for the best. So. I'm doing what anyone in that situation should be doing. I'm sitting here with some gatorade, and shoving chocolate into my mouth. Symphony chocolate with toffee and almonds. I have the jumbo "fun" size bar. I say fun because it truly is fun to eat. Not like those miniature candy bars that the manufacturers claim to be fun. I'm tired, so I'm just going to share a couple of pics real quick.

First up, I took this picture last night. They look like an old married couple!

And then this evening we went over to my mom's. Actually the kids went over to swim, and at the last minute, my mom and I decided to go see Sex and the City. When we came home (hotel home) we were changing into our jam-jams, getting ready for bed getting the little kids their milk, you know, night time stuff. Well, I came into the hallway to see this:

She told me that she wanted to wash her feet. And obviously brush her teeth as well. A girl needs clean feet and teeth! Gotta love her! lol~


littlemansmom said...

Those kids are TOO ADORABLE!!!!! Of course...clean feet are a must! LOL

Did you enjoy the movie? I LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

How cute!!! I'm still wondering how she got up there!!! LOL

But good habits start early! Good thing!

Love the sleeping pics!!! they are way too cute!