Sunday, August 24, 2008

Valium for kids? Really?

I swear, people really make me laugh. A few of the blogs I have been reading lately have written about what keywords people have used in order to find their blogs. So I decided to do the same thing. So far, I haven't found anything out of the ordinary. Unless of course you consider medicating your child with a habit forming anti-anxiety medication unusual.

Here are just a few of the entries:

1. I need Valium free. (get in line sister, I'm the one with the kids and the blog.)
2. Joovy Caboose (what can I say? Love it. It's pretty cool. See review.)
3. 9 year old unbearable tantrums (yup... got that too. here)
4. kids to do list (hmmm? Maybe. But I think mine are a bit too young.)
5. spanking my kiddos (Who me? Depends on what they destroyed.)
6. Mad house mama (Yes. All the way.)
7. honda odyssey (Man. Do I ever miss my van.)
8. back to diapers (yeah. I'm thinking we may never get out of diapers here.)
9. silly valium picture (lovingly displayed for your viewing pleasure on my side bar)
10. I'm 16 my back hurts (Dude. I am so sorry. Back pain totally sucks!)
11. Valium que es? ( Google it )
12. Can you drink one or two drinks after taking Valium? (well, you really shouldn't.)
13. my blob ( ??? )
14. can Valium be shot up? ( really, that's not such a great idea.)
15. getting Valium through customs (Just how much are we talking? I gather you don't have a prescription.)
16. how much valium can I give my kids & Valium for kids (really?? hmmm...)

And there you have it. Some of the things that helped people to find me!

Now without further ado...

I would like to pass this lovely little gem of an award on to some of my bloggiest favorites. I'm going to make this short but sweet, as it is getting to be my bed time. Either that or I feel just a little guilty that dh is looking at the back of my head while I blog. OK, maybe not that guilty. But he did make lunch AND dinner today. WOW! I know, I know, lucky me. He cooked spaghetti and then he made a chicken soup with squash. So yummy! I think I am very lucky that he can cook. And he does it so well. Ooops. Sorry. Sometimes I get sidetracked like that. My mind just works that way.

OK, so like I was saying... The following bloggers, you have probably heard of. I'm sure you have. You must have. They are like the super popular kids in the blogosphere. They are the kind of people that make you laugh. Out loud. Each of them has a distinct way of interpreting their life and sharing with us their special moments. With hilarity. They are so much fun to read. That's why I am passing this award to Dorky Dad, Mcmommy over at The McMommy Chronicles, and Sue at Happy Meals & Happy Hour. These guys really deserve this. And they may have received this award already. Or some other *blingy*bling* award like it. But not from me, so I just thought I'd let them know that I think they are pretty cool!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, found you through Little Man's Mom. Your kiddos are totally adorable, and I love looking at what people Googled to find me. Sadly, its all porn :( Damn sickos.

McMommy said...

Who-hoooooo!!!!!!!! Leslie, how cool are you???! I feel so special!
Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face!! MWAH!!

Kathi said...

This is so funny! I've done a post about this as always cracks me up to see what people actually google!

Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are having fun in blog world.. Sounds like a great place to be!!!

You have met the nicest people!!!!

Kiss my Eddie and Lacka for me!!!

Miss yall

Your Sis

Carol said...

So I guess you're are Google's go to girl for all things valium related these days.

Lucky you!

HappyHourSue said...

Hey! Great minds think alike! Thanks so much for the link-love......I'm glad I found your blog ;)

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